The Most Similar Breeds to French Bulldogs?

french bulldog similar breeds

French Bulldogs have adorable little fellows who have a particular appearance that makes them readily recognized by the majority of people. They are one of the smallest bull breeds, with huge pointed ears and a squished-up nose. Bull Terrier Bullmastiff Valley Bulldog Pug Victorian Bulldog Boxer Olde English Bulldogge Cane Corso All these dogs will … Read more

Best French Bulldog Names for Girls (LIST OF MOST POPULAR)

female french bulldog names

Due to their accommodating nature, French bulldogs are an excellent contender for a dog name that represents their temperament and personality. If you’ve recently purchased or are about to get a new French bulldog, it’s likely that you’re still looking for a suitable name for your adorable pup. So, let us discuss all the best … Read more

The Best French Bulldog Names for Boys (LIST OF MOST POPULAR)

french bulldog names boy

If you’ve recently acquired a new French bulldog or are planning to do so, the odds are good that you’re still looking for a suitable name for your adorable puppy. French bulldogs are among the most tolerant canine breeds, making it an excellent option to name them after anything that reflects their temperament. So, what … Read more

Olde English Bulldog Facts [ARE THEY EXTINCT?]

old english bulldog extinct

If you want to own an Olde English Bulldogge (OEB), there are certain facts that you should know about this canine companion. But before moving forward, let us tell you about the breed basics and its extinction status! Well, Olde English Bulldog or Olde English Bulldogge is a designer bulldog breed that was created by … Read more

Micro English Bulldog – A Complete Breed Breakdown

micro english bulldog

If you’re a fan of the English Bulldog but require a dog that’s a little bit smaller, you must get a Micro/Mini English Bulldog as a companion. While there’s no denying that these canines are lovely, they also come with a slew of health issues and a history of dubious breeding practices. Here’s all you … Read more

English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix – Breed Facts

english bulldog boston terrier mix

We live in an era where we have a choice to choose from a wide variety of hybrid and designer dog breeds. Some dogs are bred to adapt to parents’ tastes who are searching for specificity in shape, appearance, temperament, and pure bloodlines with minimal hereditary health concerns. Among the most intriguing hybrid dog breeds … Read more