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Home Remedies For Your Bulldog's Congestion [Care Guide]

Home Remedies For Your Bulldog's Congestion [Care Guide]

Congestions and upper respiratory infections are common among bulldogs, especially during cold seasons. Although some of these challenges may require specialized treatment from a professional vet, there are multiple home remedies that you can embrace to solve home remedies for bulldog congestion and similar problems.

The most effective home remedies for your bulldog's congestion may include the following;

  • Steam the dog
  • Wipe the runny noses
  • Let the pet rest more
  • Keep it hydrated
  • Feed it with warm food
  • Fresh Air and Exercise
  • Humidifier
  • Aromatherapy

When you notice that your dog has a congested nose or cold, there are plenty of effective and holistic home remedies that you can embrace to solve the problem quickly. Read on for more details and helpful information on dealing with home remedies for bulldog congestion.

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Home Remedies For Dog Nasal Congestion

Dog nasal congestions are symptoms of a cold in dogs, which may result from fungal infection, influenza, or bacteria/viral infection. In addition to nasal congestion, you may also note decreased activity, excessive sleeping, watery eyes, and even wheezing. Fortunately, numerous natural remedies may see your pet friend overcome these health challenges.


One of the best ways to help your dog overcome nasal congestion is to provide it with enough warmth. Warmth helps loosen the dog mucus while stimulating the immunity of the dog to get rid of the problem completely.

Furthermore, research by a professor of immunobiology Akiko Iwasaki indicates that when temperatures decrease in a pet's nose below the body temperature, the cold viruses start to multiply rapidly. Therefore, by warming your bulldog, you are simply preventing the multiplication of viruses that may worsen the situation.


Your humidifier can prove quite helpful to your dog when it is experiencing nasal congestion. The steam from the humidifier will help loosen the stuffy nose. With an unclogged nose, the dog will breathe normally, which may make it more active and help reduce bacteria build-up.

Rest the Dog

Another Natural remedy that may help solve your bulldog's nasal congestion is to rest it more. Lack of proper sleep has proved to expose pets to colds. Thus, ensuring that your bulldog has plenty of rest time may help solve the problem.

Home Remedies For A Dog For Respiratory Congestion

The common respiratory congestion and colds aren't just for humans; dogs can also experience the same problems. If you realize that your dog is suffering from respiratory congestion, there are plenty of home remedies that you can embrace to help solve the problems.

Aromatherapy for Dogs

If you have tried aromatherapy before, then you know that it can be effective in alleviating colds and specific health conditions. Some botanicals have soothing properties, which means that if you use them correctly, they may help ease respiratory congestion in your dog.

Some of the essentials oil that you may want to try out to help with the respiratory problem in your dog includes;

  • Lavender oil – best for soothing and calming the dog
  • Eucalyptus oil – has antiseptic properties that may help eliminate the congestion in your dog
  • Peppermint oil – Best for reducing dog congestion and invigorating

While essential oils can effectively eliminate nasal congestion in dogs, it is important to understand that full-strength essential oils may be overpowering to your dog. You should dilute too-strong essential oils for the best results. Again it is crucial to consult a professional vet to be sure that you are on the right track to helping your dog with nasal congestion problems.

Herbs and Honey

Some herbs may help relieve cold symptoms in dogs, especially when mixed with honey. The common ones are the Kali Binchromicum and elderflower. All these are readily available on Amazon or any reputable shops. However, before you administer any supplement to your dog, it is important to ensure that you consult with your vet.

Home Remedies For Dog Chest Congestion

Chest congestion is another prominent sign of cough in dogs. Hence, most home remedies that ease coughing in dogs may help reduce chest congestion. Some of the most effective home remedies for bulldog congestion include the following.

Steam it up

Your dog may experience chest congestion because the air is dehydrated. If that is the case, then steaming things up may help make a huge difference. This is because the humidifier will help moisturize the air the dog breathes, and this will help decongest the dog's chest. Also, steaming your dog can help with a sore or dry throat.

Bone Broth

When your dog is experiencing coughing symptoms, it is important to keep it hydrated. Dog coughs can lead to congestion of the chest and irritation of the throat. While it is obvious that hydration is essential for your dog's health, it might be challenging to compel your dog to drink water. A bone broth is so enticing that a dog will hardly refuse.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Almost 90% of the dog's immune system is in the gut, supported by healthy bacteria. Therefore, the beneficial bacteria in the gut must increase for your dog to be in a better position to fight colds and similar problems.

Probiotics and prebiotics are essential in promoting the gut's growth and multiplication of beneficial bacteria. Some natural foods containing probiotics and prebiotics include garlic, mushrooms, and fermented foods.

Home Remedies For Dog Wheezing

Dog wheezing is common in dogs suffering from colds or breathing problems. Additionally, foreign bodies, genetics, cardiovascular ailments, allergies, bronchitis, and collapsed windpipe are other causes of dog wheezing. If your dog is experiencing wheezing, you do not have to panic because several home remedies can solve the problem. Some of these remedies include the following;

Elecampane Tea

One of the best home remedies for dog wheezing is elecampane tea. The National Center of Biotechnology Information indicates that it contains some elements of Alantolactone, which is instrumental in helping constricted airways to relax. Hence, by giving your dog elecampane tea, you will be making it easy for it to breathe.

Furthermore, research has shown that elecampane tea has a therapeutic impact on airways exposed to smoke or similar health problems.

To use elecampane tea effectively, put the dried herb in a cup of hot water and let it rest for about ten minutes before giving it to your dog.

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Licorice Root

You can also use the licorice root to keep respiratory inflammations away from your dog. A study by the NCBI highlights the incredible ability of the licorice root to inhibit the accumulation of 11-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, which is largely responsible for the cause of respiratory-related problems. Hence, using the licorice root can help eliminate the wheezing problem from your lovely friend.

To give your dog licorice root, mix a teaspoon in a cup of water and rest for about 15 minutes. Give two teaspoons of the dissolved licorice root twice a day. Since licorice is bitter, you can mix it with a bit of honey to make it sweeter and easy to administer.


Another home remedy that you can try out to help solve the wheezing problem in your dog is quercetin. Quercetin may help stabilize the respiratory rate in your dog. According to research by the MDPI, foods such as unpeeled apples, dark cherries, and blueberries that are rich in quercetin may help curb respiratory problems.

To use quercetin in treating wheezing in your dog, you only need to integrate the foods rich in this antioxidant into your dog's regular diet. Fortunately, there are ready-made products in the market that you can purchase for your dog.


Dog symptoms such as dog wheezing nasal, chest, and respiratory congestion are common in dogs with colds. Once you realize your dog is suffering from a respiratory problem, taking the necessary precautions as soon as possible is important.

Home remedies for bulldog congestion such as steaming, letting the dog rest, warmth, diet, aromatherapy, honey, and herbs can help restore the healthy condition of your dog.