Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples: How to Feed This Sweet, Crunchy Treat to Your Frenchie

Can French Bulldogs Eat Apples

The French Bulldog looks exactly like a bulldog except in miniature. These pint-sized pups, with their adorable squashed-in faces and meticulous manners, got their start in England before relocating with their owners to Paris and throughout Northern France. It’s not surprising that the moment the French people laid eyes on these dogs they decided to … Read more

Are Tomatoes Dangerous for French Bulldogs?

Black french bulldog with large ears looking back over shoulder

Fruits and vegetables can be an excellent addition to any dog’s diet. French bulldogs are one of the happier breeds that can significantly benefit from a well-balanced diet. Most fruits and vegetables are ok for pets, but what about tomatoes? Tomatoes are delicious, plump fruits that contain lots of vitamins and minerals that can be … Read more