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English Bulldog Growth Stages And Weight Chart: [Guide]

English Bulldog Growth Stages And Weight Chart: [Guide]

An adorable and hefty breed is the English bulldog. They appreciate being a member of a family and are affectionate and playful. As your new pet grows, it is critical to keep an eye on its development, especially during the puppy stage. This covers weight and maturation milestones.

After their first year, English Bulldogs rarely become taller, although they might continue to gain weight until they reach about two years old. An English Bulldog that is fully developed weighs between 50 and 55 pounds and a fully developed female English Bulldog weighs between 40 and 44 pounds.

Each dog is distinct. Others might be smaller, while some might be larger than the breed average. We may check their measurements to see whether our pets are on course. Some people gain weight more quickly than others.

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English Bulldog Growth Chart

Let us examine what to expect during their growth phase. Although growth charts might be useful, it is vital to remember that each dog is unique, and its developmental stages may vary. It will be easier to anticipate developments better as your puppy matures with the aid of all this knowledge.

Additionally, now is a wise time to educate yourself on the various developmental changes that occur throughout your dog's most critical growth stage. Puppy outcomes could differ. They may experience growth plateaus or spurts that slow or accelerate overall growth.

There is no need for concern because this is nothing new. At roughly twelve months old, English bulldogs usually attain their full height. But until they reach 24 months old, their weight keeps rising. The English Bulldog is a dog of average size.

The average height of this breed's males is about 14 to 16 inches. The average height of its females is about 12 to 14 inches, making them slightly smaller than their male counterparts. Below is a growth chart for your English bulldog.

Age Approx. Typical Weight Features
Newborn 0.5 to 1 pounds Flat, wrinkly face
3 to 5 weeks 6.5 pounds May begin to stand and walk
5 to 8 weeks 6.5 to 11 pounds Skin and wrinkles begin to develop
9 to 12 weeks 15 pounds Growth spurt. Legs look long and thin.
3 to 7 months 15 to 41.5 pounds Putting on weight. The Head looks too small for its body.
7 to 12 months 41.5 to 50.5 pounds Another growth spurt where legs look long and thin.
12 to 18 months 50.5 pounds The frame of the puppy is at maturity. Grow in width.

Amazing changes can occur as puppies grow into adults. Over the first few years, every Bulldog will develop uniquely and pass through various stages. While some will develop more quickly than others, others may take up to two years or longer to go through all the stages of development.

English Bulldog Weight Chart

An English bulldog should have no overly obvious traits and should be stocky yet symmetrical, according to the Bulldog Club of America Bulldog Standards. English bulldogs are particularly prone to putting on weight; thus their actual weight may be higher.

If your English Bulldog weighs over these adult weights, talk to your vet about what your English Bulldog should weigh when he or she sees you next. Below is a weight chart for an English bulldog.

Age Male Weight [Pounds] Female Weight [Pounds]
1 month 4-7 3-6
2 months 9-12 7-10
3 months 13-18 12-15
4 months 18-24 18-22
5 months 30-33 22-25
6 months 33-37 26-30
7 months 38-42 30-33
8 months 42-45 33-36
9 months 43-47 35-37
10 months 45-48 35-38
11 months 46-49 37-40
1 year 51-55 40-44
2 years 51-55 40-44

English Bulldog Growth Rate

If you have ever had a bulldog puppy that was just born, you realize that it seems to remain young forever. The cycle of eating, chewing, housebreaking, and face-palming seems never-ending. Depending on your question, you can determine when bulldogs cease developing.

It takes a bulldog longer to reach what is regarded as mature height than adult size or muscular strength. A bulldog's emotional and sexual development happens at a distinct rate from its physical development. Most trainers determine if a dog is completely mature based on its height.

The bulldog reaches its adult height in about a year, which is about 14 inches for females and 16 inches for males. Bulldogs rarely gain height until they reach their first birthday. When bulldogs weigh between 50 and 55 pounds, they are considered fully developed.

Bulldogs reach their maximum height in roughly a year, however, they keep growing in width for another six months. Bulldogs are renowned for their large shoulders and wide stance. Bulldogs mature at various ages, just like people.

A bulldog typically needs three years to reach full maturity. Around a year old, they reach several developmental milestones, are deemed adults, and the majority of their growth stops.

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English Bulldog Growth Stages

This particular bulldog breed has distinctive growth tendencies. You will see some similarities in their growth and development from when they were still neonates. However, some people grow more slowly than others. Although it is not a significant issue, you should pay more attention to slow-growing plants to prevent their premature death.

As puppies grow into adults, they also develop their stature and take on particular personalities. To ensure that your puppies grow into loving adult dogs, influence is beneficial. Here are some things you might encounter as your English bulldog develops at various stages.


Bulldog puppies mostly just sleep, eat, and display charming characteristics. They spend their early years sleeping without paying any attention to sounds. A male or female bulldog pup that is healthy weighs about 4 or 5 ounces at birth. To maintain their health, bulldog pups need to be fed frequently.

4 to 8 weeks

Your young bulldogs need to be bouncing around at this point. They are discovering the world and straying further away from their mother's protection. Weaning them from milk and prepping them for the switch to solid foods will be the mother's responsibility. Before they are entirely weaned, you should start giving them puppy food. Your bulldog will appear more like a small bulldog and less like a huge, fuzzy ball.

9 to 12 weeks

The muscles in a bulldog's legs are still growing at this stage of development. Your puppies are becoming more independent and do not need to stay with their mom as much. This age group of bulldogs will often urinate on the floor, as you will discover.

Keep in mind that your bulldogs are pretty anxious and jumpy at this stage because they have not seen a lot of the world. They frequently lose their cool and urinate everywhere. At this point, you should start potty training your pet.

3 to 6 Months

At this point, bulldogs are larger and more muscular. They are experimenting with discovering who is dominant and who is mostly independent. Bear in mind that bulldogs have strong wills and are stubborn. At this stage of their development, be sure to be firm but loving.

6 to 18 months

Bulldogs typically reach full maturity at around a year of age. They have now developed into full-fledged bulldogs. They may have matured physically, but they still support the emotional development of your bulldog. To help them get used to strangers, expose them to people and other animals.

Final Thoughts

The gentle, playful canines known as English Bulldogs take great pleasure in delighting their owners. For your English bulldog to reach adulthood healthy and happy, it is essential to be aware of his development and growth. Do not forget to bring the puppy in for regular checks. By doing so, you can keep a careful eye on whether your dog is developing to his maximum potential.