10 Easy Steps To Potty Train Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are some of the most popular and widely loved dog breeds around the world, thanks to their stubby legs, smiling faces, and those adorable, iconic wrinkles. Bulldog puppies are even cuter still, and French Bulldogs at any age are some of the most friendly, even-tempered dogs available as […]

7 Simple Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Calm

Most dogs have been put in shelters because they have behavior that is out of control. Most dog owners do not understand that a lack of proper training can cause this. Luckily, you do not have to take such drastic measures. French bulldogs are usually pretty calm and obedient, but […]

Good Dog! How to Train a French Bulldog to Sit

Training your French Bulldog is essential to ensuring that you have the best relationship with your dog possible. Having a well-trained dog who listens is truly a joy. Having a dog who is not trained and is poorly behaved can be a burden, and is sadly why many people choose […]

How to Train Your French Bulldog to Poop Outside

It is so frustrating to have to step in poop when you’re walking outside continually. It can be annoying for you and other people walking in the same area. Getting a french bulldog to pee outside is probably a lot easier to get it to poop outside as well. Don’t […]

Training a French Bulldog to Walk on a Leash

Leash training is an important part of dog ownership, whether you are starting with an 8-week-old puppy or an adult whose training has been neglected. A dog that is good on a leash is safer around people and other dogs do not disrupt or distract and stays within control of […]