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Clothes Your French Bulldog Should Own [Find Out Here]

Clothes Your French Bulldog Should Own [Find Out Here]

One of the beauties of owning a French bulldog is its adorable appearance. Furthermore, you can always enhance the charming look of your French bulldog by investing in the best clothes.

Some of the best clothes that every French bulldog should own include;

  • The woof French bulldog hoodie
  • Daisy French bulldog girl sweater
  • French bulldog gold jacket
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Illusion Dog Costume
  • French bulldog pullover cotton winter warm hoodie
  • Dog Tuxedo Bandana and Soft & comfy bow tie dog collar.

One trick to ensuring that you purchase the best clothes for your French bulldog is to familiarize yourself with some of the essential considerations to make. For instance, you should choose clothes made of soft and breathable fabrics, such as premium cotton.

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Dog Clothes French Bulldog

While finding the best dog clothes for your French bulldog can be a bit challenging, you can easily overcome the challenge with a few suggestions. Here are some of the top clothes for your French bulldog.

1.The Woof French Bulldog Hoodie

The Woof French bulldog hoodie has everything that it takes to make your pet happy and comfortable. It evokes style and fashion in your puppy to make it more appealing to the eye. Again, the hoodie is designed so your dog will love it, as it is available in various colors.

The hoodie is made of comfortable fleece material, so your dog will hardly feel the slightest discomfort. Also, your lovely pet will never go out of fashion.

2. French Bulldog Loves Sleep Bathrobe

One of the common traits associated with the French bulldog is that they are sensitive to cold and warm temperatures. The French Bulldog Loves Sleep Bathrobe ensures that your dog stays warm after a bath.

Besides being fashionable, the French Bulldog Loves Sleep Bathrobe is comfy since it is made of pure cotton. If you have experienced challenges having your dog dry quickly after a bath, then the French Bulldog Loves Sleep Bathrobe will help overcome such a challenge.

3. The French Bulldog Pullover

The French bulldog pullover is another amazing cloth that you should try out for your French bulldog. It is cute and designed for short and fat dogs. If you had difficulties identifying the best clothes for your short and stocky friend, then look no further than the French bulldog pullover. It is made of soft and comfortable materials and has an incredible design to make it a perfect fit for short and stocky dogs.

4. Dog Tuxedo Bandana

The Dog Tuxedo Bandana is a fashion pick that can easily make your lovely French bulldog attract the attention of every individual you meet. It has an elegant appearance that entails a bowtie, buttons, and lapels. If you are planning a big event and want your pet to be around, then the Do Tuxedo will be a perfect option.

5. Daisy French Bulldog Girl Sweater

The Daisy French bulldog girl sweater is designed to make your dog stand out. It features a unique design that will enhance the appearance of your dog making it even more attractive. Further, the Daisy French bulldog girl sweater is made from quality materials designed not only for the comfort of your dog but also to ensure that the clothing can serve you for a long period. Furthermore, no one wants to invest their money in feeble clothes that easily get torn.

6. Double-Padded Frenchie Hoodie

The double-padded Frenchie hoodie is mainly designed to give your dog excellent comfort. The inner layer is made up of fleece to increase warmth and comfort. In addition to its elegant appearance, it is designed to make it easy for the dog to move around. Therefore, if you love walking around with your dog, the double-padded Frenchie hoodie will ensure your dog does not struggle walking.

7. French Bulldog Gold Jacket

The French bulldog gold jacket is one of the best quality clothes you can purchase for your lovely dog. Besides the high-quality materials, the French bulldog gold jacket is beautiful and has everything necessary to keep your dog warm. It is one of the clothes that your dog will wear with pride.

What Size Baby Clothes Does A French Bulldog Wear

French bulldogs are small dogs, which can sometimes make it challenging to determine the most appropriate size for baby French bulldogs.

The best way to ensure that you get the right size of clothes for your dog is to measure your dog before you set out to purchase the clothes. With the right measurement in mind, the chances are that you are not likely to get it wrong.

Generally, a male French bulldog weighs 20-28 pounds while females weigh about 18-26 pounds. Both have a neck circumference of 33-37 cm. Measuring your French bulldog to ensure you get the correct fitting is particularly important because they have short noses. If anything grips their necks, they are more likely to experience breathing challenges.

What Size Clothes Does A French Bulldog Wear

For the comfort and safety of your dog, you should buy the right size of clothes. The discomfort resulting from dressing your French bulldog in too-tight clothes may make it unable to walk or stressed.

When determining the size of the clothes that will perfectly fit your dog, the neck is the most important measurement you must know.

Most French bulldogs wear a large size. However, if your dog has a thicker neck, you need an XL. The ideal size for puppies and newborns is XS. Also, smaller breed dogs wear XS-M.

Here is a table summarizing the ideal clothing size for which dog size.


Neck 18-20"





35-41 cm







Chest 29-41"







49-63 cm





How To Make French Bulldog Clothes

Making clothes for your French bulldog is exciting because you decide on the design and ensure that you use the exact measurement. This means that the end product will be comfortable, fitting, and with a unique design, only for your dog. Here are four simple steps you should always follow whenever you want custom-made clothes for your French bulldog.

1. Gather The Materials

The first step is to ensure that you have all the necessary materials. Some of the best materials you will need include scissors, a sewing kit/sewing machine, fabric pencils, needles, and thread. To enhance comfort, go for quality fabrics.

2. Try It For Size

It can be quite embarrassing to get the size wrong when you are actually the one making the cloth from scratch. Besides ensuring that you properly take your dog's measurements, you can try the cloth as you proceed with the making process. This is necessary because it will ensure that you are able to make the necessary adjustments before it's too late.

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3. Measure And Cut The French Bulldog Clothes

Once you are certain about the measurement, the next step is to mark the fabric with a pencil. Ensure that you do the cutting to perfection for your dog's comfort. Additionally, you must be keen to avoid costly errors, including the material's wastage.

4. Hem The Edges

After you hem the edges, you can use your sewing machine or hands to put the well-designed piece of cotton together. Heming is a critical stage as it will help prevent the fabric from tearing under stress. Additionally, it makes the French bulldog cloth look more beautiful and appealing to the eye.


Purchasing the best clothes for your French bulldog comes with numerous benefits including the fact that it protects the dog from extreme weather conditions. Additionally, dog clothes can help minimize shedding and allergies.

While you can easily make the best clothes for your French bulldog, it is also good to go for readymade garments. The woof French bulldog hoodie, Daisy French bulldog girl sweater, French bulldog gold jacket, and Star Wars Darth Vader Illusion Dog Costume are some of the best clothes you may want to try out for your dog.