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Do French Bulldogs Shed? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Do French Bulldogs Shed? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

You have a cute French bulldog, and you are wondering if it sheds; it is true that this breed of dog is classified as having little hair to lose. However, French bulldogs differ significantly in their shedding habits from other species. The food, genetic makeup, and age of a dog all affect how much hair it sheds.

Dogs will frequently shed any broken, damaged, or old hair. All year long, French Bulldogs shed. They might, however, shed more heavily two times a year. Puppies shed lesser hair than adults since they are so tiny and have such thin hair they shed far less frequently.

Among small dog breeds, French Bulldogs are popular. They are popular because of their distinctive appearance and similarity to the bigger Bulldog breed. The truth is that despite being a breed with short hair, French bulldogs may shed all year round.

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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Dogs with pretty short coats are misunderstood to not shed; that is untrue. Understanding which breeds shed most is required because all dogs, including those with short coats, shed. The French Bulldog is one illustration; their coats are short, smooth, and lustrous.

They are among the most attractive breeds worldwide thanks to their shiny coats and charming bat ears. But they experience hair problems and shed as well. Therefore, you must reconsider your decision if you wish to purchase a French Bulldog solely because you believe it does not shed.

The American Kennel Club states that the French Bulldog, also known as the "Frenchie," is the fourth most common breed in the US. This breed is lovable, suitable for families with children, and loyal. They might attract others' attention since they are affectionate. Frenchies make excellent watchdogs since they rarely bark and are almost always watchful.

The French Bulldog is a great indoor companion and will only take up a little of your time when exercising outside. This innately endearing breed typically has cream, fawn, and white colors. They own that "squished up" funny face and dark brown eyes. French Bulldogs shed as many other dogs do.

The great news is that because Frenchies only have delicate, short hair, they shed very little. They do not have that much hair to shed and leave around, so you do not have to bother about a strand of hair everywhere. Frenchies shave to remove their damaged and brittle hair; a stronger new coat might grow.

Shedding is another natural way a dog adjusts to and deals with environmental elements, such as the varying seasons and temperatures. French Bulldogs typically begin to shed in the summer when the temperatures rise. The lighter summer coat makes them feel more at ease and cozy; "blowing coat" refers to this periodic shedding process.

They also shed their thin fur to build a thicker coat as the temperature becomes more relaxed. Although the French Bulldog sheds less than the Husky and German Shepherd, it could still be an annoyance.

Knowing the reasons French Bulldog shed might help you to be more understanding and appreciative that you possess a Frenchie rather than another breed of dog that sheds a lot. French Bulldogs begin to shed in the summer and again at the start of the winter.

Your Frenchie sheds its undercoat throughout the summer to escape the heat, and then when winter arrives, they do the same to make room for a denser coat to maintain its warmth. There will be little shedding in regions with consistent, mild temperatures. Every young dog experiences a shedding phase during which they shed their baby coat.

During their fourth to sixth months, this typically happens. Meanwhile, because of their size, older dogs may anticipate losing more. In either case, you must learn to accept that shedding is a natural part of life for Frenchies. A healthier diet translates to a healthier dog that you are raising.

Additionally, a well-balanced food with all the necessary vitamins and minerals helps improve the general health of your dog's hair. Feed your dog food high in Omega-3, Omega-4, and collagen for a healthy and more attractive coat. You will no longer have to worry about excessive shedding because the hair follicles will not easily fall out.

Like all dogs, your French Bulldog's genes also impact its shedding. The MC5R gene mainly affects how much hair your French Bulldog sheds. Additionally, promoting your dog's proper hydration results in healthier skin and less hair loss.

Sebum is produced by this genetic material, which is expressed in the hair follicles of your dog. The oily material known as sebum keeps the skin hydrated; the G-type and A-type of the MC5R gene are its two subtypes. French Bulldogs do not shed much. Their miniature size and short coats are mostly to blame for this.

However, not every Frenchie is created equal. Many French Bulldogs with denser coats shed more as a result. If you live with more than a Frenchie, you can confirm that, while being minimal, the shedding is distinct and occurs at varied rates.

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Long Haired Frenchie

We want to tell you everything about this little gremlin since a long-haired Frenchie has been getting much attention lately. There are numerous hues and sizes of French bulldogs, from standard coat colors to those uncommonly colored Frenchies that everybody notices. The list continues further.

Although few people have ever seen one, long-haired French bulldogs exist. They are recognizable by their bat ears, Frenchie body type, and noticeably longer hair than typical Frenchies. Their heads often have wavy, longer hair that somewhat recedes into the shorter back of their heads.

Although the AKC does not acknowledge this particular breed of Frenchie, it is a perfectly healthy dog with uncommon DNA. The parents' recessive gene presence is the cause of the unique long hair in French bulldogs.

Human genetics presents a similar issue. Both parents must carry the recessive L4 gene, but neither should possess long-haired fur. If both parents carry a variant of the identical gene, a child with red hair may be born after numerous generations have passed. Only carriers are required.

These adorable gremlins have a wide variety of coat colors, just like other Frenchie breeds. In addition to the traditional shades of cream, fawn, and white, they can also sport chocolate, blue, or lilac coats. We include black, brindle, and piebald masks when we discuss marks.

Due to their amiable demeanor and the fact that long-haired Frenchies are not permitted to participate in shows, they frequently find homes with families with young children. They are prized for having friendly, placid canines who hardly ever display hostility. They frequently find spaces in apartment living settings because of their portable sizes.

Frenchies do not enjoy being alone because they were designed to be wonderful companions. This may be something to consider if you choose to get this puppy. French bulldogs with long hair get along well with other canines as well. You can reside with a cooperative and endearing canine companion if you give them a positive socialization experience.

Long-haired Frenchies cost more than those with a regular coat. They can cost anything between 5,000 and 15,000 dollars. A dog's health is considered in addition to its beauty when determining price. Therefore, before purchasing a long-haired Frenchie, choose a reputable breeder who can give you all the necessary health certificates.

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldog is a petite, charming dog with a lot of charm. Although they constantly shed during the entire year, this breed does not shed heavily. No other dog breed sheds less than this one does. They are smaller in stature and have less hair. All dogs slough off to some degree; it is just a specific aspect of a dog's life cycle.