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How To Clean A French Bulldog's Ears? [Step By Step Guide]

How To Clean A French Bulldog's Ears? [Step By Step Guide]

The world's most kissable and prettiest ears belong to French Bulldogs. You must take careful care of these gorgeous little Dumbo wings because they are prone to infections. Many dog breeds need to have their ears cleaned, but Frenchies especially need to have their ears cleaned.

Your French bulldog's ears should have the insides cleaned at least once every month and the exterior portions. The first step to cleaning your French Bulldog's ears is to wipe the outer areas and then clean the ear canals. Then proceed to inspect the ears for any infections.

A French bulldog's enormous, bat-like ears can gather a variety of environmental irritants. Additionally, French Bulldogs may be more prone to illnesses like yeast infections due to weakened immune systems.

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How To Clean A French Bulldogs Ears

The French bulldog's ears are a topic of much discussion. Frenchie's ears are vulnerable to accumulating a lot of dirt and debris because they are open wide. Because of this, you must be aware of potential problems with this breed's distinctive main body trademark as its owner.

We are all aware that our dogs typically are not overly enthusiastic when we clean their ears. You should model calm behavior for your bat pig from a young age if you want to teach it. You can accomplish this by praising it earlier, offering snacks, and showing it attention.

Wipe The Outer Parts Of Your Dog's Ears

To keep your dog steady, grab hold of its collar. Your dog may resist getting its ears cleaned a little. Sit on the ground with the French bulldog on your lap or between your legs. One hand should be used to hold the collar while the other is used to clean the ears.

Treats should always be available, so reward your dog at the start and finish of each procedure. With a damp paper towel, clean out the visible portions of your dog's ear. Clean paper towels should be dampened with ear-cleaning fluid and wrung out to remove any excess.

The visible areas outside and inside of the French bulldog's ear should then be cleaned with a paper towel. This is a fantastic method for maintaining your dog's ears in top condition without contaminating them. Scrubbing your dog's ears with a moist paper towel could be sufficient if your main concern is superficial dirt.

Wet a cotton swab with the ear cleaner; use only ear solutions designed specifically for dogs. Pour just enough ear-cleaning solution to moisten a cotton ball. It should be completely saturated with the solution, but it is acceptable if part of it is leaking off from the cotton ball.

Placing cleaning fluid in your French bulldog's eardrum is not a concern. Once you have finished cleaning its ears, your dog should shake it all out. With the cotton ball, gently wipe the exterior of your dog's ear canal. The visible areas of your French bulldog's ear should be cleaned by pressing the cotton swab on the inside of the ear.

Do not insert the cotton ball further into your dog's ear canal; instead, wipe the exterior of the outer ear to remove any debris and dirt near the opening. When you have completed cleaning the exterior of your dog's ear canal, let go of their ear and allow them to shake out whatever solution that may have seeped within.

During the procedure, your dog might also shake out certain dirt from its ears. Whenever your dog has been allowed to shake out its ears, clean the interior of its ears with a dry paper cloth or towel. Ensure that your dog's ears are fully dry on the inside.

Cleaning Your Dog's Ear Canals

It can be challenging to clean the interior of your dog's ears, and it might want to leave while you do it. It will be simpler for both of you if you place the dog in a position and use your body to hold it still. Your French bulldog should have its side directly against the wall and its butt in the corners.

Sit on the opposite side of it to keep your dog still as you wipe its ears. Take hold of the earflap closest to the tip of the ear you plan to clean first. To aid in helping to widen the ear canal, gently pull it upward. Grab the bottle of ear cleaner and start spraying it inside your French bulldog's ear canal.

Until the ear canal is filled, keep squirting the ear-cleaning solution in. Do not be scared to use excessive amounts of ear-cleaning liquid; it can be squirted in the dog's ear until it flows out. Do not let the tip touch your dog's ear; if it comes in contact with your dog's ear, remove it with an alcohol swab.

Keeping the flap in place, massage the dog's ear's base. Drop the cleaning solution and softly massage the French bulldog's ear with your fingers. This will stir up the solution and aid in breaking up any earwax that may be present. Your dog will take care of the rest once you have finished putting the ear-cleaning solution in its ear canal.

Give up control of the dog and give it some time to shake out the solution. Once the French bulldog has done shaking its ears clean, start drying its ears with a dry cotton swab or piece of gauze. Dry only the areas of your dog's ear that are visible. The gauze or cotton should not be pushed into your dog's ear canal.

Promote Good Ear Health

To check for problems, shine a flashlight inside the dog's ear canal. Perform this step before cleansing your dog's ears if you think there might be a problem. Examine the inside of your French bulldog's ears for any indications of an infection.

When you feel your dog's ears, keep an eye out for any indications of suffering. The veterinarian of your French bulldog can suggest an ear-cleaning solution that is secure and practical for cleaning your dog's ears. Subsequent ear-cleaning procedures will be simpler if you give your dog positive encouragement.

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How Often To Clean French Bulldog Ears

By now, you are all aware that French people are famed for having bat ears. You must always cleanse their ears because they accumulate a significant amount of dust and airborne debris despite being adorable, tall, and sharp. It is easy to accomplish and requires two minutes.

Before cleaning, be sure to sniff their ears; infection may be present if there is an odor or a strange discharge. So, before injecting anything into their ears, consult your local veterinarian; if they are okay, you can move forward.

French Bulldog ears are susceptible to the accumulation of junk. The ears of your dog should be cleaned either weekly or monthly. Cleaning is required more frequently than when the ears are fully upright. The following equipment is required to clean your dog's ears: cotton swabs, witch hazel or dog ear cleaner, and baby wipes without smell.

Start by wetting a cotton ball in the cleaning solution of your choice before lightly wiping the uncovered ear area. Make sure to wipe the rear of the ear, including the interior and exterior of the bat ear. A dog may experience pain if the ear canal is touched, which can harm the eardrum.

Final Thoughts

As you will see, cleaning French Bulldog ears involves much more than simply wiping away the dirt and filth with a cotton ball. Therefore, during the first few weeks, it is essential to examine your bulldog's ears for correct development and cleanliness to avoid any potential issues later. You must commit to a consistent inner and external canal grooming regimen if you desire a happy, healthy puppy.