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White French Bulldog: Breed Information And Care Guide

White French Bulldog: Breed Information And Care Guide

The French Bulldog has its origin in England, where the breed was meant to be a smaller version of the Bulldog. When lacemakers immigrated to France, they brought it with them, and they were crossed with other breeds, resulting in prominent bat ears.

Generally, the French Bulldog is a strong, compact breed with a short snout, large head, and bat-like ears. In addition to its unique physical characteristics, the French Bulldog is also a beautiful and affectionate dog ideal for any family. Their small size, loyalty, robustness, and intelligence make it easy for the dog to get along with the children.

The French Bulldog was primarily bred as a companion dog and has since proved to be an excellent recipient of all the love and affection that man has to offer. Again, they are always satisfied playing with kids. Overall, bulldogs make great and easygoing friends for pet parents.

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Characteristics Of The French Bulldog

Different people have different definitions of an ideal pet. If you fancy a pint-sized, lively comedian with a gift for napping, you will most likely fall in love with the French Bulldog. Also, this dog will only bark when there is a need for your attention.

Here are some traits to expect from a French bulldog, summarized in a table.

Friendliness High
Affectionate Level High
Pet-friendly medium
Exercise Needs low
Kid-friendly medium
Playfulness High
Trainability Medium
Energy level medium
Tendency to Bark medium
Intelligence medium
Amount of Shedding Medium


The appearance of the French Bulldog is undeniably charming and appealing to the eye. The small and compact body is well-proportioned with a fair touch of muscles to give the dog a robust appearance. Again, when it comes to colors, you have multiple options to choose from as they come in colors such as white, cream, and fawn.

Additionally, the French Bulldog has adorable smooth and shiny coats, which makes them easy to clean and groom. Furthermore, they shade moderately, meaning that you would not have difficulty maintaining a high hygiene level.


While some people describe French bulldogs as chilled out, it is important to note that they also like to play. The dog finds it easy to play with kids and companion pets. Further, they are easy to train, especially with the involvement of a professional dog trainer.

French Bulldog Care

French bulldogs are easy to handle and take care of as they require less grooming and exercise than most dog breeds. However, you will need to spend more on training to get the best from the dog.


If you are looking for a jogging partner, you may not like the French Bulldog. However, routine exercises are essential for health purposes as long as you proceed with caution and moderation.

While regular exercises are important to this breed, you must do it sparingly. This is because the French Bulldog can easily overheat. 

Running around the yard or playing with toys is enough for these breeds. Also, these dogs are poor swimmers, so you will need to be cautious if you have a swimming pool around.


Training is critical for any dog, and every dog lover knows this. Fortunately, the French Bulldog is smart and always willing to learn. All you need is to teach them consistently, and you will be in a better position to instill whatever traits you want. Also, consistently training your dog is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with it.

Besides training, ensure that your dog has an incredible social life. Socialization is necessary as it helps make the dog more comfortable around other people and pets. A dog with no social aspect will likely show aggression against other dogs.

Safety Tips

Once you get your French Bulldog, you must ensure it is in good shape. In addition to exposing it to limited exercises, you must reduce travel trips. However, if you have to travel with your dog, it is important to ensure that you take precautions to protect the dog from any health hazards. For instance, you should only leave your dog in the car when there is someone to attend to it.

How Much Is A White French Bulldog

If you fancy the white French Bulldog, then you are on the lucky end. The price of the white French Bulldog falls in the range of $1,800 -$3,000. In other words, the average cost is $2,400. You should be ready to spend £2,500 for a puppy in the United Kingdom.

It is difficult to say the accurate price of the French Bulldog because the price keeps fluctuating depending on various factors, including availability, fashion, bloodlines, color, and demand. Nonetheless, white French bulldogs are generally expensive because they are hard to breed, and their demand keeps rising.

How Rare Is A White French Bulldog?

While the white French Bulldog is a unique dog breed that requires a combination of specific genes, it is not as rare as merle, pure black, blue, and Isabella. Hence, finding a white French bulldog should not be a hard nut to crack.

White Fluffy French Bulldog

The white fluffy French bulldogs are rare and expensive. Despite the costly price tag, the white fluffy French Bulldog is not very different from other bulldogs. The main reason behind the high price tag associated with these dogs is their incredibly high demand due to their soft coat and appearance.

The Cost Of A Fluffy French Bulldog

If you are yearning to own a fluffy French bulldog, you need to start by acknowledging that they are quite rare.

Due to their rarity, a fluffy French bulldog is quite costly, ranging between $4,000 and $15,000. In some situations, the price can go higher. To ensure that you are paying only what is necessary, do your due diligence to be sure that you transact with the right people.

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What Is The Temperament Of A White Fluffy French Bulldog?

The white fluffy French Bulldog's temperament is pretty much the same as that of ordinary French bulldogs. They are loving and friendly and make excellent companions with a lifespan of ten years and above. The fluffy and soft coat makes the dog one of the most adorable pets across the globe. Again, it is not an aggressive breed making it even more loving.

Are French Dogs Bulldogs Aggressive?

Overall, French Bulldogs are friendly and lovable companions for families. In other words, these breeds are not aggressive. However, it would help to socialize with your dog to be comfortable when new people and pets are around.

Why Is The French Bulldog So Expensive?

Three major reasons make French bulldogs quite expensive:

  • French bulldogs are expensive to breed since C-sections, and artificial insemination are necessary for the successful breeding of the dogs.
  • They are prone to health issues, meaning breeding and rearing them can be quite expensive.
  • They have an extremely high demand. The AKC ranks them as the second most sought-after breeds in the world.

Fun Facts About The French Bulldog

  • French bulldogs can't swim and can't fly. This is because they fall under the flat-nosed family, which puts them at imminent risk when swimming or flying. However, you can still safely travel with your dog if you take the necessary precautions.
  • Celebrities, including Madonna, John Legend, and Lady Gaga, love French bulldogs. All these points toward the fact that the French Bulldog is a highly popular breed.
  • French bulldogs are never afraid to speak their mind.
  • Certain colors of Bulldog cost more than others since some genes responsible for the specific colors can be difficult to reproduce.


While French bulldogs are quite popular, it does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money whenever you want to acquire one. Whether you are out to get a white French bulldog or any other color, ensure that you do your due diligence to avoid spending more than necessary. Additionally, always purchase your dog from a reputable seller.