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Why Is My French Bulldog Acting So Hyper?

Why Is My French Bulldog Acting So Hyper?

French bulldogs are known as a lazy breed, but some Frenchies just won't stop acting hyper. If your french bulldog constantly runs in circles or barks at your guests, you may want to take steps to help them calm down.

Why is your french bulldog acting hyper?

Your french bulldog is acting hyper because they need more exercise. Frenchies are a naturally energetic species, and many of them want to spend all day running and playing.

If your french bulldog has behavioral issues, they may need the training to help them calm down.

French Bulldogs Are Energetic

The pet experts at DogTime say that Frenchies have a medium level of energy and a high potential for intensity and playfulness. These dogs love to run around, but they're also likely to wear themselves out and nap for the rest of the day.

Every french bulldog is different. Some Frenchies seem like they have an endless amount of energy. Others are lazy and love nothing more than napping on their owner's lap.

All french bulldogs like to talk. Although they don't bark as much as other breeds, Frenchies are known for snorting, huffing, and making their opinion known.

French bulldogs are often said to have huge personalities in tiny bodies. This can translate to overly social, playful, or inquisitive behavior.

If you have a hyper French bulldog, you should realize that their energy levels are completely normal. There's no such thing as a dog that's too playful. However, some Frenchies need to learn to use their energy in a more constructive way.

Hyper Might Mean Behavioral Issues

If your french bulldog spends all day running in circles, you might be annoyed, but you won't need to correct the behavior.

However, many french bulldogs owners say that their dog is "hyper" as a way to describe unwanted behaviors like barking, chewing, or terrorizing other pets in the house.

FrenchieWiki notes that many french bulldogs tend not to listen to their owners. A huge personality can result in a stubborn dog who wants to have things their own way. Your dog may prefer to keep causing a ruckus no matter how many times you call their name.

Many hyper french bulldogs also bark at or jump on their owner's guests. French bulldogs are small, so some owners aren't sure if this behavior is a problem.

All dogs need to learn proper manners so that they can properly socialize with guests. A Frenchie who scares away every potential friend will end up lonely and anxious; in response, they will engage in even more hyperactive behaviors.

French bulldogs are highly inquisitive. A french bulldog with too much energy might get into the trash or their owner's possessions.

If your Frenchie keeps chewing on your shoes, they definitely need more mental stimulation. Bored dogs like to entertain themselves, and french bulldogs get bored very easily.

All of these behaviors are the result of a dog who needs more exercise and more guidance from their owner. Your french bulldog doesn't actually have an endless amount of energy; if you help them burn through it, they will definitely calm down.

Your French Bulldog Needs Exercise

In almost all cases, a dog with too much energy is a dog that needs more exercise. Frenchies are small pups that are often seen as lapdogs.

Although they love cuddling on your lap, french bulldogs also need a regular exercise regimen to keep them healthy and happy.

The dog experts at Barkercise note that french bulldogs are often thought to be a lazy species. Frenchies get tired easily. Many french bulldogs will stop playing after around 30 minutes of exercise.

French bulldogs have compressed air passages. They don't have an easy time breathing, so they'll get exhausted much more quickly than other dogs.

A hyperactive french bulldog will be able to play for longer periods of time, but they'll still become exhausted after a full hour of playtime and human interaction.

If your french bulldog is acting hyper, take them for a long walk. Play fetch in the back yard or at the dog park. If it's raining outside, play a game of fetch in the living room with a soft toy. Chase your dog around the house in a game of tag.

The goal is to help your Frenchie feel tired and relaxed. Once they have had their fill of exercise, most french bulldogs are happy to obey commands, meet new people, and stay out of the trash.

Remember to take a break when you notice that your french bulldog is getting tired. Between breathing problems and potential spinal issues, french bulldogs can pick up health problems if they are allowed to exercise past their limits.

Watch your dog's energy levels, and use your best judgment.

Your French Bulldog Needs Attention

French bulldogs are companion animals. They want to spend all day with their owners; if they don't get to do this, they might cause a ruckus in a bid for extra attention.

Take a moment to think about your daily schedule. You obviously make time to feed your dog and let them outside; you probably also pet them frequently throughout the day.

However, you should consider whether you're setting aside time to give your dog direct attention.

Direct attention means turning off the television, putting down your phone, and interacting with your dog. Energetic Frenchies might want to chase you around the house. You can also play with a rope, throw a ball, or go for a walk.

On the less exhausting side of things, consider just lying on the couch and talking to your dog. French bulldogs love to have conversations; if you listen, they'll be happy to talk back.

You should spend at least twenty minutes interacting with your dog every day. Set a timer, and forget about everything but your pup. The result will be better dog behavior and a stronger bond between you and your best friend.

Your French Bulldog Needs Training

Training is essential for your dog's understanding of the world. Your Frenchie needs to know the proper way to act when guests come over or when you try to get their attention.

If you haven't trained them, they will come up with their own answers to these problems.

An untrained french bulldog is likely to jump on guests, bark at strange sounds, and act wild or hyper in new situations. In order to correct this behavior, you need to teach your dog how you want them to behave.

Cesar Milan recommends that you avoid giving your dog attention when they act hyper. Most dogs see any engagement from their owner as a reward for their most recent behavior.

If you shush your dog or call them over whenever they get excited, they will not learn to calm down.

Cesar also notes that as the owner, you need to maintain your sense of calm. Your dog looks to you for guidance; if you are stressed, they will mirror that stress in their own way.

Ignore your dog when they are acting hyper, but keep an eye on their behavior. As soon as they calm down, reward this behavior with a word of praise or a pat on the head.

By rewarding calm behavior and discouraging excited behavior, your dog will quickly learn how you want them to act.

Once your Frenchie calms down a little, you may want to take them in for professional training. A dog trainer will be able to address your dog's specific behavioral issues and help you find a long-term solution.

This training video by Ty the Dog Guy shows how to help an aggressive or scared french bulldog calm down.

Your dog may be hyper for different reasons, but the steps in this video can help you teach them to act the way you'd like.

Your French Bulldog Needs Toys

All dogs need stimulation. Your french bulldog needs toys that they can play with when they have too much energy. Well-chosen toys will keep your dog entertained throughout the day and give them a good reason to stay out of the trash.

Frenchies are small dogs, so choose toys that are a bit on the smaller side. Every dog needs a rope to play tug-of-war, a ball to play fetch, and a plushie to cuddle with. You should also look for toys with interesting materials and textures that your dog would like to interact with.

Find a good chewing toy for your french bulldog. Some dogs like rawhide stripes or bones from the local deli.

Almost all bulldogs, including Frenchies, love to chew on antlers; you can usually buy these at your local pet store. A rubber chew toy may also be a great option.

Interactive dog toys are intended to give your dog an extra level of stimulation. Treat dispensers will release pieces of kibble whenever your dog flips, rocks, or shakes the toy. Treat dispensers can keep your dog entertained for a significant amount of time.

Hidden plushie toys are another great interactive dog toy. These toys feature several small stuffed animals stuffed within a larger plush toy. When your dog tries to pull the toy apart, they'll find other toys hidden inside.

Toys will help your Frenchie channel their hyper behavior into something constructive. You can never have too many dog toys.

Buy fresh ones when your dog's old toys become worn out; you can also surprise them with new toys if they've been especially good lately.

Your French Bulldog Might Need a Friend

French bulldogs become hyper and anxious when they don't get enough exercise or attention. As their owner, you may be too busy to continually give them the attention they need.

In some cases, the solution might be to get a second dog. The dog breeders at French Bulldog Breed believe that another dog can help keep your french bulldog busy while you're at work or at school.

Another dog will act as a canine role model and teach your Frenchie the right way to act.

Getting a companion dog may not be the right choice for some french bulldogs. Some Frenchies are jealous of their owner's attention; if the other dog does not mesh with their personality, you could end up with a canine conflict in your home.

Many owners who decide to get a companion dog for their french bulldog often choose another Frenchie. French bulldogs all have the same habits and needs, so they tend to get along with each other extremely well.

Always consider the situation carefully before bringing a second dog into your home. If your french bulldog is perpetually lonely, bored, and misbehaving, a friend might be exactly the extra stimulation that they are looking for.

Tired Frenchies Are Happy Frenchies

In general, a hyper french bulldog is not getting nearly enough physical and mental stimulation. They may be acting up because they feel excited, restless, or anxious.

Exercise is usually the right solution, but other forms of stimulation can work as well. Direct attention, extra playtime, more toys, and even another dog can all help your Frenchie calm down.

Your main takeaway should be that tired french bulldogs have an easier time doing what they're told. If your dog hasn't gone for a run in a week, they will be thinking about nothing but exercise until they get a chance to let that energy out.

Exercise your Frenchie until they feel more relaxed. Then, use training methods to communicate the calm behaviors that you would like them to display.

Remember that calming your french bulldog isn't just for your comfort; a mellow attitude is important for your Frenchie's social success. A calm and composed dog will be able to make friends and enjoy a variety of new social situations.

Adopt the same calm attitude that you want your dog to have. If the two of you work together, you can help your french bulldog act less hyper so that you can enjoy more activities together.