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The Real CatDog – Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

The Real CatDog – Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

Miraculous Pet Relationships – Can two Species of Animals Coexist in one Pet Family?

There are many magical pet owners who seem to have the ability and magnificent power to convince two different species, sometimes multiple different species of animals to coexist under one household.

According to Wikipedia, the internet is flooded with cute uncanny animal relationship videos, cats and rodents, dogs and felines, amphibians and bugs, and what have you, and these impossible friendships are becoming an ordinary sight on the world wide web.

However adorable these videos may be, there is a lot of hard work, patience, and effort behind these miraculous friendships.

Many of these animals are raised from birth together and have naturally created their abnormal bonds while being reared under the same roof.

Although being raised together is a common reason for theses relationships, what about other accounts of weird animal friendships, what kind of wizardry is taking place to create such relationships?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats

Like any relationship, these more than phenomenal friendships have their ups and downs, and surely there has been a rescued animal during a fur sibling rivalry.

Pet parents who have the ability to conjure up these kinds of animal relationships are usually very patient, and skilled in the raising and training of animals.

You cannot just introduce a foreign creature to your current pets without proper training and expect them to behave themselves without fighting for your love.

Even well-trained animals with awkward relationships get into heated disagreements about who mom and dad love the most, that require human parent intervention.

One of the cutest uncommon animal relationships is that between a French bulldog, and it's the feline friend that's confused about whether it's a pig, a small rodent, or a disheveled canine.

All dogs are capable of fighting that natural predator instinct of the chase and hunt for their precious humans.

Dogs are capable of giving up many wants and needs to satisfy their human pets when they ask such things of them. Such loyal creatures the dogs, they will abide by any rule, and succumb to any task for those they love.

They will even endure the pain of allowing a cat to take their bed, toys, and sometimes abuse their human for whatever reason, just because it makes their odd human happy.

Of all of these gentle, noble, and loyal domesticated four-legged angel breeds, the French bulldog is by far the cutest most hilarious when attempting to befriend a cat. Why?

Because of their small pudgy stature, their interactions and concerns with the cat are far greater than those of other breeds of dog.

Your Frenchie is more concerned for your safety, and these little warriors need a little more convincing to let its human be around a feline.

Although this is true, these little angels can also set aside their differences and develop an almost joined to the hip relationship with their feline counterpart.

"My Hooman!"

French bulldogs stem from bulldogs. Bulldogs are a very protective and territorial breed of dogs, bred for just those things, to protect territory.

Like other bulldogs, French bulldogs were bred for property protection and the protection of their owners.

Therefore, they are very overprotective of their owners and space and can be aggressive to other animals, people, and even things that it may think poses a threat to the apple of its eye, its bed. Oh, and it's human.

French bulldogs like any other dogs with the word "bull" in them can be a little aggressive and easily trained to be aggressive.

These breeds are called Bully breeds and are known for their sometimes aggressive behavior, which is a result of their breed purpose, which is to protect.

Frenchies are also known to be jealous of anything that obtains the affection or attention of their loving human that isn't them.

They can be very clingy and demanding of their humans' attention, not really wanting to share their attention, especially with another animal.

According to FrenchBulldogClub, French Bulldogs are wonderful pets and loving, gentle animal friends, until the animal moves into the same household.

French bulldogs can be a bit complicated to acclimate to sharing their human and space with another animal, especially a cat. The French bulldog claims it's human as its own, and only his!

Therefore if you're planning on making a new addition to your family, it's best to run it passed your Frenchie overlord beforehand, to avoid travesty, destruction, and utter confusion. They don't particularly appreciate those kinds of surprises.

Speaking two different languages!

Canines and felines live in two different worlds, and one must be knowledgeable of this when attempting to connect those worlds into one family.

Cats raise their paw in an attack of whatever may be its victim, while dogs raise their paws as a friendly gesture of "lets play!". The same action, two different reasons, can lead to extreme misunderstandings.

It's better and quite frankly easier to introduce animals at young ages and raise them together than it is to introduce older animals to unfamiliar species.

According to Stuff Website, All animals have their own languages, and although we haven't figured out their ways of communicating, they communicate just fine with similar species and can learn to communicate with other species.

Just like animals figure out how to communicate with their humans, they also figure out how to communicate with one another when there are similar interests involved.

Although the introduction and friendship of a kitty and a Frenchie may be a success, you must also keep in mind the things that can go terribly wrong because of mixed communication.

A provoked French bulldog is capable of accidentally (or sometimes purposely) killing a feline or any other more fragile species of animal.

This can happen through sheer irritation, territorial behavior, a threat to it's human, or simply from miscommunication between different species.

According to FrenchBulldogBreed, Frenchies play rough from birth, and tend to wrestle and bite as acts of play; a smaller creature wouldn't be able to handle the overly active play style of the French bulldog, proper play edict should be a sternly considered lesson for your fluffy pig hound.

On the other hand, cats can be as persuasive and aggressive as the French bulldog, if not even more so. They also have the power to seriously hurt a French bulldog.

The facial structure of the Frenchie can be an open target and quickly turned into a scratching post for an angry kitty.

Cats tend to have little patience with other animals, although they tolerate their existence on occasions. If in fact, the feline becomes agitated in some way by your fluffy pig hound, it will not hesitate to attack those big, round, bulging pretty Frenchie eyes.

The two species may be able to learn to communicate with one another, but there will always be the possibility for altercations, disagreements, and jealous quarrels over their owner.

Therefore extra precaution should be taken, and your pets should not be left unattended to, or unsupervised, especially during the infant stages of their developing relationship.

Supervision and Extra-Precaution for Super Relationships

Now that we understand what the possible problems that may occur when introducing a Frenchie to a potential feline buddy, we can see that these problems would arise with any breed of dog or cat.

The solution is to understand the forms of aggression and conversations taking place when introducing the animals, and most importantly constant supervision.

It may take a short time, or an extended period of time for your Frenchie to become friends with a cat, or your cat to become tolerable of a French bulldog, but even when they seem to be buddies it's important to ensure their safety through constant caution and closely paid attention.

When introducing the animals its good to consider the ages of the animals when creating your strategy to civilize your pets. The younger the better really, if you're looking for the easy way to have a feline and furry pig hound at the same time.

It is even better if you can get them as kittens and puppies, allowing them to grow together and bond over their lifetime.

But if that's not possible and you currently have a French bulldog considering a cat, or vice-versa, do not fret! There are many ways to properly introduce a new member to your family, to your four-legged fur-child, According to French Bulldog Owner.

Tips to a Successful First Introduction

We'll call the initial meeting between your French Bulldog and Cat the principal meeting. We'll call it the principal meeting because it's the moment you are given the opportunity to assess the possibilities of the situation, and to decide the proper relationship development strategies.

The principal meeting should be no longer than ten to fifteen minutes, and the feline should be the one allowed to run the show.

No Kitty Control

There's usually no way to control a cat and it's actions, and dogs are typically easier to convince to be obedient than cats.

Although some people have magical cats that actually obey and are considered to have doglike spirits. Since cats are free-spirited creatures who generally dominate their household, the feline should be given free rein of the designated meeting area.

This is also good because cats tend to approach new things on their own time, so don't expect immediate interest in your Frenchie from your cat. It may not even approach your Frenchie at all during the principal meeting, cats can be finicky little devils.

Restrain the Fluffy Pig Hound!

Contrary to the possible snub reaction from the cat, the French Bulldog is known to be overly excited and sometimes out of control when being introduced to new things.

Their reactions can stem from extremely-curious to extremely concerned, it really depends on the personality of the dog with an already naturally rambunctious personality.

Frenchies wonderful personalities will be their downfall when introducing them to a feline overlord.

The Fluffy pig hound must have the proper etiquette to interact with such a sophisticated creature. Therefore, sadly the Frenchie should be secured and receive obedience training prior to the principal meeting.

Reward Civilized Behavior:

When you've gotten your new friends into their designated meeting place, reward any quite conduct or the behaviors of ignoring one another with a few treats.

It's best to have your animals favorite treats available for easy persuasion in case things go awry. Praises and rewards are very important to ensure a successful principal meeting between the animals and should be in constant use for your ten to fifteen minutes of training glory.

When both animals exhibit calm and quiet behavior and are ignoring one another you've successfully tamed them to tolerate one another.

Beware though, animals can be tricky and should still be under constant surveillance until you're able to leave their presence without them exhibiting immediate interest in one another.

Treats are wonderful for reinforcing good behavior and distracting from bad behavior, give them generously during your principal meeting.

Dramatic Animal Crisis Management

French Bulldogs and cats have one obvious similarity in characteristics besides their love of naps, they both are dramatic four-legged dictators.

The principal meeting can go south very quickly with such dramatic personalities, and become the clash of the mini four-legged titans.

If in fact there is an altercation of any sorts it is important to separate the animals immediately and tend to any possible inflicted wounds or trauma that may occur.

Don't expect conflict as animals have the ability to tell when their human is nervous, but be prepared to remedy any situations that may be getting out of hand.

It's imperative to keep safety first and be precautious when introducing your pets for the first time. The worst thing you can do when acquainting your French Bulldog with any feline is to quickly put them in a room unattended to without rules and standards.

Importance of Separation

Separating the animals after their principal meeting is imperative for developing interests in one another. Absence creates a space for curiosity, and eventually, the animals will begin searching for one another throughout their environment.

It is also important that they have their own safe spaces to retreat to in case of uncomfortable confrontation. Let the animals change in accordance with their new condition of being inevitably forced into a magical friendship.

A good piece of advice is to switch their toys and belongings in order for the animals to become familiar with one another scents while in separation.

The longer apart, the more interested in each other's whereabouts the animals will become, which will initiate a shared interest which is key in developing relationships between different species.

Signs of Success

When both animals lose immediate interest in one another and find interest in other things while in the same area you've become closer to civilizing their relationship.

Your Frenchie may take a little longer than the feline to lose interest and find other endeavors to pursue, but eventually, the cat will bore your mini bulldog.

The second your feline is eating, drinking, or doing its business around your Frenchie is when it's found comfort in sharing its space with a dog.

Basically, when both animals lose interest in one another you're closer to successfully keeping a canine and feline apocalypse from breaking out in your home.

The point of success may take a while to obtain, but patience is the most important part of this magical process.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for, and the cat and the French bulldog are some of the most uncooperative breeds to persuade to coexist, but it's possible.

French Feline Duo

To answer the question if it is possible for French Bulldogs and Cats to coexist here are a few videos that prove the existence of the French Feline duo.

Enjoy the cuteness overload while you contemplate if you too can become a French Feline Mage and conjure up such a magical truce between two professional overlord species. Can you handle two adorably demanding miniature dictators once they've joined forces?

Frenchie Feline Friends – Tripple F Videos