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Sleeping the Day Away: How much do French Bulldogs Sleep?

Sleeping the Day Away: How much do French Bulldogs Sleep?

Introduction: Why Do French Bulldogs Sleep So Much?

Anyone who has owned a dog before will know that it can be hard to predict the dog's energy level until you have spent some time around it.

Some dogs seem to want to be up and active throughout the entire day, while others are perfectly happy to take short walks and spend most of their time asleep.

Of course, some of this is dependent on the breed. We all expect a Border Collie or a sheepdog to be one of those dogs that simply can't stop moving because of its specialized breeding.

What about other breeds that weren't bred for a specialized purpose, such as the French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are certainly not the kind of dog that needs a ton of exercise. On the contrary, French Bulldogs will spend most of the day sleeping.

Unlike more active working dogs, a French Bulldog will be happy with short walks and plenty of time to relax throughout the day.

Energy and sleep patterns are one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog breed to purchase or adopt.

If a dog has an energy level that doesn't match up with its owner, this might just result in both dog and owner is frustrated and unhappy.

It is well known that French Bulldogs are ideal dogs for people who live in apartments that don't have much space. Does this mean that they also are sleeping all the time?

Energy levels are closely tied to specific breeds

Every dog is going to have a distinctive personality, and generalized breed characteristics are not always enough to predict how a particular pet is going to act.

There are plenty of lapdogs that turn out to be high energy or working dogs that prefer a more leisurely lifestyle.

However, generally speaking, we can usually make safe assumptions about how a dog is going to act based on its breeding.

While there isn't as much to go on with a mutt, a purebred dog will probably show most of the well-known characteristics of the breed.

When it comes to French Bulldogs, they are usually considered one of the more low-key breeds when it comes to energy level.

In other words, when you buy a Frenchie, you won't have to worry about it having the energy levels of a hard-charging herding dog.

French Bulldogs (and their relatives, Bulldogs) are breeds that require a lot of sleep. According to a veterinarian, Dr. Evan Antin, French Bulldogs are among the breeds that will want to have a more restful pace as they go about their day.

While there might be a little bit of variation between individual French Bulldogs, you should generally expect them to have lower energy levels and require less exercise than other breeds. However, how much sleep are they actually getting, and how much exercise do they need?

How Many Hours a day Do French Bulldogs Sleep?

As discussed in the French Bulldog Owner website, owners will tell you that their dog likes to spend almost the entire day sleeping.

According to FrenchBulldogOwner, Adult Frenchies are probably sleeping somewhere in the range of 12-14 hours per day, and usually closer to the 14-hour end of the spectrum.

Now, the dog may like to break this up into blocks of sleep and wakefulness, as very few dogs will settle in for 14 straight hours of sleep. However, compared to some more active breeds, this is clearly a dog that likes its sleep!

While not every dog is fond of dog beds, most owners also find that French Bulldogs like to have soft and cushioned spaces for their naps throughout the day.

According to OurFrenchie, Though they may end up on a couch or easy chair, it is a good idea to buy them a devoted dog bed like the examples shown here by Our Frenchie.

Many owners report that even when the dogs are awake, they aren't always in a state of heightened activity.

One owner estimated that the dog slept for 50% of the day, was actively exercising or playing for 20% of the day, and spent the remaining 30% awake but lounging and relaxing.

This sort of daily sleep schedule is what makes French Bulldogs such excellent pets for people who are in apartments or small homes, as they require minimal exercise and mostly prefer to relax. It's no surprise that Frenchies are such a popular breed in places like New York City.

People who are thinking of buying a French Bulldog may also worry that while the dog sleeps a lot, it will be awake when the human is trying to sleep (as sometimes happens with cats). Will you be up all night with a French Bulldog?

This would be pretty rare. Most owners report that their dogs like to sleep when they do, and so they more or less sleep through the night. If you oversleep, though, a Frenchie will probably still let you know that you are late for its morning walk.

Some owners may also know that French Bulldogs tend to be among the more restful breeds, but still, worry that their particular dog is sleeping too much. While we know that Frenchies like to spend much of the day at rest, how much sleep is too much?

It is true that if a dog becomes overly lethargic, this may be a sign that there is an underlying issue that needs to be checked out by a vet. As discussed by Ask Frankie, people may often worry about the dog sleeping too much.

The first thing to do is to check the statistics on normal French Bulldog sleep against how much your dog is resting.

As these dogs will typically want to sleep 12-14 hours a day, if a fully grown French Bulldog is spending every hour of the day asleep, this may be a sign of excessive tiredness.

Also, pay attention to whether the dog is responding to its normal routine any differently. Some Frenchies might sleep the entire day, but perk up for morning and evening walks.

If a dog is showing no exercise in its usual walk schedule, it might be a good time to schedule a vet appointment.

Take your French Bulldog out with you for errands

While French Bulldogs are big sleepers who like to spend a good deal of their day lounging around the house, we also know that they are quintessential companion dogs.

A Frenchie will thrive when it gets to spend time with members of its family, even if that just means sitting on an easy chair.

Indeed, French Bulldogs are so social that it's really not a good idea to leave them at home without any family for extended periods of time.

They get lonely easily, and if they are left at home alone without an owner throughout the day, their mood will start to suffer.

The solution for this problem is quite easy: Take your French Bulldog out with you when you are doing errands throughout the day, as mentioned in this Animal Planet video. They will be more than happy to come along if it means spending more time with you.

Taking your dog along with you when you leave the house also takes care of two chores at once. As mentioned above, French Bulldogs really don't require all that much exercise.

Unlike larger, working dogs, a couple of short walks per day are usually enough to satisfy a Frenchie's needs.

If you let your French Bulldog come with you on your errands, you won't just be able to take care of its exercise at the same time you are finishing off your own chores. You'll also be taking care of your dog's emotional health by letting it spend time with you.

Conclusion: French Bulldogs are very sleepy pets

As the ultimate apartment dog, French Bulldogs love their leisure time. A Frenchie owner can expect their dog to be sleeping about 12-14 hours a day.

When they are more excitable as puppies, French Bulldogs tend to wear themselves out and sleep, even more, bedding down for 18-20 hours.

Even when French Bulldogs are awake, they are generally more low-key dogs. Most of them will be happy if they get taken on a couple of short walks, or if they get to accompany their owners out on errands and chores. Calm and lovable, French Bulldogs are generally relaxed dogs.

It is good to know what you are getting when you buy a French Bulldog. Someone looking for a high-energy dog that will want to play for hours at a time should consider a different breed and may be happy with a dog such as a sheepdog or a terrier.

However, anyone looking for a lovable and devoted companion who will never want to leave your side, even when just snoozing throughout the day, should seriously consider a French Bulldog as their next pet.