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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Calm

7 Simple Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Calm

Most dogs have been put in shelters because they have behavior that is out of control. Most dog owners do not understand that a lack of proper training can cause this.

Luckily, you do not have to take such drastic measures. French bulldogs are usually pretty calm and obedient, but even they can get out of hand sometimes.

Today you will learn how you can take better control of your dog so that it can calm down and stop the destructive behavior.

Here are seven ways that you can get your french bulldog to calm down:

1- Try Exercising With Your French Bulldog

Like children, dogs will tire out after a while once it starts playing around. Instead of allowing it to play at home and cause a disturbance, try taking it for a walk. Even though your goal is to tire it out, you do not need to walk too briskly or fast with the dog.

On the walk, give the dog its time to enjoy it and do what it wants to do. This will ensure that it gets its daily satisfaction before you get back home. You can also try playing a short game with it before or after you leave so that it will be even more tiring.

2- Create a Permanent Routine for Your French Bulldog

Most dogs do better when they are following a routine every day. According to 3LostDogs, most of the time, they are hyper because they were deprived of activity in the past. Creating a routine will elevate good behavior.

Try something simple first. Walk your dog in the morning after breakfast. In the afternoon, have another family member walk it for about 20-25 minutes before lunch.

In the evening, have another person walk the dog again for a few minutes. The schedule does not have to be perfect, but make sure that you try to keep it as exact as possible.

Look at FearFreeHappyHomes to get more information on how you can create an effective daily routine.

3- Introduce New Toys and Puzzles to Your Dog

Regular toys can be just as effective as puzzle toys. However, regular toys can quickly become boring to your french bulldog. A puzzle toy will create an opportunity for your french bulldog to use its brainpower and stay distracted for long periods.

Try purchasing some toy cubes or treat-dispensing toys so your dog can take its energy out on something productive. Just make sure that the treats are appropriate for the dog's diet and that you do not overpower the toy with kibble.

Finding quality toys can be a challenge for some dog owners. You do not want to get any that will break easily or becoming boring after a while. WikiHow recommends that you talk to your vet about any toys containing questionable materials like rawhide.

4- Teach Your French Bulldog to Be Obedient

If you want to be able to communicate with your french bulldog successfully, consider getting into obedience training.

This can be a great way to keep your dog calm and compliant during busy times. It also gives it an idea of how it is expected to behave in specific environments.

For example, you can teach your french bulldog that it is okay to be wild and energetic outdoors instead of indoors. Or, you can teach it to be quiet when the television is on or when it notices that you are talking on the phone with someone.

MyPetNeedsThat recommends you continuously use the dog's name so that it knows to respond to your commands when you call.

5- Teach Your Dog a New Game or Try a New Sport

You should consider getting your french bulldog involved in some sports. The Spruce Pets suggests that sports like dock jumping, agility, and tracking are all good sports for dogs.

This can be an excellent way for you to bond with your french bulldog. It is much better to teach your dog through interaction and activity instead of discipline or punishment.

Make sure that you discuss individual sports with a professional trainer or veterinarian before you let your dog participate. Take the extra time to make sure that your french bulldog is not too wild so you can prevent injury.

6- Match Your Energy to Your Dog's Energy

If you want your french bulldog to be calm, you have to be calm. If you want it to be excited, you should be excited. Matching your energy to your dog's energy is not mandatory during every training session.

If you are frustrated with your dog while trying to teach it to be clam, that will only make the dog more hyper. Being too assertive or aggressive can backfire on you and cause the dog to be afraid or defensive. Make sure that you are keeping your own emotions under control.

This will ensure that your emotions are not taking attention away from what you are trying to get your dog to do.

7- Try Using Aromatherapy for Calmness

Dogs use their sense of smell in almost everything that they do. Most humans can relate to the fact that pleasant smells inspire them to be calm and relax.

It can be anything from the aroma of baking cookies in the kitchen, the fresh scent of cleaning products in a store's cleaning aisle, or the scent of a favorite candle.

Talk with a professional or do your research before you experiment with scents. Cookies might make you relax, but it might make your dog hungry. Detergent or burning therapeutic oils might make you sleepy, but it could smell like poison to your dog.

Try out different scents or try to find ones that cater to animals the most.


You could have a french bulldog that is calm and obedient but still has spouts of excessive energy. This might happen if your dog is never being taken out for walks.

A lack of attention and exercise can also trigger this kind of behavior. Avoid making your dog bored by staying active.

Stick to a routine that is doable for you and your french bulldog. Make sure that any interaction is always followed by affection and love.

Dogs are a lot more like human children than most people believe. Keep the love and positivity in your environment, and everything will run smoothly after a while.

Check out this YouTube video for more information on how you can keep your french bulldog calm.