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Meet the Bullypit – Pitbull and American Bulldog Mix

Meet the Bullypit – Pitbull and American Bulldog Mix

Pitbulls and American bulldogs are both medium-sized and powerful canines that are well-known for their great devotion and work ethic. But, what can you anticipate from the cross between these two canines? Consider taking a closer look to learn more about this one-of-a-kind hybrid dog:

The cross between the Pitbull and the American Bulldog originates from a hybrid dog breed known as Bullypit or Pitbull and American Bulldog Mix. The Bullypit can weigh 60 to as much as 100 pounds with a height of 21 to 23 inches.

Let's dig deep to find every detail about Bullypit

bulldog mix pitbulBullypit Appearance

Bullypit's general framework is derived from the Pitbull terrier, while its muscular appearance is derived from the Bulldog. It is not a little dog by any means, but it is not a big breed either; it is considered to be a medium-sized breed of dog.

A larger nose and a slimmer physique, similar to the Pitbull terrier, but it is more solid and muscular, similar to the Bulldog, makes this breed unique. It is a cute little creature with little ears that might be floppy, tiny eyes, and a lengthy and tapering tail. The Bullypit has a short, shiny, single-layered coat that is easy to care for. The colors of the coats can range from cream to black, with everything in between. The colors and patterns found in both parents will be present in these hybrid canines.

Bullypit History

Bullypit parent breeds have been around for a long time. The Bulldog and the Terrier have a long history of breeding together. When Bullypit was first discovered, it was in the early 1990s. Since then, the American Bully Kennel Club has recognized it as a legitimate breed. However, when more and more Bullypits and related dogs belonging to the same bloodline began to swarm animal shelters in 1995, questions were raised about the breeding procedure.

Bully enthusiasts and expert dog trainers have demonstrated that the Bullypit can be kind and obedient when adequately trained.

Bullypit Temperament

If you are fortunate enough to come across a Bullypit that has been socialized and trained correctly, you will appreciate the fact that you will be looking at a canine that is cautious yet restricted with other dogs and strangers while also being an excellent family dog who is loving and cheerful. The Bullypit is not aggressive, yet he is extremely sweet and has a sweet disposition. They enjoy having a good time, and they require a lot of care. They are also highly loyal and fearless. With their antics, they may be pretty amusing at times, and they can also be an outstanding watchdog or guard dog in certain situations. They are also quite active, which means that they require a great deal of playing and other things to keep them entertained.

Bullypit Nutrition

All dogs require sufficient nutrition in order to satisfy their health requirements as well as to achieve their maximum growth and development. You must give them just the highest-quality dog food that is appropriate for their age, state of health, and stage of development.

Choose a diet that is full of protein, energy, and other necessary vitamins. Nutrient-dense food aids in the development of muscular mass, the increase of energy, and the preservation of your dog's overall health. Being that they are prone to certain health conditions, it is essential to see your veterinarian for guidance on what dog food to give your dog and other feeding recommendations for you and your dog.

Bullypit Grooming

Another advantage of owning a Bullypit mix is the opportunity to train your dog. This breed sheds very little, does not require constant combing, and only needs to be washed once a month! You can keep your dog clean by wiping him/her down with a fresh and soft towel soaked in water after every walk. You'll be both happy after that!

Bullypit Ideal Living Conditions

Regardless of the fact that it may live well in an apartment in an urban location, a dog of this type typically need more room. However, if it receives the recommended amount of daily activity, living in an apartment will not be a problem. In an ideal situation, it would be in a reasonably large house with a yard, if possible.

Behavioral Issues With Bullypit

When these dogs are abused or badly taught, aggression is more likely to manifest itself. When it comes to aggression, the most aggressive dogs are those who have been raised to fight or who have been permitted to survive on their own, relying on natural impulses.

The danger associated with this mixed breed and its parents is associated with the dog's self-confidence in its own talents, its extroverted personality, and its muscular build.

Those that are poorly bred may cause harm to other species as well as to children and the environment. This is why it is critical to begin early socialization training and to maintain it throughout one's life. This implies that the Bullypit must learn how to communicate with other children and animals in a calm and pleasant manner.

There are also some Bullypit owners who have discovered that they are having difficulties with boundary training. Some of these dogs may test the boundaries of their area and may even go outside of their region. The presence of a firm yard border will be beneficial, but boundary training is also recommended. Also, give them a lot of leash training as well so they can be kept under greater control when out in public and at dog parks.

Bullypit Trainability

If you start training Bullypit while they are young, they will be relatively easy to teach. You'll need to establish a positive bond with them, set limits, and begin socializing them with other pets and humans in a pleasant manner as soon as possible. They have a lot of energy and are pretty active. Basic obedience or principles of behavior should be taught first, followed by more advanced training.

Establish discipline from the moment you bring your dog home or as soon as the pups are weaned off, and you will be able to begin training him. So when your puppy is approximately eight weeks old, you may start teaching him the behaviors and actions that you want him to have. Every time your dog successfully completes a fundamental training command, use a reward system to encourage its behavior.

Additionally, you should gradually train your Bullypit puppy to interact in a friendly and peaceful manner with humans and other pets by taking your dog for a walk in the park while on a leash. The daily activity schedule should include a mix of play, sports, and socializing opportunities.

portairt photo mixIs Bullypit An Aggressive Dog Breed?

The Bullypit is not aggressive, but he is super friendly and has a sweet temperament. They enjoy having a good time, and they require a lot of care. They are also highly loyal and fearless. In addition to being quite entertaining at times, they may also be used as security dogs and outstanding watchdogs.


If you enjoy dogs, Bullypit is a unique mix dog breed that would make a superb addition to your family's pet collection. Try to consult any vet or dog owner prior to purchasing these canines. This will help you understand if it is the best to fit for you or not.

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