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French Bulldog Pug Mix: Meet the Cutest Dog in the World

French Bulldog Pug Mix: Meet the Cutest Dog in the World

On a popular YouTube video about the top 10 cute French Bulldog mixes, the French Bulldog and pug mix is on the 9th spot. This is not surprising given its cute look.


The French Bulldog Pug Mix is considered as a purebred. Some people refer to it as Frenchie Pug. Though most people love to own this breed, the challenge is about finding one to keep.

Before owning a Frenchie Pug, you should know that this small dog has a big personality. Pet Guide considers the French Bulldog Pug Mix as a pet for all types of people. It is easy to handle.

It is easy to live with. First-time pet owners can have it and even retirees. Above all, French Bulldog and Pug Mix come with easy-temperament, making it a good family dog.

What Is the Origin of the French Bulldog and Pug Mix?

Considered as a designer breed or hybrid, there is no exact date as to when the French Bulldog and Pug mix was first documented. No breeder took the credit for creating this cute crossbreed.

For this kind of crossbreed where the parents are two different breeds, it is not easy to determine which trait will become more dominant.

For this reason, most Frenchie Pug is different from one another in terms of traits and looks. Some come with a more dominant French Bulldog side while some come with a stronger Pug side.

The unpredictability of a Frenchie Pug's trait didn't deter some pet owners from looking for this breed. However, most Frenchie Pugs don't have a pedigree paper because of its non-standardized look.

Why Do Breeders Crossbreed a Pug and a French Bulldog?

Frenchie World says that French Bulldog is one of the most crossed dog breeds. It is a favorite because breeders want to find a genetic characteristic from another breed that can fix the breathing problems that French Bulldogs have. Pug was one of the options because of its similarities to French Bulldogs.

A Pug and a French Bulldog are both known for being friendly to people, even children. These breeds are friendly, intelligent, and very playful. They are not into fighting with other dog breeds as well.

Despite having brachycephalic tendencies, both breeds remain to be a favorite among pet owners. Because of its similarities in terms of behavior and physical attributes, breeders think it is easier to cross these breeds together.

The Personality of a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

Frenchie Pugs are known to be attention seekers. It inherited it from its French Bulldog side. French Bulldogs are known for staying close to its owner and so is French Bulldog Pug mix. It loves following its pet parents.

When it comes to temper, Frenchie Pugs are easy to be with. They are not threatening even to kids. They can play with canine or bigger dogs too. For its security though, do not leave your Frenchie Pugs with kids or with bigger dogs, alone.

Since it is a very friendly breed, the French Bulldog Pug mix shouldn't be left alone with strangers. Anyone that pets can be considered as friends. If you don't want your Frenchie Pug to disappear or follow someone else, don't leave it on somebody else's watch.

101 Dog Breeds recommends training for French Bulldog Pug mix if you want your little Frenchie to activate its guard dog instinct. You can enroll in a dog training class if you wanted to.

Maintenance for a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

French Bulldog Pug mix is small yet very active dogs. However, you don't have to make them run daily to give it a healthy body. It only needs to take short regular walks daily.

A slow walk for 30 minutes will do. Frenchie Pugs is known for its calm disposition so keep its physical activities at a moderate level. Always engage your Frenchie Pug in some activities or they will feel rejected or left out.

Grooming a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

Just like one of its parents, the French Bulldog, this mix doesn't need to take a bath daily. They have short and thin coats and they can get cold easily. Giving it a regular bath can reduce the oil from its skin as well.

To keep its coat shiny and clean, a once a week brushing can remove the dead hairs. If your French Bulldog Pug mix spent a day outside, using a wet cloth to wipe its body can help remove dirt.

The Pug and a French Bulldog mix have folds and wrinkles on its face as well so make sure to keep them dry. Bacteria can stay in its folds and wrinkles when left dirty and wet.

As for its ears and nails, make sure to check it from time to time. Cut its nails regularly and remove excessive wax from its ears.

Training a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

Frenchie Pugs are easily trained. This active dog breed is intelligent according to It can be trained to be obedient, as a watchdog, and to do some tricks.

French Bulldog Pug mix is born with stubbornness. It got it from its French Bulldog genes. If you want your Pug and a French Bulldog mix to be obedient, start giving it an obedience training while it is still a pup.

This hybrid is friendly and courageous just like its parent – French Bulldogs. You can train it to be a watchdog if you will keep it acquainted with different people. Let it experience different scenarios and help it distinguish what are threats from its comfort zones.

For tricks, the best way to teach any dog a treat is by giving it treats. Pet parents love dogs that can charm them with tricks.

Frenchie Pugs can charm anyone with its looks alone but with a few tricks on its sleeve, they can make visitors happy. One of the easiest tricks that you can teach a Frenchie Pug is to walk backward, to lie down, or jump.

When giving your little Frenchie a treat, do it in moderation. You wouldn't want to overfeed your little buddy with sweets.

Common Health Problems for a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

French Bulldogs and Pugs are known for their breathing problems because of their facial structure. Watch out for your Frenchie Pug for signs of hard breathing.

Obesity and being overweight are among its common health risks. Other medical conditions that you should watch out for are:

  • Cataract
  • Skin infection
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Entropion
  • Glaucoma

Another common issue with Frenchie Pugs is the fact that both of its parents are brachycephalic. It means they have a flat face that can cause difficulty breathing.

Being brachycephalic is cute but its downside can be devastating for Frenchie Pugs – it makes them drown easily and it gives them breathing difficulty especially when it is too hot.

To know if your Frenchie Pug is having a breathing problem, listen to it closely when sleeping. If your Frenchie is snoring or is having noisy breathing while asleep, check with your veterinarian immediately.

Best Food for a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

When feeding your Frenchie Pug, stay away from commercial dog products with synthetic or artificial ingredients. Frenchie Pugs are best given with dry food. They should eat twice a day and not more. You can give it once in the morning, and once for dinner.

If you are going to feed your Frenchie Pug with canned dog food, reduce the serving. French Bulldog Pug mix can easily get overweight despite being active. They don't run around and its only activity is wiggling its tail and making a few jumps.

Feed your French Bulldog Pug mix according to age. If it is still a puppy, look for puppy formula. For adult Frenchie Pugs, you can find canned dog food for adults as well.

Can You Give Your French Bulldog Pug mix Fruits and Vegetables?

WebMD explained that dogs are omnivores. It means they can eat meat and plants. You can find dog foods with vegetables and grains. There are commercial dog foods made of fruits as well.

However, the digestive system of a dog is different from humans. If you will give your Frenchie fresh fruits, you have to do it in moderation.

Giving your pet child a slice of fruit or vegetable is okay. Just be aware of the different fruits and vegetables that might harm a dog.

There is no specific list of fruits and vegetables that can be given to a Frenchie Pug but there is a list of for dogs in general. For example, you should not feed grapes or avocados to dogs but you can give it a slice of berry or banana.

The Pros of Getting a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

This combination of Pug and French Bulldog produced a very cute hybrid of a dog. It is irresistible because of its size and adorable because of its behavior.

Having it as a companion is like having a toy that you can play around with, a toy that you can feel and need to care with.

Pugs and French Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and for being adorable – imagine having such behavior twice as much in one small dog!

If you are looking for a companion dog, DoggyPedia highly recommends a Frenchie Pug. Being a laid-back dog, this breed is good for retirees and for families with children who love to play with dogs.

French Bulldog Pug mix has a good sense of smell. Their nose, though short, can smell a lot of things. With its use, you might find your French Bulldog Pug mix finding things inside your nose with its nose.

The Cons of Getting a Pug and a French Bulldog Mix

French Bulldog Pug mix is a very clingy pet. Don't get one if you don't have enough time to spend with this cutie. They can develop anxiety and depression when their master is not around for a time. Not playing with them can also cause depression.

Symptoms of depression include uncontrolled urination or urinating anywhere in the house, pooping anywhere, and eating its poop.

Digging for no reason, howling, and barking are also signs that your Frenchie Pug is feeling down.

Most pet owners love an active dog. This breed though loves to jump especially when they are excited. If you have a visitor that doesn't love dogs that much, they might find a jumping dog irritating.

How Long Can a French Bulldog Mix Live?

With its small size, you can expect a full-grown Frenchie to weigh between 18 to 23 pounds. Because it is small and light, it is considered a designer breed. If fed and exercised properly, a Frenchie Pug can live up to 15 years.

A full-grown Frenchie Pug can grow as tall as 12 inches.

Can You Go on a Road Trip with Your French Bulldog Pug mix?

A French Bulldog Pug mix is an intelligent companion. Since it can learn tricks, it can easily learn the positive meaning of getting in a car. If it means seeing new and interesting things, your Frenchie Pug will surely get into your car with no problem.

French Bulldog Pug mix can learn that your car is a safe place to be. You might find them excited during their first trips. Some might be affected negatively but they can easily get used to it. It is perfectly safe for dogs to travel, including the French Bulldog Pug mix.

If it is your first time traveling with your Frenchie Pug or it is your Frenchie Pug first-time to ride a car, make sure to have someone to contain it. A jumpy Frenchie might distract you from driving as advised by Doggie Designer.

What Accessories to Have for Your French Bulldog Pug mix?

Your French Bulldog and Pug mix is a cute companion that can look more adorable when dressed. Most pet stores are now offering cute dog dresses so you can easily find one for your French Bulldog Pug mix when traveling.

You should also get a swimming vest for your French Bulldog Pug mix. Just like its parent, French Bulldog, a French Bulldog Pug mix cannot swim too. To keep it safe when in the waters, always put a life vest on it.

For a young French Bulldog Pug mix, a collar or harness is important especially if you are still teaching it obedience. Once your French Bulldog Pug mix learns the trick, you can just let it loose and let it follow you wherever you go without being tied.

Now after you discovering all details about French Bulldog Pug mix and you want to know more about these breeds check our comparison guide.