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Micro English Bulldog – A Complete Breed Breakdown

Micro English Bulldog – A Complete Breed Breakdown

If you're a fan of the English Bulldog but require a dog that's a little bit smaller, you must get a Micro/Mini English Bulldog as a companion. While there's no denying that these canines are lovely, they also come with a slew of health issues and a history of dubious breeding practices. Here's all you need to know about this breed!

The average weight of a normal English Bulldog is 42 to 52 pounds, while Mini or Micro English Bulldogs weigh somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds on average. Aside from that, Micro English Bulldogs are 2 to 5 inches shorter than standard Bulldogs. As a result of these restrictions, Micro English Bulldogs are not permitted to compete in show rings.

The Micro English Bulldog is not a hybrid breed; rather, it is a purebred English Bulldog that has been downsized with the help of excessively selective breeding. It should not be confused with Mini Bulldog, which is a cross between Bulldog and Pug.

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Micro English Bulldog's History

The Micro English Bulldog was developed by selective inbreeding or, in easy words, small English Bulldogs are crossed with other smaller English Bulldogs to develop this Micro English Bulldog. The English Bulldog was developed in the 1980s by breeders who wanted to make a dog that was comparable to the English Bulldog but in a smaller, more manageable form. Some breeders bred the English Bulldog with the Pug, resulting in Mini Bulldog (crossbred), which is completely different from Micro English Bulldog. Others selectively mated smaller English Bulldogs to each other in order to produce a smaller purebred form of the breed (as discussed above).

Furthermore, the world's largest dog-breeding organization, the American Kennel Club, does not recognize them as a distinct breed (AKC). They are, however, accepted by smaller organizations such as the ACA & DRA

Temperament And Personality

Micro Bulldogs are incredibly devoted and affectionate to their owners, and they have a strong extrovert streak in them. Micros can be difficult to control at times since they can become overconfident and adamant in their beliefs. In that situation, the dog's owner must exercise patience in teaching the dog, and the dog will develop into a nice and dedicated animal within a few months. Some MEBs enjoy swimming in the pool and stroking their bellies, while others enjoy long walks and riding skateboards.

When he fully matures, the Micro English bulldog enjoys human interaction and needs continual attention. They can be violent and intolerant toward unfamiliar canines, but they get along well with the rest of the family's pets. Furthermore, they get along very well with the kids and teens. The Micros may have some strange behaviors, like drooling a little after drinking and snorting while sleeping. When they are dedicated and bullheaded, they may be quite persistent.

These dogs have several great characteristics that do not match their small stature, one of which is their refusal to give up easily. This breed has the ability to be dominant and demonstrate strong leadership traits. As a result, in order to effectively raise a bulldog, the owner must understand the behavior of an alpha canine. They are quite energetic while they are young, but they become more sluggish and clumsy as they become older.

Health Issues Associated With Micro English Bulldog

Micro English Bulldogs have achondroplasia, or dwarfism, in their skeletons. In certain areas, these dogs are referred to as teacup Bulldogs because they are developed by breeding English Bulldogs that have preserved their puppy-like features and whose mature proportions are smaller than the breed standard.

Sadly, another issue with Micro English Bulldogs has to be addressed, i.e., because of their small gene pool, English Bulldogs are prone to various health problems as a breed. Additionally, these dogs are more susceptible to hereditary issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, vision problems, and cystinuria, as well as cardiovascular difficulties and skin problems, among other things.

Because dwarfism is hereditary, some Bulldog parents may not learn that their pet is a micro until after the pup has reached full adult size. However, because the phrase "Micro English Bulldog" is not an official breed name, there should be no problem with this. Their pets are simply accepted by their owners as English Bulldogs, even though they are lighter in weight than the breed standard.


Some adult Micro English Bulldogs may be uninterested in activities, while others are bursting with enthusiasm. Each and every one of the MEBs needs regular lengthy walks to maintain their core canine drive to move, as well as to enhance bone strength and overall wellness. Bulldogs in good shape move rapidly and efficiently in a short amount of time. Their physical activity requirements are straightforward, and they will adjust to the degree of activity experienced by the rest of the household.


For urban apartment living, the dog is a perfect companion. Their face wrinkles must be cleansed with a dampened cloth regularly, and the coat should be wiped down with a dry towel to keep the coat looking fresh. Because the shedding is so minute, the owner should use a strong brush to comb through the layer. Bathe only when absolutely necessary, and brush their teeth with a toothpaste that a healthcare practitioner has recommended.


To keep the dog from being obstinate or demanding, the parent should teach him or her proper obedience and socializing skills. The Micro English Bulldogs are highly sensitive to the tone of their handler's voice, which makes teaching them a simple process for them. Teaching them simple chores is not burdensome because they are intelligent and can be taught quickly.


Micro Bulldog puppies require feeding 2-3 times a day. The mature dog needs high-quality dog food regularly. Overfeeding the dog should be avoided by the owner.

Difference Between An English Bulldog And A Micro English Bulldog!

Micro English Bulldogs are a smaller variant of the English Bulldogs, and they are considered subspecies of the English Bulldog breed. For the sake of comparison between Micro English Bulldog and English Bulldog, consider the following:

  • It is estimated that the typical weight of an English Bulldog is 42 to 52 pounds; however, the average weight of a Micro English Bulldog is 20 to 40 pounds.
  • When standing at the shoulder, the English Bulldog may grow to be up to 15-16 inches tall, but the Micro English Bulldog may grow up to 12-13 inches.

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What Is The Price Of A Micro English Bulldog?

A Micro English Bulldog puppy purchased from a breeder can range in price from $1,200 to $4,500. Since the American Kennel Club does not recognize them, you can only find them by researching potential breeders on the internet. Because of the health issues and unethical breeding practices that are prevalent in this breed, you should thoroughly research your breeder before purchasing one of their puppies or adult dogs.

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Micro English Bulldogs are adorable and friendly dogs, but they have a slew of health issues that make them difficult to care for. This is not the dog for someone who has a tight budget when it comes to pet care. It may also be more difficult to locate a well-bred dog. Be aware that many people in the dog world are concerned about breeding these canines because their physical health is so poor. Nonetheless, if you're willing to put up with all of their medical issues and have the financial resources they can make for engaging and affectionate family members.

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