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The Isabella French Bulldog: [COMPLETE CARE GUIDE]

Isabella coats are very rare among French bulldogs. The only noticeable difference between this French bulldog and the ones is that this one has an even more stunning and unique coat. But, what exactly is the Isabella French Bulldog? What's its coat color?

Isabella Frenchies are the same as lilac Frenchies in the sense that they both have a blend of blue and chocolate color in their coats, but Isabella Frenchies' coat color is a much more striking grayish liver than the lilac Frenchies. Additionally, the fact that Isabella Frenchies are so challenging to find contributes to the exceptional value.

The recessive diluted 'd' gene, which gives Frenchies their distinctive blue coloring, is also responsible for the lsabella coloring. The predominant color of an Isabella coat is a bluish-brown one, which results from the attenuation of genes that code for black, liver, or tan. Let's discuss everything about Isabella French Bulldogs.

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General Appearance

Their heads are square, and their noses, lips, and eyes are all flat; they also have darker circles under their eyes and around their mouths. In most cases, the color of their noses is quite similar to that of their fur. In contrast to this, the region surrounding their eyes, nostrils, and mouth is pink in color. The bat ears on the Isabella French bulldog stand out as the breed's most distinctive and intriguing outward feature. This was the primary factor that contributed to the rapid growth in the popularity of French bulldogs.

Additionally, their bodies are condensed and of a small length. Because of their relatively short fur length, they are not often seen as being furry or "cuddly." Furthermore, their fur has a rough texture, but they like being petted.

Coat Color

Their coat color may vary as they age. Following birth, the Isabella Frenchie puppy's body coat is bluish-gray in color. As they age, they progressively get paler, and the Isabella tint becomes more noticeable. In addition, the region that surrounds their lips and eyes is marked with light pink splotches and a grayish pale-brown coloration.


Isabella Frenchies shed hair; grooming them frequently is essential to prevent excessive shedding. Some canine breeds, along with other animal species, go through a process of natural shedding. In most cases, you should not be concerned about it until you notice that your dog is shedding a lot of furs. It is a fact that Isabella French bulldogs shed far less than other dog breeds. As was said before, the dog may experience subtle variations in its fur color as it matures from a puppy to an adult.


Their attitudes are virtually identical to any French Bulldog; they are friendly, gregarious, affectionate, and playful. If you owned an Isabella French bulldog, you would never have to deal with a significant amount of trouble, and these dogs are not notorious for being problematic guard dogs. In addition, the only difference between them and other French bulldogs is the color of their coat. The Isabella French bulldog has several distinguishing qualities, including a beautiful flat face, bat ears, a petite and compact body, and a tiny tail.

Isabella Frenchie Cost

The price of an Isabella French Bulldog can change significantly based on various criteria, such as the location of the reputable breeder, whether or not the breeder possesses breeding rights, and the dog's lineage (genetic history).

On the other hand, the Isabella type of French Bulldogs will often have a higher price tag than different subtypes of the breed.

The price of breeding rights for an Isabella Frenchie can range anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000, depending on the breeder. However, some breeders are more affordable than others.

Reasons For The High Cost Of Isabella French Bulldogs

The following are the three primary reasons why French bulldogs demand such a high price:

  •  Health Issues
  • Expensive breeding
  • Uniqueness/less availability due to distinctive color

1. Health Issues

Sadly, French Bulldogs have a well-deserved reputation for the health problems they are prone to. When people learn about all of the many health issues that may potentially occur in their dog, a lot of them decide against getting that particular breed.

Even while it's true that the costs associated with these health concerns can be exceedingly high, getting a healthy Isabella Frenchie puppy and purchasing pet insurance are two things that can undoubtedly reduce your stress and help you save money.

Here are all the health issues that are very expensive to treat associated with French Bulldogs:

  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Heat Stress
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid issues
  • Cleft Palate
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Laryngeal Collapse
  • Deafness
  • Patellar Luxation

2. Expensive breeding

There is a lot of work involved in breeding Isabella French Bulldogs. The normal price tag of breeding Isabella French Bulldog is about $7,000.

Because of the narrowness of their hips, it is incredibly challenging for them to reproduce naturally, if not almost impossible. In addition, in contrast to other breeds, they have a few distinct requirements that must be fulfilled according to their own unique set of guidelines. This is because their hips are not wide enough to allow for a natural birth.

There is no other way to phrase it: breeding Isabella French Bulldogs is a comprehensive job. It takes a significant amount of time, energy, and financial investment to produce Frenchies that are content and healthy.

3. Uniqueness/Less Availability Due To Distinctive Color

The third reason for the high cost of Isabella French bulldogs is a clear one that is their uniqueness and less availability due to their high demand.

The American Kennel Club's rankings for the year 2020 just placed French Bulldogs in the number two spot, moving them fast up the popularity charts.

Pros Of Having Isabella Frenchies

The exceptional temperament of the Isabella French bulldog is one of the breed's many strengths. These Frenchies are good around younger children and enjoy playing and chasing around the house.

The Isabella French Bulldog has several strengths, one of which is its adaptability. For instance, they have no problem adjusting to life in a tiny apartment, which would be much more challenging with a naturally larger breed, like a Golden Retriever. This is because the smaller the dog, the less area they require to live in. Even so, combining an adequate amount of physical activity, such as going for daily walks, engaging in cerebral exercise (training), and making time for play is essential. When compared to a giant dog, the amount of activity required is far less.

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Why Is It That Everyone Wants An Isabella French Bulldog?

They are the kindest, funniest, and most admirable dogs in terms of their personality.

3 Reasons Which Compel You To Buy Isabella Frenchies

  1. The Isabella French Bulldog is one of the silliest dog breeds, and the antics that it engages in are guaranteed to have you laughing for hours on end.
  2. Extremely friendly, Isabella French bulldogs are fond of everyone they meet.
  3. They are entertaining and more fun than most of the content you can discover on TV or YouTube!

You and your Frenchie may spend the entire day lazing around the house or venturing out into the wide outdoors.

What Actually Is Isabella Merle Frenchie?

A dog with the Isabella coat color and the merle gene is referred to as an Isabella merle Frenchie. This type of dog possesses the merle gene.

This implies that their coat will be mottled skin with patches of various colors, and their eyes will most likely be blue. Additionally, they may have a bluish tint to their nose.


The Isabella Frenchie is a scarce color Frenchie companion. A mutation in the dog's genes is responsible for its one-of-a-kind coat color; consequently, Isabella Frenchies are exceptionally rare.

Isabella Frenchies are renowned not only for the beautiful color of their coats but also for their kind and affectionate demeanor. They are typically regarded as one of the most excellent breed dogs for families, and they are lovely pets to have around the house.