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Is Tuna Fish Safe for French Bulldogs to Eat?

Is Tuna Fish Safe for French Bulldogs to Eat?

Most meats like fish, chicken, and tuna are acceptable to introduce into your french bulldog's diet. These meats are often filled with lots of nutrients and vitamins that can improve your dog's health.

Dogs can consume tuna fish with a few exceptions. Not all forms of tuns are the same. Tuna can be canned, fresh, or mixed in with other ingredients in containers that you can buy at the market.

Meats like this call for a more complex answer to whether or not dogs can eat it. Read on to get more in-depth information about tuna being in your french bulldog's diet. Remember to always contact a professional before making any drastic decisions.

Can Your French Bulldog Eat Tuna?

Your french bulldog is perfectly able to consume tuna fish. Tuna fish can be a great supplement in your dog's diet. However, it can quickly become a toxic ingredient if you are not careful about the way that you feed it to your french bulldog.

You should only feed your dog tuna in certain forms. What kind of tuna is acceptable for dogs to eat? Can they eat canned tuna, or does it have to be completely fresh? Should you cook it or mix it with other nutrient-rich foods? What about seasoning or store-bought additives and homemade mixings?

What Type of Tuna Is Right for Your French Bulldog? Raw or Cooked?

Most dogs can handle eating both raw and cooked tuna fish. However, if you are going to give your french bulldog fresh tuna, you should make sure that you take all of the bones out ahead of time.

If you want to feed your Frenchie tuna that is canned, make sure that it has been stored in water instead of oil.

According to Shape Fit, tuna that has been canned in oil will add lots of extra calories to your Frenchie's diet. These calories are useless since they do not carry any nutrients or essential minerals.

Excessive calories in food will cause your dog to gain weight and experience inflammation in the pancreas area. This is harmful and will cause your dog to need immediate surgery.

What about tuna that has had flavor added into it? Canned tuna with added seasoning or spices should be completely avoided with no exceptions. Dogs cannot digest spices normally as humans can.

According to UltimateHomeLife, you should also avoid feeding your dog tuna that has onions or garlic in it because these ingredients are very toxic for dogs and cats. Try to look at the label and check out the nutritional facts.

Even though it might not be written on the tuna can label, a toxic ingredient can be hiding in the fine print on the back of the package.

How Much Tuna Should You Feed Your French Bulldog?

Most tuna contains a high amount of mercury. This amount is higher than what would be found in other types of fish, which makes it potentially dangerous to dogs and people. You should only feed tuna to your dog on special occasions and in small amounts to avoid damage.

Most brands of canned tuna also have a lot of sodium. Sodium can be toxic for both dogs and humans when consumed in high amounts. It can be deadly for dogs if they overeat it.

This is another reason why you should only feed tuna to your dog on special occasions. Even when these occasions occur, make sure each serving is tiny.

Make sure that after you feed your dog tuna, you watch out for any symptoms of an allergic reaction. FidoSavvy suggests that some dogs are allergic to tuna and will make that known. Other dogs will only react because of the other hidden ingredients in the tuna.

Try cutting the tuna into small pieces and giving it to your dog as a treat at first. You can also mix amounts of it in the food that it already eats. The American Kennel Club suggests that you try feeding your Frenchie canned tuna with low mercury content.

The best meats can be found in most commercial dog foods.

What Are the Benefits of Tuna Fish for French Bulldogs?

Tuna can be great for a french bulldog's diet for a variety of reasons. Tuna, like chicken, is great lean meat that contains a healthy amount of protein and fat.

Protein is essential for french bulldogs because it helps them grow their muscles and keep them healthy. Fat is found in these meats, but it does not overpower the other nutrients and minerals. Make sure that you are careful with fatty foods because too much fat can cause inflammation.

Tuna is also very rich in healthy minerals for your french bulldog. Selenium and magnesium are most commonly found in tuna. Phosphorus and potassium are as well.

Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 are found in most brands of tuna. You will also find lots of fatty acids and Omega-3s. French bulldogs that have a balance of healthy fatty acids and vitamins will have improved cardiovascular health and skin.

If your dog eats a meal that has a balance of vitamins and healthy fatty acids, this can help reduce inflammation and fight against certain skin conditions. Itchiness, dandruff, and dullness in the skin can all be remedied by a well-balanced diet.

There are many health conditions that dogs face that can be fixed with a healthy diet. It is the same for human beings.

What About Tuna Juice? Is It Safe for Frenchies to Eat?

Tuna juice can be excellent for your french bulldog if it is served in small portions. It is not a bad thing and it does not contain as many toxins or harmful ingredients as the actual tuna meat.

It is safe, but keep in mind that dogs have a digestive system that is more sensitive than humans. Some dogs might have internal systems that will reject the juice immediately.

If you notice that your french bulldog vomiting or pooping more often after drinking tuna juice, take it away and get in touch with a professional.

According to Amy, a professional certified veterinary technician, you should also watch out for tuna that is covered with preservatives.