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Is It Safe to Feed Your French Bulldog Strawberries?

Is It Safe to Feed Your French Bulldog Strawberries?

You want the best for your french bulldog. You want it to be healthy and happy every second of the day. Most owners have this dream and attempt to feed their pets fruits and vegetables to make it come true.

Can french bulldogs really eat strawberries? To put it simply, it is perfectly fine if your french bulldog eats strawberries. But you should make an effort to remember that you have to be cautious when feeding your french bulldog any fruit or vegetable.

Strawberries are one of the most healthy and nutritional things that you can feed your dog. But it is still best to only feed this to your french bulldog in moderation. Strawberries should not be a part of your dog's daily diet.

Strawberries are not dangerous for your dog to consume. The reason why they should be eaten in moderation is because of their content. Almost all fruits have a certain amount of sugar.

Sugar, if eaten too often, can cause stomach aches for your dog. Make sure that you get in touch with a veterinarian to get the exact amount that you are able to feed your dog without it becoming an issue. It usually depends on the dog's health and its ability to handle the strawberries.

What Makes Strawberries Good for Your French Bulldog?

Strawberries are naturally sweet and tasty, so your french bulldog will enjoy eating it. French bulldogs will probably enjoy eating them the most during the summer and spring since they are in season during that time.

Strawberries are healthy for your french bulldog because they have a good source of fiber and Omega-3. Fiber is best for controlling digestion issues, while Omega-3 is great for keeping the dog's skin and hair healthy.

Along with that, strawberries have enough vitamin C, B1, B6, K to keep your dog healthy. According to Pet Central, they can also be good for the dog's immune system.

They also have a great amount of potassium, magnesium, iodine, and folic acid. This is what makes strawberries healthy for both dogs and humans. Pet MD also suggests that strawberries can help decrease the chances of inflammation.

What Makes Strawberries Bad for Your French Bulldog?

Anything that is eaten too often can cause harm to the body. This is true for fruits and vegetables as well, even though they are healthy.

The sugar content in strawberries can give your french bulldog a stomach ache if it eats too many. It can also cause gastrointestinal problems.

The best thing you can do is make sure your french bulldog only eats strawberries on special occasions. Remember to ask your veterinarian about the exact amount of strawberries you can feed your french bulldog.

Even though this breed can handle strawberries, each dog is unique, and you never know if your dog will have problems digesting the strawberries.

If you grow the strawberries yourself on your own farm, make sure that you are limiting the dog's access to that area. If you use sprays or chemicals like pesticides on your strawberries, it would be best to avoid feeding the dog any strawberries.

These chemicals can be dangerous and fatal to the dogs, especially if they happen to sneak off and eat more than they are allowed to.

Canna-Pet suggests that once you feed your french bulldog strawberries, monitor its behavior and actions afterward to make sure they do not have a significant effect.

What If the Strawberries Are out of Season?

When strawberries are out of season, some dog owners think that switching to canned strawberries or processed strawberries is a fine thing to do.

This is completely false and will cause much more harm to your dog's body. Most canned strawberries are packed with sugar or syrup.

If the canned strawberries are not packed with syrup, it is most likely covered in a liquid that is packed in sugar itself.

Strawberries are covered in this liquid so that they last longer in the can. It also adds a ton of calories. Some cans also have xylitol added in there.

That is the tricky part about picking out certain foods for your dog. Some ingredients can be nothing but sugar but will be named something totally different.

That's why it is best to check with a veterinarian first before you feed anything to your dog, even if you don't see 'sugar' or 'chocolate' in the list of ingredients.

You could also be risking your dog having an allergic reaction to strawberries. In some rare cases, this gets serious enough that the dog gets into a life-threatening situation. If you see that your dog is having trouble breathing or swallowing, call the vet right away.

What Is the Best Way to Feed a French Bulldog Strawberries?

If you get permission from your vet to feed your french bulldog strawberries, make sure that the strawberries are always fresh and organic.

Never give your dog strawberries that have been covered in preservatives or any type of pesticides. Rinse them off in cold water as soon as you open the package.

Petplan recommends that you also try feeding the dog strawberries in a frozen form or mix the strawberries with other fruits and vegetables to make a salad.

Remember that dogs are capable of choking on small things. Make sure that you cut the strawberries up into biteable pieces so your french bulldog can eat them easily.

This is especially necessary for french bulldogs that are younger. CanIGiveMyDog suggests that you give it to the dog as a treat instead of a whole meal.


Remember to do your research and check with professionals before you attempt to feed your french bulldog anything that is not originally meant for dogs.

Even though a certain human food is healthy for humans, it doesn't mean that it will be completely harmless to an animal.