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How to Properly Clean Your French Bulldog's Eyes

How to Properly Clean Your French Bulldog's Eyes

A lot goes into keeping a dog healthy and clean. It takes a bit of time and cares to clean the skin and coat. But what about the eyes? Most dog owners do not realize that dogs need their eyes cleaned regularly to prevent infections.

Most dogs have a buildup of slimy material in the corner of their eyes. According to WikiHow, bulldogs are more likely to have a discharge because of their flat faces.

This needs to be removed so that they can continue to have a healthy vision. Read on to get an in-depth guide on how you can adequately clean your french bulldog's eyes.

What Are the Basics of Cleaning a Dog's Eyes? 

Something called a sclera surrounds a dog's eyes. The sclera is inside of the eye cavity and is protected by the dog's eyelids. The eyelids and eyelashes help prevent any harmful materials from getting caught in the dog's eyes.

The area of the eye that is transparent is called the cornea. The pupil is in the center and is surrounded by an iris. All of these essential things are what make up the dog's eyes. Each part plays a role that helps it protect itself against dangerous foreign material.

Most dogs can easily experience eye weakness from being exposed to particular light or specific material that has been caught in the eye. It can also stem from most eye infections.

To prevent this, you have to make sure that you take time out to properly medicate and clean your dog's eyes.

How Can You Clean Your French Bulldog's Eyes? 

The first thing you should do is check out the specific area that needs to be cleaned. If this area is covered with hair, you should cut it off right away. According to Vetericyn, hair can easily carry and transfer traces of substances that can cause an infection. It can also make the eyes irritated.

Your french bulldog is sensitive, so you should approach it with a calm demeanor. If possible, try to make eye cleaning a regular thing when the dog is at a younger age. Like humans, all animals will naturally close their eyes if anything comes near them.

Try to open them gently with two fingers. Make sure that you don't press too hard, or you will hurt the dog's eye. If you see that your dog has liquid or buildup in the eyes, make sure that you clean it out starting with the inside then work your way out.

Do not just use your bare fingers when cleaning. Get a cotton cloth or a cotton ball and dip in saline. If you are using a towel, make sure that you use a different section of the towel for each eye.

If you are using cotton pads or cotton balls, use a different one for each eye and discard them as you go. Using the same section or pad can transfer bacteria.

If you come across a section on the dog's eye that is hard to clean, try to warm the saline or keep it on the eye for an extended amount of time. This will help the buildup soften and become easier to get rid of.

How Can You Clean Your Dog's Eye If It Is Infected? 

Once your dog's eyes have been cleaned, you should make sure that you pay attention to any changes in their behavior. The eyes should always stay the same color and size. Secretions should remain at a reasonable amount.

If you see the third eyelid coming out or you notice that the eyes are changing in color, this may be a sign of an infection.

If your dog winces or flinches when you touch the eye, it could also mean that the eye has been infected and is causing the dog pain.

If the eye is infected, you should talk with your veterinarian to get the proper steps to clean the eye. Make sure that you use sanitized materials and keep your hands clean at all times. Wag Walking recommends that you also try using chamomille tea alongside saline as a remedy for the infection.

How Can You Clean Your Dog's Eyes With Eye Drops?

Start with making sure that both eyes have been cleaned.

If you are using an ointment, follow these steps:

1- Take two fingers and gently pull the cheek to get the lower eyelid away from the eye. Once it is separated, put a small amount of the ointment in the opening that you just created.

2- Make the dog close its eyes and softly massage it. Spread more ointment across this area.

3- If any other ointment remains on the surface, take a cotton pad, and dip it in saline. Gently wipe it off and remember to use a different one for each eye to avoid infection. Pedigree suggests that you use a sponge or washcloth to clean the eyes as well.

If you are using eye drops, follow these steps:

1- Carefully separate the eyelids from each other with two fingers.

2- Make sure that the dog's head is tilted upwards. Keep a firm but gentle grip if you have to hold it up.

3- Stay consistent and apply as many times as directed. Consider rewarding the dog if it complies.

How Can You Remove Foreign Material From the Eyes?

According to Rover, excessive blinking and scratching can be a sign that something is caught in your dog's eye or that the eye has been infected.

If you find something, gently open the eyes with two fingers and put serum in the eye. You can also try putting a cotton pad in serum or saline and squeeze the liquid into the eye, so you do not have to touch the eye.

Squeezing might be a better option since touching the eye can cause infection.


Get in touch with your vet before making any drastic decisions. Remember to be gentle and try to reward your dog if it is cooperative during the eye cleaning.

If you want more information about cleaning the eyes, take a look at this helpful YouTube video.