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How Much Does A Bulldog Cost? Are They Expensive?

How Much Does A Bulldog Cost? Are They Expensive?

When you have decided on the Bulldog dog breed that you desire the most, the next thing you need to think about is the cost. So, let us discuss how much Bulldog costs!

The price of a bulldog puppy can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,500 on average. These costs are dependent upon the breeder's reputation, dog age, and birthing process expenses (which include A. I & C-sections, puppy immunization costs, and the cost of keeping a healthy litter of puppies.

Furthermore, different Bulldog breeds have different costs. For example, French Bulldogs are slightly more costly than American and English Bulldogs, and some rare color Bulldogs are also costly due to their uniqueness.

bulldog at yardHere is the average cost of the top 3 Bulldog breeds:

  1. Average French Bulldog Cost: $1500-$400
  2. Average English Bulldog Cost: $1000-$3500
  3. Average American Bulldog Cost: $800-$1500

Why Are Bulldogs So Expensive?

Breeding bulldogs is complex, and the breeder must pay high costs to create a healthy litter of puppies. Furthermore, the following actors contribute to the huge cost of Bulldogs:

  • ·   Numerous bulldogs require artificial insemination. Due to their physique, bulldogs cannot typically perform this on their own. This may cost as much as $800.
  • ·   If a breeder lacks their own Bulldog stud, they will be required to purchase one. Depending on the stud, the cost ranges from $250 to $600.
  • ·   Due to the distinctive form of the Bulldog and the physical strain on the mother, 85-95% of bulldogs must be born through C-section. C-sections can range in price from $1000 to $3500.
  • ·   A reputable breeder will only reproduce the healthiest bulldogs to promote the breed. Many have cleared health checks and may provide health certifications to prospective buyers from both the mum and the stud. The cost of AKC registration will add to the amount price of the puppy.
  • ·   Bulldogs average 3-5 puppies each litter. The expense of producing a single litter of puppies might exceed $4,000.
  • ·   Due to the numerous inherited health issues, most breeders obtain high-quality health insurance for their bulldogs.
  • ·   Bulldog pups are more expensive since they are healthier and more energetic than senior or adult dogs. Puppies are a delight to be around since they are in their prime of health, but old dogs may have several health problems requiring prompt medical treatment. Bulldog pups can cost about $1000-$4000.
  • ·   Female Bulldogs may cost somewhat more than males because of their reproductive potential. Prospective owners and Bully aficionados prefer female pups over males because of their superior disposition. The demand for female Bulldogs causes the price to rise. Female Bulldog usually costs around $2000.
  • ·   The price of a Bulldog may be affected by the dog's coat, as some hues are more challenging to breed. Tricolor, brindle, and turquoise Bulldogs are often more costly than other hues.
  • ·   A champion Bulldog pup may cost 3 to 4 times as much as a conventional Bulldog puppy due to his or her bloodline. They are renowned for their superior stature, attitude, and longevity. Additionally, they are ideal for competitions.
  • ·   When purchasing Bulldogs from a reputed breeder, you may expect to pay a bit more. Responsible breeders often have an extensive record of breeding success.
  • ·   Before giving their pups, several breeders examine them for health concerns. They charge a premium fee for their dog if it is in excellent health. Regardless, it is prudent to search for a Bulldog puppy with a health guarantee.
  • ·   Some potential Bulldog breeders undertake training classes with their pups at an early age to prevent them from displaying aggressiveness or undesirable behavior. In terms of determining your puppy's temperament, socializing is equally crucial. These expenditures are typically included in the overall purchase of a puppy.

Using this list, you may be able to estimate the price of the Bulldog you desire. However, it is essential to contact the owner to see whether their charges are acceptable.

What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Owning A Bulldog?

The average monthly cost of owning a Bulldog is $100–$800. When you eventually decide to take the leap and buy your Bulldog, there are some recurrent charges that you should anticipate paying regularly. Your canine companion will require food, veterinary treatment as needed, and item replacements every month.

These estimates take into account a wide variety of outcomes so that you may get an accurate picture of how rapidly expenditures might accumulate.

After this point, you may cut the number of trips to the veterinarian down to once or once per year—to ensure they are happy and healthy—provided that your pup does not acquire a problem that requires ongoing medical attention.

Average Monthly Grooming Costs of Bulldog

The average monthly grooming cost of a Bulldog can range between $20-$150. Your Bulldog will require a little bit more tender loving care than the average dog when it comes to the general care of its body. The creases on these dogs' faces are pretty cute, but they may be a breeding ground for germs. To maintain the cleanliness of these regions, you will want either a damp cloth or a bag of unscented baby wipes.

It is recommended that you wash your Bulldog at least thrice every month, but you should at least do so once every other month at the absolute least. Additionally, because Bulldogs have delicate skin, you should always use fragrance-free and moisturizing shampoos that do not include any chemicals or artificial ingredients.

If you believe it's essential, you may frequently take them to a professional groomer once every four to six weeks.

Average Monthly Cost Of Feeding A Bulldog

The average monthly cost of feeding a Bulldog is between $40 and $60 each month. This breed's diet can be somewhat variable, mainly because they could have specific nutritional requirements. Because of the increased risk of allergies and obesity associated with these dogs, you should be prepared to pay a greater price for their food in the long run if you want to feed them a specialist diet.

The cost of the dry kibble might change depending on the quantity purchased. For example, an English Bulldog, fully grown and weighing 50 pounds, won't consume as much food as a puppy. Therefore, when they become older, they will consume the food more quickly, which will result in a greater financial drain on them.

Additionally, in contrast to the feeding schedules of certain other dog breeds, dividing your puppy's meal into 2 or 3 parts and splitting them out throughout the day is preferable. Always exercise extreme caution while measuring out food to avoid either over or underfeeding your pet.

black bulldogDo You Think You Would Get Along Well With A Bulldog?

Just like pups of any other breed, Bullosgd has a specific set of requirements that must be attended to, some of which may result in additional expenses for you.

Before you begin searching for "Bulldog pups for sale," be sure you understand the whole cost involved.

Because of their susceptibility to developing health problems, it is essential to keep the larger picture in mind when dealing with dogs of this breed, more so than with virtually any other.

These dogs genuinely are laid-back, sedentary buddies who are sure to make you laugh with their goofy faces and unique personalities. Just make sure that there are a lot of other costs not included in the purchase of the Bulldog.


The price of a bulldog puppy can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,500 on average. Similarly, the total monthly cost of a Bulldog can range from $100-$800 per month.

Having a Bulldog as a pet might be affordable, but it also has the potential to be rather pricey. Since these canines are at increased risk for various health problems, you should put aside as much money as you possibly can and err on the side of caution.

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