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French Bulldog Lifespan: How Long Will My Frenchie Live?

French Bulldog Lifespan: How Long Will My Frenchie Live?

How Long do French Bulldog Live?

French bulldogs' average lifespan is 10 – 14 years, however, they are known for being very prone to different diseases.

French Bulldogs can be victims of different diseases like cancer and other severe diseases.

They can also develop heart disease and hip dysplasia at a young age which will lead to paralysis and pain later on if not treated right away.

Feeding your French bulldogs human food can cause diarrhea and bloat as well as obesity in the long run.

French Bulldogs also have a short muzzle which can cause them breathing problems and may even shorten their lifespan. French Bulldogs are very high-energy dogs, but they tend to be lazy as well.

In order to make sure your French bulldog is happy, healthy, and safe it is best not to feed them human food and always make sure they get enough exercise.

Most small dogs tend to have a longer life expectancy, but the French Bulldog does not share this trait.

What Makes the French Bulldog a Short-Lived Small Dog?

Though not the only determining factor, a dog's size can greatly impact how many years it can live.

So then why is the French Bulldog expected to last between 10 and 14 years?

The physique of a French Bulldog is stout and heavy-boned. Such a combination may lead to a dog that'd prefer to lounge about the house. Without the necessary exercise, an obese Frenchie can have years taken off.

One of the most common culprits to this sad reality is health. As a breed, the French Bulldog is more susceptible to potential health issues when compared to a number of other small dogs.

Most Common Health Problems Found in French Bulldog

Being aware of the possible health problems that French Bulldogs face will help you take preventative measures before it's too late.

French bulldogs tend to have health problems and one of the biggest problems that French Bulldogs face is breathing issues which may lead them to short lives. Some French Bulldogs may even end up in surgery for this specific health problem.

Other Factors Affecting French Bulldog Life Expectancy


Some French Bulldogs may develop tumors and cancer on their skin which can lead them to death if not checked on time.

Joint Problems

like hip dysplasia where the upper part of its leg is positioned backward, this causes it to dislocate and become very painful.

Heart Disease

Some French Bulldogs tend to get heart disease early in life and sometimes they die of this specific issue.


Due to the fact that French bulldogs' muzzle is so short, they cannot breathe properly, this often leads to paralysis because their brains don't get enough oxygen supply.

Fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety have a negative impact on the lifespan of French Bulldogs. Fear and anxiety can lead to life-threatening health issues such as cancer, joint problems, heart disease, paralysis, and breathing issues.

There are several problems that the French Bulldog can face. The three most common are ear infections at around 14 percent, diarrhea at 7.5 percent, and conjunctivitis affecting around 3 percent of all French Bulldog.

Another interesting discovery that they made was that males were among the more likely individuals to have health problems compared to females.

These aren't the only health conditions that you should be aware of. Listed below are among the most commonly seen issues:

  • Nail disorders
  • Dermatitis along the muzzle skin folds
  • Anal sac impaction
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Cherry eye
  • Pododermatitis, or paw skin allergy
  • Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome
  • Colitis, or inflammation of the large intestine
  • Heart murmurs
  • Kennel cough
  • Dislocated kneecaps
  • Eye ulcers
  • Alopecia, or hair loss
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Dental issues

How Can I Help My French Bulldog Live Longer?

Providing your French Bulldog with the proper care early on will help them to be your companion later into their teen years.

Below are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your French Bulldog remains happy and healthy.

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Daily Preventative Care

Invest in daily wipes that can be used to clean face wrinkles and ears. This will attack potential ear infections and skin issues.

Taking care of your French Bulldog skin with specific shampoos can also prevent skin tumors which is very common in both French bulldogs and English Bulldogs.

Look into Genetics

If you're thinking about buying a purebred French Bulldog, ask the breeder about any hereditary diseases and concerns that the parents may have.

This will help you understand the risks and keep your french bulldog healthy. Breeders should provide a complete health history of both parents.

If the parents are close relatives or share a similar lineage, this may increase your french bulldog's chances of getting hereditary diseases. There are plenty of French Bulldogs available in shelters and rescue groups too.

Monitored Diet

Smaller dogs, such as the French Bulldog can become overweight, thus putting a strain on their bodies. A healthy diet will help them live longer to be more fit.

Feeding your French Bulldogs quality food will also ensure their health in the long run, but make sure they don't get any human food because this may cause many problems down the road.

Daily Exercise

Although small, French Bulldogs do require a minimum of one-hour stretches of daily exercise. This will keep them lively later on in life.

French bulldogs are very high-energy dogs and they always need to stay busy, make sure you give them enough toys and things they can chew on as this will also help with their teeth as well as keep their energy levels up.

Signs of pain or irritation mean that your French Bulldog needs more exercise which means you should take him/her outside for a walk or simply play around with him/her inside the house.

Temperature Checks

Due to their flat faces, French Bulldogs are unable to cool down through panting. Keep an eye out for overheating while exercising or in hot environments.

A French Bulldog's temperature is very sensitive and should be taken at the same time every day before they walk or exercise.

French Bulldogs should not exercise or take walks on hot and humid days. French Bulldog temperature should range from 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dental Care

Keeping your dog's teeth healthy is a sure way to ward off rotting teeth, infections, or abscesses.

Your French Bulldog has a lot of special dental needs that go along with its unique appearance. Daily brushing is the best way to prevent French Bulldog dental problems altogether.

French Bulldogs often have Swollen Gums, Gingivitis, and Periodontal disease which can lead to mouth tumors, or rotting teeth among other things if left untreated.

French bulldogs often require special teeth cleanings from the vet at least once a year, if not more frequently depending on their age and French Bulldog oral hygiene.

Vet Checkups

Consistently going to the vet for a yearly examination will keep your French Bulldog on the right track.

Of course, visiting a vet when you notice anything strange on its body is always important in order to have great chances of reviving your French bulldog.

On average, a French Bulldog will live for about 12 years, though some have been known to live up to 15 or 16 years of age.

Knowing the potential health problems and how to provide them with a healthy lifestyle is key for your beloved French Bulldog's well-being.