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How Big Can A French Bulldog Head Grow – Does it Ever Grow?

How Big Can A French Bulldog Head Grow – Does it Ever Grow?

The American Kennel Club on their YouTube channel had recognized the French Bulldog breed in 1898. It is a crossbreed between the English Toy Bulldogs and the French Rattlers.

The AKC had named it as the 6th most popular registered dog in the US in 2017. The Frenchie is a small to medium-sized dog.

It is a favorite among families because it is loved by children. It is small in size, comes with a flat face, a big body, and a small head.

A French Bulldog head grows in its first year then it stops growing. According to PetsKB. The one-year-old skull of a Frenchie becomes its skull forever.

It can appear bulky once your Frenchie gains weight or fat but the muscular size remains the same.

What Affects The Growth of a French Bulldog?

Different factors affect the growth of a Frenchie. Frenchbulldog Puppies says that the genetic factor is one of the most determinants of a breed's growth and size.

In the case of a French Bulldog, it remains small to medium size because its parents are both small.

Another factor that can affect the growth and size of a dog is nutrition. A healthy diet, especially during the first few weeks, is crucial in attaining their proper height.

However, overfeeding a Frenchie puppy might make it obese, leading to high risks of diabetes among other medical conditions.

What Is the Basic Size and Weight of a French Bulldog?

A French Bulldog is known for being a small to a medium-sized dog. An adult Frenchie can weigh as much as 28 pounds and if you have a Frenchie that weighs more, you have to ask your vet if your dog will be okay.

A male French Bulldog can weigh between 20 to 28 pounds. As for a female French Bulldog, it can weigh between 18 to 2 pounds. An adult Frenchie can grow up to 33 centimeters or 13 inches. You can read more details about What Are the Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs?

The first few weeks of a puppy Frenchie is spent with its mother. If you are planning to purchase a Frenchie, make sure that it is at least 12-weeks old. By this time, your puppy has already received all the nourishment it needs from its mother.

What Is the Basic Size of a French Bulldog's Head?

The head of a French Bulldog is short and thick. Its normal neck size is around 35 centimeters. A comfortable collar size for them is at least 36 to 40 centimeters. Their head's circumference is about 13 to 18.5 inches according to Ask Frankie.

What Is the Basic Size of a French Bulldog's Chest?

Despite being a small dog, a Frenchie comes with a stocky and muscular chest. It is something that its parent (English Bulldog) is known for. An adult Frenchie can develop a chest that measures between 45 to 66 centimeters.

What Is the Length of a French Bulldog?

And adult French Bulldog can measure up to 11 inches or 28 centimeters. This is from the tip of its tail to its withers. The measurement runs on its back.

What Is the Rate Growth of a French Bulldog?

In its first nine months, you can see small improvements when it comes to a French Bulldog's growth.

The next three months will escalate their growth but don't get your hopes high, after a year, a French Bulldog will stop growing according to French Bulldog Answers.

Just like their skull, their height stops growing after a year. You might notice some changes like it will get a little taller or bigger but this can be due to its fats or muscle.

What Is the Life Span of a French Bulldog?

A healthy and well-fed French Bulldog has a life span of up to 12 years. If you are feeding your dog with the right dog food, grooming, and giving it proper maintenance, then you can spend more years with this cute little thing.

French Bulldogs need attention and care. You should give it proper care or it will die on you within three years because of its skull size, face construction, and coating.

Its head, face construction, and a body built hinder it from swimming. Its coat is too thin to protect it from extreme weather. Its flat face structure makes it harder for it to breathe from time to time.

Is There a Problem with a French Bulldog's Head Size?

A French Bulldog comes with a small body, broad chest, and a small head. The big head is attached to a thick neck and it comes with a flat face. Are you picturing my French Bulldog?

This is how a French Bulldog is often described. Some first-time pet owners often ask if the head of their Frenchie will still grow.

The thing is, it doesn't grow anymore after 12 months. Despite being small, there is no problem with a Frenchie's small head. The issue is often associated with its flat face and nose hence they often suffer from breathing problems.

Can Frenchie's Swim with Its Small Head?

French Bulldogs belong to a group of dogs with brachycephaly. Brachycephaly is a condition where the snout is very short, hence it is more difficult to breathe even in normal circumstances. Dog with small snout-like French Bulldogs, Pug or Dachshund are dogs that cannot swim.

Wag Walking explained that brachycephaly can obstruct a dog's airway. Put a dog with brachycephaly n the water and it won't be able to breathe because of its skull structure. This is the reason why you can rarely see a Frenchie that swims.

Can You Train A French Bulldog to Swim?

Despite having a small head with a flat face, you can still teach your French Bulldog to swim. One of the best ways to keep them safe while on waters is to put a life vest on.

However, you have to remember that a Frenchie has a single layer coat. They get cold easily. French Bulldogs are not your usual active dog and they easily get tired.

Leaving it for some time in the water can exhaust and stress it. If you will teach it to swim, do it in moderation and make sure to stay by its side with your 00% attention.

Can You Feed Your Dog Heavily To Make Its Head Bigger?

A French Bulldog's head stops growing after a year. Even if you overfeed it every day after a year, its skull will not increase in size.

However, your Frenchie will get fat or might become obese. If it has a fat body, its head might appear bigger as well because of fats.

There is no need to overfeed your Frenchie for it to develop a bigger head. It is best to keep your Frenchie's diet on the check. You should only feed it with an age-appropriate diet.

How to Clean Your French Bulldog's Head?

French Bulldogs are inside dogs. They don't play in the mud. Even if they have wrinkles and folds on their bodies and face, you don't have to bath it every day. Frenchbulldogbreed believes that the best way to it is by wiping it dry.

Cleaning a French Bulldog head includes cleaning its entire face. You can do so by using wet wipes or clean cloth.

You cannot give a Frenchie a regular bath because it will make their skin dry hence wiping its face (especially after eating) is essential in keeping its head clean.

The ears of a French Bulldog are often wide and open. In keeping its head clean, make sure to clean its ears too.

Remove extra waxes from its ears regularly. Once a week cleaning will do. You can use a special ear ointment to remove dust, dirt, and wax from its ears.

Is French Bulldog The Right Dog For You?

If you are looking for a cute breed of dog, the French Bulldog is a sure winner. Its small head made it cuter. Also, the folds and wrinkles on its face made it even more irresistible.

French Bulldogs are often seen with families, children, and single individuals. It is a laid-back pet. It doesn't need too much activity but it is energetic enough to keep anyone entertained for hours. Just like any hybrid dogs, this breed also loves attention from its pet parent.

How to Properly Care For a French Bulldog?

If you just got a Frenchie, just remember that this breed is a small one. It is a toy dog that needs extra attention all the time. It needs proper care and maintenance. It can eat almost anything and everything but always give it in moderation.

Do not overfeed it so you can make it bigger. It shouldn't weigh more than 30 pounds. This breed is known for its breathing problems (genetically acquired because of its facial and head construction) and making it obese can just shorten its life span.

Among the common health risks of a Frenchie are joint diseases, eye problems, spinal problems, heart defects, and respiratory illnesses according to NaturalDogCompany.