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The Grey French Bulldog – Rare French Bulldog Colors

The Grey French Bulldog – Rare French Bulldog Colors

French bulldogs may be found in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and colors, each wearing its own set of distinctive markings. But in this particular post, we will focus on rare French Bulldog colors, especially Grey French Bulldog.

The Grey French Bulldog is a well-known breed of dog for its distinctive coloring, which may range from practically black to a very light shade of grey. Because of its stunning color, it is much sought after by other owners of French Bulldogs.

The grey fur of the Grey Bulldog is due to the presence of a blue dilution (D/d) gene. Additionally, Grey Frenchie's characteristics are sometimes referred to as "pepper and salt."

Grey Frenchie's attitude is frequently characterized as being pleasant, friendly, and clownish, and they flourish on the attention they get.

In addition, Grey Frenchies have cute appearances, and their attitudes are kind and welcoming, so they make beautiful additions to families as pets. They are also excellent with young children.

grey new puppie bulldgoSeveral Variations Of The Grey Frenchie Coat

The Grey Frenchie is available in the following five coat colors:

· The Blue Fawn

The Blue Fawn Frenchie is an extremely unusual breed since it possesses double dilution genes for the blue and pied colors, in addition to two other fawn color alleles. Additionally, it carries the brindle gene, which is responsible for the dog's characteristic patchy appearance. The combination of genes results in the Blue Fawn being extremely rare and costly.

· Blue Merle

Within the Grey Franchise breed, the Blue Merle coat pattern is the one that is regarded as the rarest and most desirable.

Due to the presence of the merle gene, its coat has a distinctive pattern that consists of blue and white spots. Even when fully grown, it retains its stunning blue eye color.

When they are around ten weeks old, however, the hue transforms into a shade that is either brown, grey, or yellow.

· Blue Brindle

The Blue Brindle Frenchie companion has a coat that is greyish-blue in color and is marked with brindle markings.

The pattern starts to become more noticeable when the puppy is about four weeks old.

· Solid Blue

If there are no marks on the coat of a French bulldog, then it is considered to have a solid blue coat color. As a result, it only comes in a single color tone, typically described as blue or grey. The blue color solid can range from a very light grey to an almost-black color.

· Blue Piebald

When breeding the Blue Pied Frenchie, it might be challenging to determine the color of the dog's coat, despite the breed's relative ease of reproduction.

This is because it can have a variety of coat patterns, some of which include a combination of beige, brindle, cream, and white, with vast areas of grey or blue. The patches are most noticeable on the Frenchie's face, breast, head, and several other body areas.

They almost always have white or cream-colored legs. If a Frenchie is to be accepted as a Blue Pied, it must have at least half of its body covered with white, and the other half would be grey.

Is The Grey French Bulldog A Rare Breed? How Much Do They Typically Cost?

For a dog to be considered a Grey Frenchie, it must have inherited the gene that causes dilution from both of its parents (as mentioned above). This makes the Frenchie a breed that is considered to be relatively rare.

It is not possible for a dog to be a Grey French Bulldog if just one of its parents carries this gene. Acquiring a Grey Frenchie can be expensive because they are uncommon and have grown increasingly desirable over the years.

So, let's look at it this way: if the cost of a French Bulldog with the regular colors is high, then the cost of a Grey Frenchie is much more.

The price of a purebred French Bulldog can range anywhere from $1,200 to $4,200 for a single dog. The price of a grey French bulldog might be the same as or greater than $4,200 based on the breeder, the age of the Frenchie, and the color of its coat.

Due to the fact that most people like having puppies, the cost of puppies is higher than the cost of adults.

Be aware of inexpensive Frenchies because they might not fit the criteria for being a Grey French Bulldog, and be on the watch for artificially inflated costs.

Unfortunately, some Frenchie breeders take advantage of the global fame and the growth in the demand for French bulldogs, which increases the cost of their dogs.

Why Do Grey French Bulldogs Cost So Much?

The French Bulldog's tiny stature and narrow hips are characteristics that are present from birth. Because of these two factors, it is difficult for them to mate; thus, in order to have offspring naturally, they must use artificial insemination.

In addition, because French bulldogs have such large heads, the newborn puppy may have difficulty passing through the birth canal.

As a result, a cesarean section has been arranged in order to mitigate the risks of missing both the Frenchie mother and the puppy. Artificial insemination and cesarian are expensive procedures that significantly influence the overall cost of a French bulldog.

In addition, only one or two puppies are produced from a litter of French bulldogs. Along with all of these factors, obtaining DNA from both parents in order to create a Grey Frenchie makes the procedure more difficult. That's why Grey Frenchie costs more than a regular French Bulldog.

Does The Akc Recognize Grey Frenchies As A Breed?

The only distinguishing feature between a French Bulldog and a Grey Frenchie is the color of the dog's coat.

White, fawn, or cream, or any combination of those three hues, are the only colors that are considered appropriate for French Bulldogs, as stated by the French Bulldog Club of America.

Even if the AKC does not allow registration of grey French Bulldogs, you are still able to do so as long as the dog is thoroughbred and the breeder certified the litter it came from.

Your breeder will give you all of the necessary documents for the registration process. The only thing that your Grey Frenchie can't do is compete in purebred dog competitions like the others, though.

back french bulldogWhich Colors Of French Bulldogs Are Regarded To Be Exotic?

You may be familiar with the term "exotic" used in specific colors of French bulldogs. The majority of these trendy coat colors are really created by crossing Frenchies with other canine breeds during the breeding process.

Unfortunately, some breeders are only interested in making money and do not care about the breed's welfare. Regrettably, there is an excellent market for these "strange" Frenchies, so be very careful while buying these Frenchies.

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The Grey French Bulldog is one of the most desirable dog breeds around the house. They are pricey because of the fact that they are rare, but they offer good value for the money.

You are able to register them with the AKC, and if all goes well, you will be awarded certification upon completion of the registration process. But even with the certificate, they are not allowed to compete in events reserved for dogs of a single breed.

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