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What Is A Frenchie And Poodle Mix? Breed And Care Guide

What Is A Frenchie And Poodle Mix? Breed And Care Guide

The French Bulldog Poodle Mix is an excellent choice if you're seeking an intellectual, kind, and loving canine buddy. But what exactly is this breed? Is it a hybrid dog?

French Bulldog Poodle Mix is a crossbred dog that is created by crossing two distinct breeds: Poodle and French Bulldog. The French Bulldog Poodle mix is sometimes also referred to by some other names, including a Froodle, Poodle Frenchie Mix, or French Boodle.

The size and weight of the French Boodle might change depending on the size of the Poodle parent from whom it developed. The attractive characteristics of the French Bulldog Mix with Poodle, such as their flat features and squat bodies, have contributed to the breed's rising popularity. Let's discuss all French Bulldog Poodle Mixes in detail.

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There is no evidence that hybrids of French Bulldog and Poodle ever existed. They were probably first bred at the same time as other types of doodles began to gain popularity around three decades ago.

Most purebred dogs suffer from various hereditary health problems, which is why these two were bred together in the first place. In addition, it appeared that the creation of a more desirable dog might be achieved by combining the French Bulldog's physical characteristics with the Poodle's less sensitive coat.

Examining the history of each of the mix's parents separately is the most effective method to get a hold of this hybrid. Like other designer dogs, the French Boodle has average characteristics of both of its parents.


The French Bulldog and Poodle Mix can come in various sizes and shapes. In most cases, their heads are rounded, and their muzzles can be either short, long, or even anywhere in between. The eyes are wide and rounded, while the ears may be droopy and round or have a bat-like form.

The varying sizes of the Poodle used to create French Doodles result in various shapes for the resulting dog. They will stand between 12 and 16 inches tall when fully mature.

Coat type and coat colors of French Boodle

The coat of a French Bulldog and Poodle mix may be straight and short like that of a French Bulldog, or it may be curly and thick like that of a Poodle.

There is a wide range of possible colorations for the French Bulldog and Poodle Mix, including beige, peach, black, red, white, and charcoal. There is also the possibility of the coat having markings, such as striping or brindle.


The French Boodle exhibits qualities of friendliness, playfulness, and love. This dog enjoys spending time with adults, children, and other animals, making it ideal for families with various personalities and lifestyles. These dogs have strong self-confidence and get along well with new people and other animals.

They are excited to show off their home to guests and are willing to engage in conversation with everyone who shows an interest. Their ability to captivate young minds, both within and beyond the house, is a testament to their irresistible charisma. They never experience boredom when they are children and are able to play for long periods of time.

This appealing personality has a drawback tied to it, and that drawback is separation anxiety. They develop a taste for human connection and attention, so they find it difficult to spend extended periods of time alone. They have an unhealthy reliance on their loved ones as the sole source of joy, activity, and playfulness.

It is not recommended to leave a French Bulldog Mix alone for more than 24 hours at a time since this might lead to destructive activity on the dog's part. In addition, due to their natural interest in unusual people and their pleasant demeanor in general, they wouldn't make very excellent guard dogs.

Exercise and Training

The French boodle has a relatively modest activity level necessitated by the fact that it is a relatively small and round-faced breed. The majority of the required exercise may be quickly and efficiently completed during playtime, while the last few minutes can be spent walking. Keep in mind that even if this aspect of your life requires little upkeep, you shouldn't skip the portion of the day dedicated to physical exercise, regardless of how insignificant you believe it to be.

French Boodles have a higher risk of gaining excess weight, which can make existing medical concerns even worse. When it comes to training, the Poodle French Bulldog Mix is not exactly the easiest of dogs to deal with. Due to the fact that it is both intelligent and obstinate, a lot of patience is required, and it must be motivated with praise and food.


You do not need to worry about food allergies for your French boodle; nevertheless, you should look out for over-ingestion because weight gain may be quite troublesome at an older age when joint difficulties start to kick in. French Boodles tend to have smaller stomachs than other breeds of dogs.

Food of superior quality and a high nutritional content is absolutely necessary for French Boodles. Steer clear of foods that are heavy in fat in order to reduce the associated digestive issues. It's also a good idea to space out your pup's meals throughout the day, providing somewhere between two and three times.

If you want your dog to maintain a healthy weight, you shouldn't let him eat as much as he wants.

Health Issues

There is a possibility that the French Boodle will suffer from the same health problems as both the parents. Because of the hybridization process, these health problems are much less severe compared to how they would manifest themselves in the offspring of purebred parents.

The following is a list of the potential health problems that might arise from breeding a French Bulldog with a Poodle.

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome

If your French Boodle puppy inherits the short snout of the French Bulldog, the airways might be clogged, resulting in excessively loud breathing, difficulty eating, and choking.

  • Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a hip abnormality that manifests itself as the dog continues to mature. It happens when the ball and the socket joint don't grow at the same rate, which causes a mismatch between the two halves of the joint.

  • Urolithiasis

Your dog will frequently urinate, experience pain, and have a diminished appetite as a direct result of this condition.

  • Patellar luxation

It is the medical term for the displacement of the kneecap, which prevents the dog from being able to extend its knee fully. They have soreness in their legs, which eventually leads to difficulties moving about.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix Cost

The price of a French Boodle may reach over $1000. The cost is determined by several factors, including the breeder's reputation, the puppy's age, the results of any health tests, the dog's registration, and the breeder's locality.

Are French Doodles Considered To Be A Designer Breed?

The French Doodle dog is, in fact, a type of designer canine that combines intelligent characteristics with the endearing qualities of a clown. Although the Poodle Frenchie Mix does not currently have an exceptionally high position on the list of popular Poodle mixes, he is steadily gaining popularity as more and more people learn about his kind and caring nature.

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Should Families Consider Getting A French Bulldog Or Poodle Mix?

Mixes of French Bulldogs and Poodles are wonderful companions for families. The dog enjoys socializing with people of all ages and getting along well with both children and other animals. This dog has a pleasant demeanor, and the fact that it gets along well with others makes it an excellent option for households with children.


The French Bulldog Poodle Mix is a beautiful breed of dog to own. They are lively and naughty, friendly and simple to care for, and they get into all sorts of mischief. This dog is a perfect fit for families and anybody wishing to enjoy the company of a happy and social pooch since it combines the qualities of poodles and French bulldogs, both of which are known for their outgoing and friendly personalities.