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French Bulldog PitBull Mix: World's Best Dogs Have Arrived!

French Bulldog PitBull Mix: World's Best Dogs Have Arrived!

When you think of designer dogs, what do you think of? Most think of dogs crossbred with the poodle. Labradoodles, Cockapoos, and others. Have you ever considered the French Bulldog and the American Pit Bull Terrier? Most have not.

This designer breed is a great designer breed to consider if you are looking for a loyal and playful breed. One of the more popular names of this designer breed use is The French Pitbull Dog.

The French Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier share a lot of similar traits, making the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix Dog a great designer dog.

This medium-sized dog will be a playful companion to your children, be your couch buddy, and will be eager to please you.

How New Is The Concept Of Designer Dogs?

The idea of designer dogs is not a new one. Dogs have been crossbred for centuries based on their desired characteristics.

Whether someone needed a dog that would be a better herder, protector, companion, or other purposes crossbreeding one breed of dog with another was used to create the best animal for a purpose.

According to PetMD, it was not until the 1970's that the concept and term "designer dog" was used.

In Australia, we would see the first Labradoodle, bred for its intelligence and hypoallergenic advantages in order to create a better guide dog for service work for those with allergies.

Here in The United States, The Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle), Yorkiepoo (Yorkie + Poodle), and the Pugapoo (Pug + Poodle) were first introduced as new hypoallergenic companion dogs.

Designer Breeds Trace The Begets

The question remains; how are designer breeds different than mutts? The answer is how the designer breeds are bred. To find the origin of your mutt, you can do a DNA test, but the best you are going to do is find out the origin breeds of the dog.

A designer breed dog has paperwork, like a purebred dog. When you adopt your dog, you will have paperwork that proves who the parents are and other important information. You will know which of the parents were purebred and if one of them was a designer breed.

The process of creating a designer breed is explained thoroughly from Dog Breed Info. It is a multi-step process, that focuses on maintaining the desired outcomes through controlled breeding.

For example, we will say that the standard the breeder wants is to have a dog that has bat ears, low energy, healthier, and a muzzle like the Pit Bull. When the first litter is born, the breeder is going to watch the puppies grow and analyze them.

The puppies that have those desired qualities are the puppies that the breeder will keep to breed the next generation.

The breeder may breed them with a purebred Frenchy or Pitbull to strengthen the traits they want to keep. The other puppies, the breeder will find good homes for.

Our Story Begins In England

Designer breed dogs can be great dogs. One key point to remember is to do your research on them. Each dog is an individual. They will have their own little quirks. Understanding their breed traits can help you know how best to keep your dog happy.

I Might Be English, But My Heart Is French

The French Bulldog (also referred to as The Frenchy) began not in France but on the British Isles.

In the early 1800s, the English People created variations of The Bulldog for their fighting games against bulls, boars, and other animals. The English Government banned this practice in 1835.

During this time period, the bulldog was mixed with a terrier to create a smaller version that would be useful as a ratter in the lace-making shops of the early industrial revolution. When these shops closed down to move to Northern France, the workers took their Frenchies with them.

The English preferred their bigger bulldogs, so the breed died out in England and according to The French Bulldog Club of America, started to thrive in French Cities like Normandy and Paris.

This little one began to be known as the "Bouledogues Français" (Bulldog of France) and became popular among the People of France.

Soon after, French Society and Wealthy American travelers took notice of these little pups. By the end of the 1800s, there became a not-so-gentlemanly argument on the breed standard between the erect bat-ear and the floppy rose-ear as the standard for the breed.

During the first half of the 1900s, with war and depression plaguing the United States and Europe, the breed dwindled as their popularity fazed out.

Avid breeders kept the breed alive, but it would not be until the 1950s when Amanda West, from Detroit, would revitalize the breed and end the controversy of the ear standard.

Her cream or fawn-colored bat-eared Frenchies would take Westminster and the AKC by storm in the 1950s and 1960s.

Yes I'm Proud To Be An American

What is a Pit Bull? According to a 2017 article from the Today Show, expert Bronwen Dickey's work is cited by mentioning that in our modern world, The Pit Bull is a type, not a breed. It is made up of four different breeds:

If you look at these four different breeds, you will notice unique differences in their physical and mental traits. What you will also notice is that some are recognized by various organizations including the American Kennel Club.

For the bull-baiting sport, the Pit Bull was another variation developed by the English. After the 1835 ban, these dogs were put into pits and timed to see how many rats they could kill in a certain time period (hence the term "Pit"), or were forced to fight each other.

One trait these early breeders did, was to ensure that these dogs would not bite people. Since the dogs would be handled often, they wanted to make sure that the dogs would not turn on their owners. As a result, these dogs became very loyal and eager to please their owners.

Meanwhile, while the French Bulldog was finding a new home in France, English Settlers seeking a new life brought their pit bulls with them to America.

Before the American Civil War, the influx of English Settlers and their Pit Bulls grew significantly.

The Pit Bull became an all-in-one dog on the American frontier. Its new role became that of a life stock herder, hog hunter, thief protector, and family companion.

Like the French Bulldog, this dog was adopted by his new country and renamed The American Pit Bull Terrier.

According to Love A Bull, in the first half of the 1900s, The American Pit Bull Terrier became the symbol of the working-class culture as the "All American Dog," because of his friendliness, bravery, and determination to work hard.

Pictures and illustrations could be seen everywhere (most of these pictures also had the dog next to products being sold, but hey, that's capitalism).

This is also the time of Sergeant Stubby. During World War I, this brave little pitbull attached himself to the 102nd Infantry during training.

According to an article in the Stars and Stripes, His actions on the battlefields in France made him the most decorated American Military Dog in History. By the end of his service, his handler, Corporal Robert Conroy, ended up having to salute Stubby, because the dog outranked him. To see a more family-friendly version, check out the animated movie, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero.

Elements Of The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix Dog

As mentioned earlier, when you hybrid two different breeds, it's rare you are going to get a perfect 50/50 mix of each dog. Some traits are going to stand out more than others. The best way to understand your new four-legged best friend is to see the parents.

When you adopt your dog from a credible designer dog breeder, you will receive paperwork and have a chance to meet the parent dogs. This will give you a "ballpark" idea of what your puppy can be like.

Play, Play, Play…..Okay, I'm Done

The French Bulldog and Pit Bull are playful, eager to please, and have a stubborn streak in them. Both breeds love children.

The Pit Bull is more tolerant of children pulling on their tails and ears. Regardless of breed, all young children should be supervised when playing with their four-legged siblings.

When it comes to new people, both breeds are cautious. The French Bulldog will sound the alarm, making them good watchdogs. Pit Bulls will sound the alarm as well. They are more protective by nature, will be more accepting of new people.

According to Villalobos Rescue Center, The American Temperament Test Society tested all breeds of dogs including Pit Bulls. Society found that the Pit Bull was one of the top 5 most stable breeds with an 82.3% passing score.

Both of these breeds were made to be people-friendly. Much of the time the Frenchy prefers to be a lap dog or lay near their person.

The Pit Bull can be a lap dog as well but will have some energy that needs to be used up. More than likely, a good walk will take care of this.

I'll sit, I'll Stay, But Why Did You Throw The Ball?

Early socialization is key for both of these breeds. Both breeds are intelligent and stubborn. Positive training techniques are the best way to teach your dog. If your dog's stubbornness gets in the way, seeking help from a certified trainer is always recommended.

Either You Take This Pill, Or We Go To The Vet

French Bulldogs have a lot of health problems. Due to their brachycephalic muzzle, they can develop sinus and breathing problems. They can also develop hip, joint, spine, and gastric issues.

Pit Bulls generally are a hardier breed. The Happy Puppy mentions that they are prone to hip dysplasia, cardiac issues, autoimmune, and eye problems. Your breeder should mention any medical conditions that the parents have shown.

With a hybridization between these two breeds, one of the goals of your breeder should be to breed out these genetic disorders.

Preventive measures can be taken by keeping your dog healthy with regular exercise and proper nutrition. Speak to your veterinarian about this.

BSL Concerns

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) are laws that exist in the city, county, and state levels that ban specific breeds of dogs.

These laws can ban pure breeds or dogs that have a partial amount of a specific breed of dog in them.

If you are considering getting a French Pitbull Dog, keep in mind that Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are on many BSL lists.

Before you adopt, Dogs Bite has created a website that lists banned dogs by cities and counties by the state you live in.

Check with your city and county as well to verify the accuracy. The last thing you want is to have to give up your new best friend due to restrictions set by your local governments.

Let The Cute Videos Begin

The French Pitbull Dog is a great designer breed with a lot of great qualities. This can be a dog that will be playful, intelligent, people-friendly, who will enjoy running around with your kids and laying on the couch with you.

As long as you are aware that your individual dog can lean one way or the other, this dog can give your family years of love and affection.

For further information, you can view Animal Planet's Dog's 101 videos on the Frenchy and Pit Bull to learn more about each parent breed.

You can also meet Silva, who is a great example of a French Pitbull dog in this video.