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Best French Bulldog Stuffed Animals [REVIEWED]

Best French Bulldog Stuffed Animals [REVIEWED]

Dogs are regarded as Man's best friend. 90 percent of the human population are Dog lovers, and why wouldn't they be? Dogs are the most loyal companions that could be gifted to man. However, not every family can afford a real-life dog, but getting a realistic-looking stuffed dog could provide the similar excitement a kid could get from playing with a real-life dog.

What are some of the best french bulldog stuffed animals? Our top 3 picks are the Bearington Collection Frenchie Plush, the Aurora Flopsie Bulldog, and the French Bulldog Plush.

These stuffed animal versions of the French Bulldog would make a great companion for not only a child but also an adult.

French Bulldogs are highly sought after because of their interesting history and features. A real-life french bulldog is a "toy dog" because it is small like in nature. It is a stocky, portable dog with a friendly character and a wrinkly face. They are not taller than 35cm, making them the perfect sized animal to make a child's playmate, or for a stuffed animal version!

french bulldog with meat shaped toy

Top 13 French Bulldog Stuffed Animals You Should Consider

1. Bearington Collection Frenchie Plush

On the internet, the Bearington Frenchie Plush is regarded as the number one French Bulldog Stuffed Animal to get for your child. This handcrafted beauty is an outstanding stuffed animal that usually comes in white and light brown. It is made of high-quality plush material, highly durable even when washed constantly, and has airbrushed details that create a realistic look and an expressive wrinkly face.

It has movable limbs, hence could be adjusted into a sitting or standing position. Furthermore, it is filled with beans and has a weighted bottom that makes the stuffed animal extra cuddly. The award-winning Bearington collection is widely known for its high-quality fabrics and outstanding creativity. You could never go wrong with getting a Bearington Stuffed French Bulldog!

2. Aurora Flopsie Bulldog

Aurora World has some best-stuffed animals you would find anywhere in the world. Their French Bulldog collection is considered one of the best French Bulldog stuffed animals. The Aurora Flopsie Bulldog is made up of bean filling for the perfect flop. It is super plush, with washer eyes and nose. It usually comes in classic black and white in a relaxed posable body format, about 12 inches tall, and what's more? Furthermore, it could be ordered with a custom or personalized printed message on a bandana or T-shirt.

3. French Bulldog Plush

This Hand embroidered and needle sculpted black colored stuffed animal is about 12 inches tall. It is super plump with realistic features. SomeHandmade Plush Black French Bulldog collection has a cute removable chain with a red heart-shaped tag. They are typically created in a sitting position.

4. FGA Marketplace French Bulldog Stuffed Animal

This stuffed French Bulldog is made for all ages. It is made up of 100 percent polyester, hence super washable. It has sparkly shiny eco-friendly plastic eyes and nose. Its airbrushed details create this realistic look around it. It is about 13 inches tall, with a denim outfit. What's more? It is made up of sewn-on material!

5. Hi-line Stuffed Sitting French Bulldog

This stuffed animal has realistic craftsmanship with detailed features. It is made up of polyresin, hence could also be considered as a "statue French bulldog". Its solid sitting position adds to the whole appeal. It usually comes in light brown with black patches on the face.

6. FAO Schwartz French Bulldog Plush Toy:

This soft furred stuffed animal is about 11 inches tall and comes with the color white and black patches. It has solid features such as lined ears and a nose with red patches, giving it a solid, realistic look. The FAP Schwartz French Bulldog Stuffed Animal is made of high-quality material with strongly stitched seams. Its red collar with a tag that says "FAO Schwartz" gives the stuffed French Bulldog a more homely look.

7. Folkmanis Stuffed French Bulldog

The first thing you should know about this French Bulldog stuffed animal brand is that they make great puppets. The Folkmanis Stuffed French bulldog has movable limbs and a mouth that could be used to put on a great show. They are the perfect plaything for any child!

However, not that they were built not to stand on their own, although they have a solid chest area that would enable proper lifting. This is why the Folkmanis Stuffed French bulldog is usually referred to as a "full-body" stuffed animal. Nevertheless, they come in light brown with black faces and deep black starry eyes. They are super cute with their bat-shaped ears and wrinkly face.

8. 26cm France Bulldog Plush Toy

As the name states, this stuffed animal brand is about 25cm tall. Their size and height are major features why families would love to have this stuffed French Bulldog in their homes. They are typically created in a standing position, hence having this guardian angel aura. They are colored in classic white, and black, and their producers can never go wrong with their cute wrinkly faces!

9. Douglas Napoleon French Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal

This Douglas brand of stuffed animal is a life-like tanned breed that appeals to both children and adults. It is made of quality polyester and filled with "beans", giving it a plump look and cuddly feel. It has amber-colored eyes, airbrush details and a sculpted plastic nose. It is about 25cm tall with ultra-soft brown colored plush fur. This French Bulldog stuffed animal would totally melt your heart!

frenchy plays with toy in bed

10. Living Nature Soft Toy

This French Bulldog stuffed animal comes in two sizes. There is the 20cm and the 16cm sizes of the "Living Nature" French bulldog. Its basic features include; a fine charcoal coat, large but cute bat-like ears, starry eyes, flat muzzles, and loose, wrinkled skin like a French bulldog.

11.Nat and Jules Sitting Small French Bulldogs

These are one of the cutest French Bulldog stuffed animals you would find in the store. Nat and Jules offer a wide range of French Bulldog stuffed animal collections. The collection is made up of different types and sizes of French dogs. They are super soft, plush and squeezable. They are made up of quality plush material with detailed and airbrush designs that "brings the stuffed French bulldog to life".

This French Bulldog stuffed animal brand is about 9 inches, making it the perfect companion for kids under 3. Although, its cute features also make it a great smugly companion for adults. Nat and Jules Sitting Small French Bulldog comes in Light Brown and White.

12. Ivy Bow Wow Beige Dog Plush French Bulldog Stuffed Animal

This brand of French bulldog stuffed animal goes by Winston's popular name. "He" is regarded as a super cute flurry Frenchie. He is about 11 inches tall with a black and white houndstooth collar around his neck. This stuffed animal is made in a high pile Minky, and what's more? His eyes, nose, and mouth are embroidered with soft material making him the perfect baby shower gift!

13. Fashion Angels Magic Sequin French Bulldog Decorative Plush

The unique feature about this French Bulldog stuffed animal is that they have an animated look. Yes, this particular one does not look like the previous French dog stuffed animals, but they are adorable with their pink sequins. This sequin-covered stuffed animal is so magical that it could change from iridescent pink to silver. This French Bulldog stuffed animal would give your room the magical look it needs.


We hope this list of stuffed french bulldog animals helps you get closer to find the perfect one for you or as a gift. What better way to show you're on team "French Bulldog" than to have a few stuffed animal versions close by at any time.

Bring them in your car, sit them next to your real Frenchie, or keep them by your bed, no matter how you use them, we're sure you're going to love them!