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Rare French Bulldog Colors – Which One Is the Rarest?

Rare French Bulldog Colors – Which One Is the Rarest?

The introduction of rare colors in French Bulldogs (Frenchies) is possibly the most interesting development in these already beautiful canine companions. But what are those rare colors that Frenchies have? And which one is the rarest?

The rarest colors of French Bulldogs or Frenchies are blue merle, lilac, chocolate, merle (other than blue), sable, and cream. Blue merle is one of the rarest of all these colors.

In a universe where a regular French Bulldog may cost thousands of dollars, these uncommon colors can cost way more, even up to $50,000.

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Rarest Frenchie color: The Blue Merle

The blue merle Frenchie is the rarest coat color in the French Bulldog breed, and it is also the most expensive. The best way to describe blue merle is by saying a Frenchie with a gray coat and bluish spots, or as most breeders like to refer to them, "cookies and cream." Even though they are so distinct from the typical common French Bulldog, being so unusual may not be a good thing, especially when considering all of the health issues that blue merle Frenchies might suffer from.

It is vital to remember that some blue merle Frenchies can have a long and healthy life with no trouble.

Fact: You may also expect to pay a lot of money if you want a blue merle.

Some other rare colors of French Bulldogs

The following are some other rare French bulldog colors along with blue merle:

Lilac Frenchies

French bulldogs sometimes have a dilute gene mutation that causes their coat to turn lilac in color. The bbdd genotype is seen in Lilac Frenchies, which indicates homozygosity for liver and dilution). Lilacs, in contrast to other Frenchies with darker coats, have delicate skin, which is particularly noticeable around the snout, armpits, and nose. As a result, their owners should exercise caution while exposing them to potentially dangerous ultraviolet radiation and should apply sunscreen.

Chocolate Frenchie

The chocolate Frenchie coat is also one of the rare coats that French Bulldog breeders are able to get via the use of a recessive gene. This recessive allele must be passed from both canine parents in order for it to function. The most fascinating fact about chocolate Frenchie is that their eyes are available in various colors, including emerald, brown, gold, and even blazing yellow.

Merle Frenchie (other than blue)

In the world of rare Frenchie colors, Merle Frenchies are among the most popular (we already discussed blue merle, which is the rarest color in this breed). Pups that are mostly merle in color have a lighter coat color with darker patches and splotches scattered over their bodies. Going back in time, several breeders attempted to eradicate the merle coat in French Bulldogs since they were prone to health difficulties. However, this was unsuccessful. These canines suffer from various health problems, including blindness, sensitivities, and deafness. However, the elimination effort was unsuccessful, and now we may find merle Frenchies in good health. Breeders have been successful in this endeavor by selecting healthy Frenchies for breeding purposes.

Sable Frenchie

A sable French Bulldog may appear to be a fawn at first glance, but in reality t, these pups have a fawn body coat with a reddish tint, which is typical of the breed. The ends of their fawn hairs, on the other hand, are black. They are a very popular variant on the conventional fawn coat. Sables, like the Fawn, can have black masks on their faces or white patterns on their chests.

Cream Frenchie

It is common for people to confuse cream & white Frenchies since their coat colors appear to be quite similar at first glance. But in reality, they differ. Cream Frenchies are colored in a way that looks like eggshells. Unlike white Frenchie puppies with pink eye margins, cream-colored Frenchie puppies have darker lips and eye margins. To be more specific, they have a darkish appearance. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and other kennel groups recognize Frenchie coats in both cream and white colors.

Rare French Bulldogs Health Issues

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Frenchies have a high number of complex health issues when compared to other dog breeds. These concerns mainly come from the assumption that gene dilution happens during breeding. So, unless you want to be saddled with a mountain of medical expenditures for your Frenchie, it is critical that you choose a reputable breeder. When you want to adopt a French Bulldog, make sure that you purchase pet insurance as well.

Interestingly, one of the primary reasons French Bulldogs are bred is their physical look. Although they are attractive and desired, this does not rule out the possibility of being afflicted by bad traits.

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Buying Rare Colored French Bulldog Is a Serious Commitment

The fact that rare color French Bulldogs are prone to health or genetic issues makes it even more crucial to seek for a trustworthy breeder who employs responsible breeding procedures and takes the necessary safeguards. Otherwise, you might end up investing your life money in a dog who will require constant veterinary attention, will be sickly and may die before its time.

Rare Frenchies coat colors are extremely difficult to find. Breeders that are actively breeding may only come across one or two every several years, if at all. Breeders that concentrate on creating rare colors at a higher frequency are responsible for most rare color creations. Breeding French Bulldogs of unique colors is a significant business.

The majority of rare color breeders are small family businesses committed to being experts in creating the greatest quality rare Frenchies. Make sure to ask them questions about the puppy's health, their pedigree, and what to expect when you get your puppy.

What should you expect to pay for a rare color French Bulldog?

Various factors contribute to the increased value of rare French bulldogs. Breeders of rare pups must also incur additional fees in addition to those incurred by all breeders of normal Frenchies. Because recessive genes are extremely uncommon, they command a premium price, which is another factor contributing to their high cost. Rare Frenchies may cost anything from 7000 to 16,000 dollars. The price is determined by various factors, including lineage, health, attractiveness, color, and the costs of DNA testing. Whatever color you choose, a French Bulldog will always be a fantastic choice for any family, regardless of its size. They are well-known for their funny and lovable personalities, as well as their friendly demeanor toward people and other canines.

Is it necessary to groom the coat of a rare French Bulldog?

It is critical to keep your Frenchie's coat in good condition, regardless of its rarity or color. This also keeps your Frenchie look more adorable and beautiful

Remember that grooming your Frenchie's coat takes effort, but it isn't too tough if you do it regularly. You should bathe your French Bulldog as often as necessary, depending on what is most convenient for both of you, and take other efforts to ensure that their coat remains in good condition. Here are some helpful tips to accomplish French Bulldog coat grooming:

  • Bath your rare Frenchie at least four to five times a year, and more often if they spend a lot of time outside.
  • After bathing your Frenchie, make sure to dry him thoroughly.
  • A dry shampoo is an excellent option for in-between-bath routines.
  • Extra care can be provided by using a leave-in conditioner.

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldogs are adorable canine companions. They come in numerous body coat colors; some are standard, and some are extremely rare. These rare Frenchie coat colors are due to mutation, but people love these colors and try to opt them due to their uniqueness even if they have to pay a huge sum. The rarest coat color of French Bulldog includes Blue merle, lilac, chocolate, sable, and cream.

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