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Why Does My French Bulldog Have Red Eyes? [ANSWERED]

Why Does My French Bulldog Have Red Eyes? [ANSWERED]

French Bulldog owners may have noticed their dogs' bloodshot eyes. Red eyes in French Bulldogs may occasionally indicate an underlying condition that needs to be addressed, even though many people are likely to dismiss this as a common illness that will clear up on its own (but it is not always the case). Let us discuss all the possible reasons which make your French Bulldog eyes red.

Cherry eye allergy, corneal ulcers, injury, dry eye glaucoma, entropion and uveitis are the most prevalent reasons why a French Bulldog's eye will become red. Most of these disorders aren't necessarily life-threatening, but if they aren't addressed, they might become chronic.

Let us discuss all these reasons in detail

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Reasons Why French Bulldogs Have Red Eyes

Due to their typical flat face, which renders their eyes more susceptible to injury and infection, Bulldogs are particularly prone to developing eye redness. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why bulldogs have bloodshot eyes.

  • Allergies

Allergies on your French Bulldog's eyes may cause excessive tearing and rubbing bloodshot eyes.

In addition to crusty skin around the eyes, stinging, irritation, and crusty skin are all frequent symptoms of eye allergies.

Pollen is the allergen that affects French Bulldogs the most frequently; nevertheless, they might also be sensitive to dust mites, insects, and foods. Additionally, all of these things may cause the eyes of your French Bulldog to become red.

  • Eye Injury

A tear in the cornea of your French Bulldog's eye can cause irritation to the inner surface of the eye, which in turn can cause blood vessels to sprout over the afflicted region. Because of this, the eyes of your French Bulldog will appear to be red as well.

  • Cherry Eye

It is the condition that will affect your Frenchie the most frequently. This condition actually occurs more commonly in younger dogs. It may be identified by some flesh-colored tissues that protrude from the inside of your Bulldog's eye, often known as protruding 3rd eyelid.

It is really caused by a membrane that is located in the corner of your dog's eye that has gotten separated, or it might be that the materials that join this membrane have grown weak. Either way, it is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Dry Eye

This condition occurs when your Frenchie's eyes are producing way less tear/fluid than normal. Dry eyes may also occur due to genetic issues.

Corneal inflammation can occur due to dry eye disorder, which is unsuitable for Frenchies. Dry eyes may be excruciating for your dog, so if you observe that they are constantly blinking or squinting, they probably require treatment immediately. The treatment will consist of the patient using a topical cream, or any good quality eye drops daily.

  • Ulcers of the Cornea

Corneal ulcers are perhaps the most dangerous condition that may affect your Frenchie's eyes, especially given how common eye disorders are in this breed. Your canine companion will be in excruciating agony if they have corneal ulcers, and they will rub their eyes in an effort to alleviate the discomfort.

Ulcers are frequently brought on by neglected dry eye, some kind of trauma, or a chemical burn brought on by shampoo or soap, and they require immediate medical attention. A doctor can only treat ulcers.

As part of the treatment, an antibiotic ointment will be applied, and you will also be given medicine to treat the pain and swelling. Medical professionals may recommend surgical treatment when the ulcer is severe.

  • Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disorder that causes an overpressure within the eye, which can cause damage to the optic nerve. An increase in pressure causes this condition. A red eye is one of the signs that this condition, which can lead to blindness, is present.

  • Uveitis

The uvea, which is located in the central layer of the eye, can become inflamed, which is known as uveitis. In addition to producing other symptoms, including increased tear production, pain, and sensitivity to light, uveitis can cause the Frenchie eye to appear red.

  • Entropion

This is a condition in which one eyelid (or, more precisely, the margins of the eyelid) rolls inwards (along with redness), and it is really reasonably prevalent, not just in French Bulldogs but also in many other breeds who have these cute wrinkled face folds.

The related eyelashes coming into touch with the cornea, which can lead to the development of an ulcer, is the source of the discomfort. The damage that is caused to the cornea as a result of this issue can, sadly, lead to a reduction in the dog's eyesight or even complete blindness in more extreme situations.

Entropion often occurs to her when she is younger, although it can occur at any time in her life. It can manifest itself in a variety of various degrees of seriousness, most of which are determined by the number of wrinkles that cover your Frenchie's face.

What Signs Should You Look For To Determine If Your Frenchie Has An Eye Problem Or Red Eye?

If you notice that your Frenchie companion is scratching his eyes with his claw, rubbing his eyes with any hard surface, is blinking an abnormally large number of times, has abnormal fluid coming from his eyes, or if you observe severe redness, it is possible that your pup needs to be examined by a veterinarian. Other typical indicators of an eye condition include cloudiness, a shift in a normal eye coloration, a tear-stained body coat, a red/pale eyelids membrane, and an apparent third eyelid.

If you experience any of these signs/symptoms described in the previous paragraph, it is imperative that you get medical attention asap. If you don't have most problems handled, they'll probably worsen, and you'll end up with lasting harm.

You might want to consider picking up any premium quality saline wash if you have a hunch that allergies are causing your symptoms. If the symptoms have not improved after 2-3 days, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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How To Lessen The Possibility Of Eye Problems In French Bulldogs?

Because of Frenchie's inherited characteristics, the breed has a high propensity for developing ocular conditions (as discussed above). However, there are some things you may do to lessen the likelihood of this happening.

When you are bathing your French Bulldog, you should take special care to prevent shampoo/soap from getting into their eyes. They may get eye irritation from the chemicals in the shampoo. Also, check their eyes on a regular basis for signs of dry eye and other peculiar blemishes.

Additionally, cleaning your dog's tear stains once a week might be helpful in preventing infections. This may be accomplished by using any good eye wash consistently using eye wipes.


There are a variety of hereditary diseases that can impair French Bulldogs' eyes, and these problems are bred into the breed. In addition to this, they have an increased risk of having various eye infections.

If discovered in their early stages, many of these illnesses are treatable. An annual checkup of the French Bulldog's eyes is recommended to verify that there are no issues with the dog's vision.

If you see that your Frenchie's eyes are red, you should take action as quickly as possible. It's also possible for your French Bulldog to acquire allergies or other illnesses, both of which can result in red and irritated eyes.

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