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French Bulldog Color Price Chart: [DIFFERENCES EXPLAINED]

French Bulldog Color Price Chart: [DIFFERENCES EXPLAINED]

The French Bulldog is well-known to all; they rank as the fourth most well-liked breed globally. In the last ten years, they have sharply increased in popularity because of their endearing looks, petite stature, affectionate dispositions, and family-friendly character. However, Frenchies are considered to be expensive and are often associated with luxury.

A French Bulldog puppy can cost between $1,500 and $3,000. Fawn, brindle, and white French Bulldogs are less expensive than Merle, Lilac, and Isabella. Isabella and Merle are the most expensive colors at $10,000 and $8,000 each. The price increases with color rarity.

Given the various colors available for French Bulldogs, it can be difficult for one to decide. The typical Frenchie will not cost as much, but they can still be pricey. In addition, due to their brachycephalic breed and skin allergies, they also arrive with health bills.

three french bulldogs

French Bulldog Color Chart

There are many color breeds of the French Bulldog. However, these breeds are categorized into two significant colors: standard and exotic colors. The bridle was regarded as the unique breed standard in 1897.

Standard Colors

Following the 1911 standard modification, several conventional hues, and patterns, including fawn, piebald, and cream, were allowed. Any departure from the norm results in disqualification even today. Only French Bulldogs in traditional colors are permitted to participate in the ring.

You could expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,000 if you want to buy a standard-colored French Bulldog from a reputable breeder. However, if purchased from a breeder with champion genes and exceptional quality French Bulldogs, a standard color French Bulldog's price can still rise from $5,000 to $6,000.

Brindle French Bulldog Pattern

Among the most typical French Bulldog coat patterns is brindle. However, a Brindle French Bulldog's coat can vary from a tiger brindle, where fawn hairs predominate, to the more frequent dark brindles, where black hairs predominate, thanks to its foundation covering.

Cream French Bulldog

Many French Bulldogs in pale fawn color are confused for creams. A genuine cream Frenchie will have a uniform appearance that is slightly off-white. It is a diluted recessive from the fawn fur. They are entirely unmarked and have black pigment on their lips, nostrils, eye rims, paw pads, and other body parts.

Black Pied and Black French Bulldog Color

You might find a regular color Frenchie sold at the same price as a standard color. However, these beautiful breeds are a little different from regular coat colors; hence, they cost a little more. When the Frenchie's coat is excellent and displays no sign of brindling, it is regarded as a black Frenchie.

However, a newborn may not be black, even when it looks like it is. A real black Frenchie does have a particular a/a DNA gene. So if you are planning to get this French Bulldog color, you might have to spend about $3500 to $5000.

Fawn French Bulldog Color

A Fawn Frenchie's colors range from rather pale, almost cream-colored tones to a deep red fawn. They might or might not be wearing a mask. Fawn may also have its nose, eyes, paw pads, and black mask combined with a unique tint.

Exotic Colors

The AKC is not recognized by exotic French Bulldog colors and patterns and is not permitted to compete in shows. Despite being 100 percent, French Bulldogs and yet being AKC registered, they cannot participate since their coat color automatically disqualifies them.

Lilac French Bulldog Colors

These unusual lilacs are the offspring of chocolate and blue DNA. A chocolate/liver dog will turn lilac due to the identical dilution gene that turns black dogs blue. Lilac French Bulldogs typically have the bbdd genotype.

Lilac dogs usually have skin that is ashen blue, almost silver-like, shining eyes, and a mouth that is pink in color. They cost about $5000 and $7000 more than a usual breed due to their remarkable appearance.

Blue French Bulldog

A gene called dilution is what gives French Bulldogs their stunning blue hue. The dilution gene also affects the red coat's eumelanin in rare cases. A black dog will turn blue if it carries two versions of the d allele.

The range of the dog's coat is vast, ranging from really light gray to virtually black; however, even in that situation, the dog can still be identified as having Down syndrome by the color of his snout.

Fluffy French Bulldog

French Bulldogs with unusually long hair are called Furry or Fluffy. They are adorable and resemble miniature teddy bears as a result of the rare L – long hair gene. A Fluffy Frenchie can cost as low as $8 or as high as $50000.

There is, of course, a broad price bracket, and what determines the cost is the dog's color and if it is bought as a pet alone or with the right to breed. For example, fluffy French bulldogs have longer, thicker hair than ordinary French Bulldogs, contributing to their reputation for overheating.

English Bulldog Colors

It is well known that English bulldogs make compassionate friends and adore kids. English bulldogs have become among many people's favorite pets because of the affection and commitment they show to their owners. English bulldogs' coat colors can be blended and combined to create various patterns, including tri-color and piebald.

However, there are eight traditional hues: brindle, white, lilac, fawn, blue, chocolate, and seal. The Merle is currently the most uncommon hue for English bulldogs. Their fur has various markings, typically fawn, dark brown, cream, black, or white, blended with darker tones.

English bulldogs that are tri-colored can be bred by combining different colors of bulldogs. You will undoubtedly be astonished to learn that the original hue of an English bulldog was chocolate. Today, there are numerous coat colors of English bulldogs.

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Tri Pattern Color Bulldog

Tri pattern, or a particularly distinctive pattern in three colors, can be seen on the coats of English bulldogs. Bullies with a tri-pattern frequently have points that are a third color, especially if they are fawn or golden brown. On their cheekbones, chest, and inside front chest, but after their eyes, you will notice this design.

Blue Color Bulldog

When you first see these bullies, you might be unsure of whether they are blue or gray in hue. They are black individuals whose color has been subdued by the dd genotype. These bulldogs' coats will seem gray if they are in the sun or near objects with a darker hue. After that, their nose, eyeliner, and pads are all slate gray.

Blue Sable Color Bulldog

Sable blue English bulldogs are canines with a red base and a silvery sheen to their coat. They typically have blue-green or hazel eyes. There are slight tri markings on these English bullies' cheeks, chests, and legs.

Black Color Bulldog

Most breeds have a black coat, which is pretty prevalent. However, English bulldogs very rarely have this coat color. English bullies have lustrous black coats with fawn undercoats. Actual black color can be seen on their pads, nose, and eyeliner. A black English bulldog known as "black tris" may also be seen.

French Bulldog Color Price Chart

Color Price
Fawn $5000
Cream $5000
Brindle $4000
Fawn Brindle $4500
Black $4500
White $5000
Lilac $6500
Chocolate $6500
Blue & Blue Fawn $6500
Merie $6500
Isabella $8000
Platinum $8000
Fluffy $11,000

Final Thoughts

Whatever the hues of French Bulldogs, remember that these canines have enormous personalities and hearts. A French Bulldog is a decision that you make for life. This will require you to be sure you have the patience and time to devote to your new friend's health improvement. In many ways, owning a Frenchie is like parenting a baby of your own. Perhaps it would be advisable to reconsider if you are unsure that you can provide the most excellent care.