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Meet the Fluffy French Bulldog – Breed Profile & Breakdown

Meet the Fluffy French Bulldog – Breed Profile & Breakdown

The Fluffy Frenchie is one of the breeds that has been one of the most popular searches on internet pet forums over the past 10 years. Let us discuss how you actually identify or categorize the Fluffy French Bulldog.

The typical French Bulldog has a coat that is curly and short, but these Bulldogs have a coat that is wavy and medium in length. This makes them a very distinctive breed of Bulldog. Because of the size of their hair, they are also known as "Fluffy French Bulldogs" and "Long-haired French Bulldogs." Both of these titles allude to their coat.

The Genetic Profile of the Fluffy Frenchie

A genetic variant is responsible for the development of these long-haired French Bulldogs. Organizations or scientists conducting genetic testing on dogs have concluded that the long-haired Frenchie is a carrier of the FGF5 or Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 gene. This gene controls the expression of the two distinct gene codes known as long hair (Lh) Frenchie gene expression and short hair (Sh) Frenchie gene expression.

If two distinct French Bulldogs who contain the Lh gene have a puppy together, there is a good probability that the entire litter of Frenchie puppies will be of the long-haired kind. This is because the Lh gene is passed on from parent to offspring.

If, on the other hand, one of the parents of the French Bulldog puppies is a carrier of the Sh gene, then just one of the Frenchie puppies from that specific litter will be of the Fluffy Frenchie type.

black french bulldog puppy

Fluffy French Bulldog Coat Colors

The L4 gene, which causes French bulldogs to have long hair, is not connected to any of the alleles/genes that determine the color of their coats. It is also not mutually restrictive with any of the other colors that are typically seen in French Bulldogs, which include.

  • White
  •  Cream
  •  Fawn

Tip: These coat colors may present with or without any markings or patterns.

There are also French Bulldogs that are black, blue, or tan in color; however, these hues are not permitted in the show ring since they are considered undesirable. Although considering that a Frenchie with long hair is not allowed in the show ring already, they have nothing more to lose by becoming a long-haired blue Frenchie companion!

Frenchie Temperament

No evidence links long coats to temperament; thus, a long-haired Frenchie will have the same character as its short-haired counterparts. Each and every Frenchie has its own unique personality. Still, the breed as a whole is known for having characteristics such as a strong interest in spending time with their human parents or being a sofa potato.

This indicates that they are best suited for houses in which someone will be around to keep them entertained & engage with them the majority of the time.

If they are compelled to spend extended amounts of time by themselves, they are likely to develop separation anxiety. If their owners don't give enough opportunities for playing and finding solutions to problems, they are more likely to become dissatisfied and bored.

Fluffy Frenchie Health

Fortuitously, long-haired or Fluffy French bulldogs are just as susceptible to all of the same health issues as short-haired French bulldogs. The Frenchie is a breed of dog known as a brachycephalic. This indicates that they have a highly concave facial shape. This is common in companion canines, but it is associated with serious respiratory difficulties and an inability to remain calm when the weather is hot.

All coat varieties of the French Bulldog have a hereditary susceptibility to developing hip dysplasia, affecting one out of every three dogs and patella luxation (1 in 20 Frenchies affected). These are painful disorders that affect the joints, which can result in lameness and frequently require costly surgery to treat.

A little more than a third of Fluffy Frenchies also have hemivertebrae, which is a condition in which the bones in the spine are deformed and can cause both discomfort and paralysis.

About one-third of all Frenchies are affected by allergies, which may be distressing to observe and can be quite challenging to diagnose as well as cure.

How Much Does A Fluffy or Long-haired French Bulldog Cost?

Since Fluffy Frenchies are presently challenging to find, the price of an already expensive Frenchie has increased significantly due to their rarity.

The price of a male French Bulldog with long hair may range anywhere from $3000 to $14000. The females constitute an even greater investment. Prices range from $5000 to $18000 for the fluffy female Frenchie.

Interesting Information About Fluffy French Bulldogs

  • Fluffy Frenchies Bulldogs do not require a significant amount of exercise; nevertheless, they require frequent walks to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Fluffy French Bulldogs cannot tolerate the heat very well (due to long hair/thick body coats) and require close supervision on hot days to ensure they do not overwork themselves and become overheated.
  • If you prioritize hygiene, you might want to look elsewhere for a dog because the Fluffy Frenchie is prone to dribbling, flatulence, and minor shedding. Additionally, he might be challenging the toilet/house train.
  • Fluffy Frenchies are not considered to be a dog breed that barks regularly and is known to be a quiet breed; nevertheless, there are obvious exceptions. French Bulldogs may be a quiet breed.
  • Fluffy Frenchies are wonderful apartment dogs because they don't have a propensity to bark excessively.
  • Fluffy Frenchies are best suited to life as companion animals since they thrive on interaction with people. They are not the type of breed that can be left outside to survive or left alone for extended periods of time.

Is the Personality of a French Bulldog With a Long Coat the Same as That of a French Bulldog With a Short Coat?

Even though these cute fluff balls have hair of varying lengths, their personalities are very much like those of regular French Bulldogs. With a fluffy coat, these French Bulldogs are excellent pets for families, much like their relatives with shorter hair.

They are jovial, obstinate, have a soft spot for children, and may at times be rather vocal. A Frenchie is a food-driven, people-pleasing, bat-eared small dog that will immediately work its way into your heart due to its friendly nature and bat-shaped ears.

black french bulldog gets groomed

Are Fluffy Frenchies Suitable for Allergy Sufferers?

The quick answer is no; Fluffy Frenchies are not hypoallergenic. Even Frenchies with short hair are also not considered hypoallergenic. French Bulldogs with long, fluffy coats shed significantly more than their counterparts with shorter hair. It is possible for someone who suffers from allergies to be affected by the hair and dander of the subject.

Unfortunately, there is no utterly hypoallergenic dog breed, and Fluffy Frenchie's companions are undoubtedly one of the kinds that might trigger allergic reactions in specific individuals.

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The coats of typical French Bulldogs are often coarse and short. On the other hand, some Frenchies inherit a gene that causes their hair to grow significantly longer and become more fluffy than average. As is the case with all other dog breeds that have come down via this breed's lineage, the LH gene is shown to be naturally present in the progeny of French Bulldogs. On the other hand, due to the fact that it is so scarce, Fluffy French Bulldogs are also astonishingly uncommon. In addition, because the LH gene is recessive, the pup has to inherit two copies of it in order to grow long hair.

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