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English Bulldog vs American Bulldog [COMPARISON]

English Bulldog vs American Bulldog [COMPARISON]

Bulldogs are canines that basically originated from the British Isles. They were initially used as bull baiters, which explains their name. Their build is similarly robust and stocky, exactly like bulls. There are many types of Bulldogs, but American and English Bulldogs are the most common. So, let us compare both these dogs and look at which breed is better under what circumstances and why!

The most noteworthy distinction between English and American Bulldogs is their size and temperament. American Bulldogs are larger in size, have more weight, and are more energetic than English Bulldogs, which are smaller, have less weight, and are less energetic in nature.

Additionally, English Bulldogs are more frequently termed indoor dogs, while their American counterparts are regarded as outdoor dogs.

Differents bulldog

Overview: English Bulldog vs American Bulldog

Here is a breakdown of some of the basic differences between an English Bulldogs and American Bulldog:

Traits (Characteristics)

English Bulldog

American Bulldog

Average Adult Height 11-15 inches 22-28 inches
Average Adult Weight 50-60 pounds 70-125 pounds
Exercise 20-25 min/day 12-16 years
Lifespan 9-12 years 40-50 min/day
Grooming needs Moderate to High Low to Moderate
Family-friendly Yes Yes
Trainability Moderate Moderate to High

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Bulldog History

Bulldogs are one of the oldest dog breeds, and they originated in the British Isles (as mentioned above). Nowadays, these dogs are now found worldwide due to their popularity. The ancient Asiatic mastiffs are considered their ancestors.

Bulldogs were highly regarded in ancient times for their violent temperament and fearless disposition. They are also capable of attacking full-grown bulls in bull-baiting rings if they are given the opportunity.

Bull baiting was outlawed in the nineteenth century, and bulldogs were transformed from the brutal and barbaric nature of fighting animals to that of cherished household pets. Bulldogs nowadays is not nearly as vicious and violent as they were in their forefathers' days. Bulldogs have retained their fierce drive and tenacity, even though their nasty disposition has been slightly watered-down, and the breed has evolved into a more domesticated companion.

Bulldogs are recognized for their facial folds, also known as wrinkles, and they are accepted by American Kennel Club. They are fair, firm, and dignified in their approach.

There are many types of Bulldogs, and the most common sub-type of the breed is the American and English Bulldogs.

Let's have a closer look at the distinctions between them in detail.

Size and Stature

Bulldogs, both American and English, are large and powerful canines. On the contrary, the American Bulldog is larger and more athletic. Additionally, there are two sorts of American Bulldogs: the classic and the standard. They can each stand up to 24-26 inches tall and weigh up to 125 pounds when they are fully grown.

Additionally, American Bulldogs are distinguished by their long legs, strong body, and clean short coat. As a result, they are bulkier and more furious than their English counterparts, which isn't unexpected considering that American Bulldogs were originally bred as farm dogs.

On the other hand, English Bulldogs can grow to be as large as 60 pounds when they reach adulthood. English Bulldogs' short legs, heavy frame, and wrinkled skin make them a non-sporting breed due to their lack of athletic ability.

Nonetheless, both canine breeds are available in various colors, including red, black, brown, and fawn, among others. They are also available in a variety of pied body coats.


Both these Bulldogs have a significantly shorter coat. On the other hand, English Bulldogs tend to shed more than their American counterparts. But unlike other breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel or the Belgian Shepherd, such shedding isn't as extreme as it is in some others.

If there's one thing that these two species have in common, it's their proclivity for drooling excessive amounts. If you have any Bulldogs in your home, expect to find a slobbery place on your sofa or bed.

Both these Bulldogs are very simple to groom, despite their size differences. Because of their bigger size, the American type requires a little more work than the English type.

Temperament and Personality

English Bulldogs are tough and frightening because of their huge head and massive bulk, but in reality, they have a really humorous side in their attitude. They are easily trainable and get along nicely with both children and strangers alike. Even though English Bulldogs are known for being lazy slobs, they are also absolute sweethearts that are always willing to be by their masters' sides.

While this is going on, American Bulldogs will also form a close attachment with their owners. On the other hand, Strangers are treated with a certain aloofness by them. They require extensive training to tame their hunting drive and reduce their likelihood of becoming aggressive.

Overall, properly-raised American Bulldogs get along well with children, but they require more socialization training than English bulldogs if you wish to incorporate them into your household.

In addition, it's crucial to understand that both these Bulldogs are not particularly friendly toward other canines. If you want to raise a Bulldog in a family with other dogs, you'll need to concentrate on adapting them to the new dog.


Although American Bulldogs are a nuisance, they are less difficult to train than their English counterparts. This canine is smart, and while they may be stubborn at times, they learn orders far more quickly than other dogs.

If you're thinking about getting an American or English Bulldog, you'll need to be patient during the training process. These canines aren't exactly German Shepherd in any way. You may, however, always seek the assistance of a professional pet trainer.

Any Bulldog will submit to your command if you are patient, provide positive reinforcement, and approach him in the appropriate manner. Just keep in mind that it might take several months for your Bulldogs to become proficient in the training sessions.

Energy Level

The American Bulldog, as opposed to the English Bulldog, has the highest degree of activity of the two breeds. A farm job that needs running and a reasonable amount of agility can be adapted to their abilities. Because this breed is created for pursuing and working, they are contrary to English Bulldogs regarding their energy levels.

In general, American Bulldogs have a medium to high energy level. This implies that in order for them to be happy, you must provide them with plenty of activity and cerebral stimulation.

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Are American Bulldogs Healthier Than English Bulldogs? Is This True?

Yes, it is true. In general American, Bulldogs are considered healthier than English Bulldogs. Although American, both of these Bulldogs also face some health issues. They frequently suffer from hip problems and other joint disorders, and if they do not receive enough exercise, they might become overweight.

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Is It Possible To Leave Bulldogs Alone All Day?

Bulldogs can be left alone all day, but only after they have received appropriate training. Bulldogs are companion dogs, and as such, they flourish when they are in close proximity to their families. These dogs may develop separation anxiety and engage in destructive behavior if left alone.


The English bulldog is an average medium-sized dog, yet it has an aggressive appearance. Normally, they weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. Most of the time, they will have wide faces and stout bodies. Some English Bulldogs also have short muzzles due to bad breeding practices.

On the other hand, American Bulldog is a tall dog that is often referred to as one of the biggest dogs in the world. Its face is not wrinkled like that of the English bulldog, even though it weighs between 70 and 125 pounds on average.

It has a square-shaped head; however, it is otherwise similar to the Pitbull in appearance.

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