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English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix – Breed Facts

English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix – Breed Facts

We live in an era where we have a choice to choose from a wide variety of hybrid and designer dog breeds. Some dogs are bred to adapt to parents' tastes who are searching for specificity in shape, appearance, temperament, and pure bloodlines with minimal hereditary health concerns. Among the most intriguing hybrid dog breeds is the English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix. This is a strong, compact dog that makes an excellent great mate. But what exactly is an English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix?

The English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the English Bulldog. These dogs are also known commonly as Boston Bulldogs. These fierce little canines were originally pit fighters, and they hail from Boston, Massachusetts.

Additionally, these dogs are one of the rare canine breeds that originated in the United States.

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Because there isn't much history behind hybrid or designer dogs, it might be difficult to get a solid feel for them. Breeding particular dogs, such as this one, have been more frequent in the last two decades. Experts believe that this hybrid breed has contributed to the influx of dogs into shelters due to unintentional breeding. Let us discuss in more detail about the history of both parents that result in the English Boston Bulldog.

  • History of the Boston Terrier (1st Parent)

The amazing Boston terrier was developed in the 1870s when Robert Hooper (from Boston) acquired a dog named Judge from Edward Burnett, which was descended from a Bull & Terrier type ancestor. With the passage of type, Robert extensively crosses Judge with some other Bull and Terrier breeds to produce the modern-day Boston Terrier today's Boston Terrier. The AKC considers Hooper's Judge to be the progenitor of nearly all authentic current Boston Terriers.

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  • History of the English Bulldog (2nd Parent)

The Bulldog is a dog breed distinguished by its distinctively broad head and stout shoulders. Bulldogs have thick skin folds on their brows, big, dark, wide-set eyes, a narrow muzzle with unique folds hanging skin (especially under the neck), drooping lips, and sharp teeth. The present-day Bulldog is a very different dog from the Bulldog of his forefathers. There is considerable disagreement over where it originated, but the majority of experts think that it is descended from ancient mastiff-type canines and that it was mostly created in England. The earliest recorded mention of the breed was in the 16th century when they were used in a particularly vicious "sport" known as bull-baiting, which entailed the dog grasping onto the bull's nose and shaking it violently with its teeth.

Personality And Temperament

The temperaments and attitudes of the English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix are a fusion of the greatest characteristics of each of the parental breeds that generated them. Because these dogs are no longer employed for combative sports, their personalities have mellowed, and they have become more approachable. The Boston Bulldogs are well-known for their fierce loyalty to their families. They are affectionate and caring, and they make wonderful family companions in addition to being loyal and obedient. On the other hand, these dogs are sensitive and might become depressed if they are separated from their family. If you are thinking about adopting this breed, make sure you have enough free time to spend with them.

The English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix is also recognized for having a lighthearted and lively nature, making them excellent with youngsters. English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix pups are quite energetic while they are young, but they mature into peaceful adult dogs. Whatever their activity, English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix pups are content as much as they are with their dearest people. This includes taking a short walk with their owner and cuddling on the couch. As discussed above, these dogs are a hybrid cross between Boston Terriers and English Bulldogs, combining all of their greatest features into one bundle of fun.

Diet (Feeding & Nutrition)

The English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix or Boston Bulldogs do not need a significant amount of food to survive and thrive. These canines range in size from small to medium-sized dogs (15-55 pounds), and they are rather inactive. Boston Bulldogs consume around one cup of kibble each day on average. If you feed your Boston Bulldog premium-quality kibble, the predicted monthly cost for an adult Boston Bulldog diet is between $28 and $30 per month. When selecting food for your Boston Bulldog, it's crucial to remember that it should be simple to digest for him. Boston Bulldogs, like their parents, have a lot of flatulence regularly. Finding foods that are high in fiber will aid in the development of a healthy digestive tract as well as the reduction of flatulence.


Due to their high tendency to shed, weekly brushing is suggested for English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix. However, they require little attention, and their fur is simple to maintain. As a result, it is critical that they maintain clean, free of dirt bodies. Their ears are similarly bent, and dirt can gather in them, creating a warm and humid atmosphere that can lead to ear infections. Therefore, it is essential to keep their ears nice and clean, and you must inspect them regularly.

Furthermore, bathing these dogs regularly is not recommended. Because they have delicate skin, English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix dogs should only bathe when absolutely required, and they should use hypoallergenic shampoo to prevent irritation. A soft, moist cloth or towel is a nice alternative while cleaning, and it may also be used to wipe the folds and ears afterward, as long as they are allowed to dry completely. Generally speaking, English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix like being groomed, especially if they have a regular grooming schedule.

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The Boston Bulldogs have a life span of 13 to 16 years, and they are considered somewhat healthy dogs. The Boston Bulldog, in contrast to his Bulldog cousins, does not have respiratory problems and is in better condition than both of his parental breeds. However, they may suffer from these health issues:

  1. This crossbred is extremely vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, and in hot climes, it is prone to heatstroke.
  2. Flatulence is also a common occurrence in these dogs, which, although not a serious health risk, can be an inconvenience.
  3. These dogs also suffer from some eye issues, including cataracts (which obscure the eye's lens and lead to impaired vision) and glaucoma (which is an eye disorder caused by unusually high intraocular eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve).
  4. Additionally, this hybrid dog can also suffer from congestive heart failure, in which mitral valve insufficiency results in the heart's inability to pump blood efficiently, and it is a health concern that can be passed down from one Boston Terrier generation to the next.

Do English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix Bark?

Many English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix owners will tell you that their dogs bark while they're having fun with their parents, other dogs, or other animals. This means they tend to bark in a "cheerful manner" rather than the more hostile and violent warning barks that are more common in bulldogs.

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Final Remarks

The English Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix is a hybrid dog that results from the breeding of Boston Terriers and the English Bulldogs. These dogs are somewhat healthier than their parents because they do not suffer from respiratory health issues. Furthermore, these dogs are fun-loving and calm companions rather than aggressive as their parents.

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