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What Is An English Bulldog And Pug Mix? Breed And Care Guide

What Is An English Bulldog And Pug Mix? Breed And Care Guide

The English Bulldog and Pug Mix is an excellent choice for a family pet because of its low energy level and compact size, which makes it suitable for apartment living. However, every crossbreed has its own pros and cons, which we will discuss later on. First, we see what actually is an English Bulldog and Pug Mix.

The English Bulldog and Pug Mix is the designer dog breed that is produced by mating English Bulldog and Pug. This beautiful dog is also known as the Bull Pug or Pugabulls.

The Bull Pug might have a bit of a range to choose from in terms of size, coat, and temperament. This is due to the possibility that the puppy will take after either their Pug parent or their English Bulldog parent. Let us discuss all about Bull Pug origin and other features.

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Parents History

  • English Bulldog

Let's take a look at the English Bulldog first. The English Bulldog was originally bred for the game of bull-baiting, which is now widely seen as being extremely cruel. After the practice of bull baiting was made illegal, the English Bulldog came perilously close to extinction. Despite this, some Bulldog enthusiasts have successfully bred their dogs to become obedient and laid-back companions through selective breeding.

The English Bulldog has risen in popularity in recent years to become the fifth to sixth most popular pet in the United States. They are of modest size but possess a highly muscular build, with a small nose, short legs, drooping lips, and eyes that are widely spaced apart.

  • Pug

Pug dogs were first bred some two thousand years ago. They were highly prized by the royal families of China and were bred specifically to serve as companion animals. They are devoted to one another, charming, and slightly sneaky. Pugs are a toy breed of dog resembling bulldogs in size and general look. They can have coats of various colors, the most common of which is fawn, but they can also have other colors. There is also a kind of pug known as the black pug, which, except for having a black coat, is otherwise identical to regular pugs.

Both these breeds mentioned above, i.e., English Bulldogs and Pugs, give rise to hybrid species known as a Bull pug.

Bull Pug Appearance

Observing a bull pug's parents is the best way to form an accurate visual picture of the offspring of this breed. Because of its bulldog ancestry has a bulldog-like barrel chest, a larger muzzle, and a taller frame. From its pug ancestry, it inherits a tiny stature, eyes that are rounded in shape, and a more narrow face.

The crushed, wrinkled face and general stocky form of this designer breed are inherited traits that are passed down from both of the designer breed's parents.

They come in various colors, including piebald, grey, black, and brindle. They also have thin, coarse coats that require considerable care regularly. Therefore, you should be prepared for this dog to shed a little bit, and you shouldn't trust individuals who say they are hypoallergenic either!

The bull-pug typically weighs between 22 and 42 pounds; however, it is not unusual for the male to be heavier than the female.

The hybrid of an English Bulldog and a Pug Mix can range in height from 13 to 15 inches.


Both pugs and bulldogs are amiable and outgoing, so it seems to sense that a bullpug would have the same characteristics. They take like their parents because they are highly kind and affectionate.

They get the most happiness from being with their owners and interacting with children. Because they are kind and well-laid, you do not need to worry that they may harm your child.

When it comes to meeting new people, there are two possible outcomes. They might be oblivious to the world around them like bulldogs, or they can be highly friendly like pugs.

Bull pugs get along well with other dogs, particularly when they were raised together as puppies. However, they might be timid around the pets of unfamiliar people. As another method of establishing his territory, a male bullpup might exhibit dominant behavior when he is among other male dogs.

Due to the fact that bull-pug puppies have a lot of energy while they are young, it is possible that they will be quite lively. This lessens with age, and as they become older, they grow more tranquil.


Any dog owner should not underestimate the importance of regular exercise. A Bull Pug, like its parents, does not require a significant amount of physical activity. They just need to exercise for half an hour daily to maintain their fitness level.

It is conceivable that they will have difficulty breathing because they have muzzles of medium size. If you want to avoid this problem, you should take them for walks before 10 or after 5 in the evening, when the sun's rays aren't as intense.

Also, ensure they are well dehydrated before beginning the walk and continuing it throughout. During the walk, if you see that they are displaying any indications of fatigue, you should let them rest and then pick up the pace when they are showing signs of comfort.

Bear in mind that Pug and English bulldog mixes are predisposed to becoming overweight and have a propensity for sleeping the entire day away. As the parent of a bull pug mix, you must see to it that your child gets the recommended amount of physical activity.


Training a Bull pug can be simple or challenging, depending on the proportion of each parent's genes that the offspring acquire.

Since the English Bulldog was developed specifically for the sport of bull-baiting, the breed is very intelligent and quick-thinking. Because they are seldom around people for extended periods of time, it is possible that they are difficult to train and resistant to change.

On the other hand, pugs have a high level of intelligence and were originally developed to be kept as companion animals. As a consequence of this, they are simple to train. However, they are highly sensitive and call for the use of positive reinforcement rather than being yelled at.

We strongly suggest that you train your Bull Pug through positive reinforcement and that you must have patience with them as they mature.

Health Issues

As is the case with all hybrid breeds created by humans, an English bulldog pug mix will also face some medical problems. The English Bulldog and the pug are both brachycephalic breeds, which means that respiratory difficulties are common in their hybrid offsprings. Eczema, cherry eye, and impaired vision are a few conditions that often occur in these dogs. Additionally, I n order to avoid skin infections, the skin surrounding their face should be kept clean.

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What Kind Of Price Range Could You Expect For An English Bulldog Pug Mix?

If you are interested in purchasing a Bull Pug, you should allot between $700 and $2000 in your budget. Within this pricing range, you may expect to receive a puppy that is between 6 and 12 weeks old. However, the price varies depending on the breeder of the dog as well as the dog's ancestry. Some breeders may ask for up to $2500 for champion Bull pug puppies.

Where To Purchase Bull Pugs?

A small clique of passionate individuals in the United States is responsible for breeding English Bull pugs or Pugabulls. It's up to you whether or not you want to get in touch with the reputable breeders who keep them. The American Kennel Club is home to various breeds that may give you a superior English Pugabull puppy that comes from a pure bloodline.


English Bulldog Pug Mix is a wonderful companion dog to have around the house. Even though they are fragile and need special attention, the effort required to care for them is more than justified.