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Do French Bulldogs Like Water? Is It Safe to Teach It to Swim?

Do French Bulldogs Like Water? Is It Safe to Teach It to Swim?

Dogs are innate swimmers. This is what I believed until I owned a French Bulldog. During summer, my Frenchie, Minnie seems to be having issues keeping up with the hot weather.

I am always afraid that she will have a heatstroke. Luckily, she doesn't get overheat easily so I never thought of throwing off her the pool.

Would it be a cool idea to see a French Bulldog swimming? Is it safe for them?

Yes, it is a cool and safe idea! AskFrankie wants you to know though understand that French Bulldogs cannot swim!

They are among the few breeds of dogs that cannot swim. French Bulldogs cannot swim because of their small size and lack of snout. If you will throw a French Bulldog in the pool, put a life vest on it.

In his list of dog breeds that cannot swim, Animaltube included French Bulldogs. His advice to Frenchie owners – 'you can teach your Frenchie to swim but make sure to give your 100% attention to it'.

Should You Teach Your French Bulldog to Swim?

If you have a lot of free time, you can teach your French Bulldog to swim. Arlees FrenchBulldogs warned owners though that French Bulldog doesn't need to take a regular bath.

French Bulldogs have a think coat or skin and they get cold easily. besides, exposure to water can lead to a reduction of oil in their skin. With these reasons, there is no need to bring your Frenchie to the pool and teach it to swim.

French Bulldogs should be bathed with lukewarm water. If your swimming pool doesn't have lukewarm water, you shouldn't bring your French Bulldog to it.

What Can You Do If Your French Bulldog Loves Water?

My Minnie is an active Frenchie. She plays around especially when there are people. During summer, my nieces and nephews always bring out their kiddie pool and Minnie joins them. I guess she loves getting slightly wet during summer to reduce heat.

To keep Minnie away from the kiddie pool. I got a plastic pool where she can play. If you have a Frenchie that loves water, it is safer to let it play on a plastic pool rather than bringing it on a real pool.

Allaboutfrenchies said that French Bulldogs can't keep themselves floating and they easily get drowned because of their snout.

Why French Bulldogs Cannot Swim?

The Frenchieworld explains that the unique body physique of French Bulldogs is the main reason why they cannot swim.

They are small and too heavy for their size. French Bulldogs love eating so they easily gain weight and they have that roundish body.

The smushed face of a French Bulldog is one reason why it can get drowned easily. It doesn't have a snout to help it breathe while floating. Another reason is its neck structure.

French Bulldogs don't have a neck so when they get into the water, their body gets submerged easily along with their face. Presto – they cannot breathe anymore, and they get drown.

Unfortunately, a Frenchie also has short legs, so they don't produce enough force to bring their body above the water to float. And yes, I mentioned that they are heavy for their size right!

So how can you keep your Frenchie safe from waters? Either you avoid bringing them in a pool or take them to your pool party but put it on a life vest and give your constant attention once it hits the pool.

Are There Any Risks in Allowing Your French Bulldog to Swim in a Swimming Pool?

The risk of being drowned is high among French Bulldogs. According to, tragic stories of drowned French Bulldogs ae everywhere. Aside from the risk of being drowned, there is also the risk of being stressed.

French Bulldogs are active dogs, but you cannot give it extreme exercises like swimming. It can cause respiratory stress.

Swimming requires a lot of energy and effort, especially for a small Frenchie. Frenchbulldoganswers wants to remind pet parents of the stress that swimming can cause a Frenchie.

What Should You Do Before and After A Swimming Bonding with Your Frenchie?

It's summer. Your pet baby is showing signs of heatstroke. Your vet said it is okay to give her pool time! What can you do?

You can start bringing your Frenchie to your pool party or get it a plastic pool to play around with. However, before you do so, remember some essentials that can help your Frenchie recover from cold after taking a swim.

Make sure to prepare lukewarm water for his final bath after swimming. Prepare everything in advance. Make sure its towels are ready. It is important to keep your Frenchie dry after taking a swim.

What Can You Do to Reduce Risk of Heatstroke on your Frenchie and Avoid Swimming Pools?

There are a lot of ways that you can help your Frenchie fight the summer heat.

You can do the following steps:

  • Keep your Frenchie in a cool room, turn the AC on!
  • Give your Frenchie fresh water from time to time
  • Give your Frenchie a cooling vest
  • Give your Frenchie a cooling collar

Is it okay to put a lot of things on your French Bulldog? Indeed! Sparkpaws consider French Bulldogs as fashionistas and accessories for French Bulldogs are in abundant in the market today.

French Bulldogs are among the top favorite dogs used as models for pet products like a dog vest, dog collars, and dog clothes.

So, Can You Bring Your French Bulldog on Your Next Summer Outing?

Yes, you can! There is no reason why not bring your French Bulldog to a swimming party. You can also let it swim for a few minutes provided that you have the right accessory and undivided attention.

French Bulldogs cannot swim but they are not allergic to water or swimming pools. Just remember the risks associated with leaving your pet baby in the pool for some time.

For your French Bulldog's safety, do not let it leave your sight while having fun in the waters.