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Do French Bulldogs Have Tails? Are They Born Without Them?

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails? Are They Born Without Them?

There are several advantages to having a French Bulldog as a pet — its small stature, lovable expressions, and eccentric personality have made them one of the most beloved dog breeds in the United States.

But before moving any further, let us discuss something about their tail: Do French Bulldogs Have Tails? Are They Born Without Them?

Yes, French bulldogs have tails. In fact, they are born with short, stumpy tails rather than lengthy tails. Some Frenchies have a screwed and stout tail, and some have straight and short tails.

Generally, canines born without tails or tails that are too short come into the category of bobtailed breeds. So, the French Bulldog also falls in this category. Actually, an evolutionary T-box gene mutation (C189G) is responsible for the development of the most well-known bobtail breeds. But remember, bobtail occurs naturally in certain dogs, and this character should not be confused with tail docking.

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French Bulldog Tail Types

Each and every French Bulldog is distinctive, with physical traits (such as the different forms of tails) that often surprise their owners.

Frenchies commonly have two different styles of tails: short and straight and screwed and stout. Short and straight tails are more frequent in Frenchies as compared to the other type.

Let us discuss both these tail types in detail.

1. Straight and Short Tail 

Many French Bulldogs are born with straight tails. These tails point down (towards the ground) when your pup is idle and cool and relaxed. On the other hand, this tail type seems to be longer when compared to the screwed/stout tail.

If your Frenchie has this form of tail, he or she would almost certainly wag their tail as a display of enjoyment or excitement.

2. Screwed and Stout Tail

The majority of Frenchies are born with stumpy/stout tails that are short and fat. These tails are known as screwed and stout because they are thick/wide towards the pup's body and thin towards the upper tip.

The majority of Frenchies with this type of tail are unable to wag their tails. Instead, they choose to wiggle their butts to display happiness and pleasure.

French Bulldog Tail Issues

While those lovely tiny Frenchie tails are charming, they are prone to developing certain tail issues over time. It is possible that their short, compact bodies are particularly susceptible to these problems. While some Frenchies may just be predisposed to certain problems, improper breeding techniques can significantly increase the likelihood of developing them.

There are three problems with French Bulldogs: 

  1. Hemivertebrae
  2. Tail pocket infection.
  3. Sunburn

Let's have a closer look at all these issues

1. Hemivertebrae infection in Frenchies

Hemivertebrae are generated when the vertebrae of the Frenchie's spine are distorted/deformed. A congenital abnormality is the cause of this problem. During development, the vertebrae join and develop in an aberrant manner. The result is that the spine twists and turns instead of being quite straight, as it should be in the first place. In addition, hemivertebrae can cause a twisting of the Frenchie's spinal cord. Twisting and compression of your Frenchie's central nervous system might have a harmful impact on its health.

The hemivertebrae issue is usually responsible for the peculiar "screw tail among French Bulldogs." Because the tail does not include a spinal cord, this is less of a concern. However, there may be other faulty vertebrae in the body other than the tail that is impacted, which can lead to complications.

This problem in French Bulldog pups generally manifests itself around the 9th month of their life span. At this point in your Frenchie's growth, their spine has fully matured, and this condition will reveal itself in full form. In nature, hemivertebra may range from moderate to severe in severity. If it is a minor case, only one or two vertebrae may be compromised. In severe circumstances, it might significantly influence the French Bulldog's capacity to operate in his everyday life activities.

If you feel that your French Bulldog may be suffering from Hemivertebrae, you should seek the advice of a knowledgeable veterinarian as soon as possible. A veterinarian can diagnose Frenchies utilizing diagnostic methods such as X-rays and physical examinations to determine their health. In some situations, they may utilize Computed tomography or an MRI to do the procedure. When a veterinarian determines that a dog has Hemivertebrae, they may give a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs. In extreme circumstances, surgical intervention may be required to assist in alleviating the symptoms of the condition.

2. Frenchies Tail Pocket Infection

Because Frenchies' tails conceal the anus, they are more susceptible to this infection. That is why the owner of this beautiful and distinctive breed must pay close attention to the frequent cleaning of the tail. Experts recommend that you that you clean your dog's tail every time your dog goes to the bathroom. Cleaning may be accomplished with a simple doggy wet wipe or a damp towel.

Tail pocket infection is characterized by red, inflamed, and itchy skin, as well as a foul smell beneath the tail, and it should be treated with antibiotic creams if the illness is caused by bacteria. It should be noted that a Frenchie's tail infection is a painful ailment that, in severe situations, may necessitate surgical intervention.

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3. Sunburn

Finally, you might find this strange – most of us do – but French Bulldogs can get sunburned if they are exposed to direct sunshine for an extended period of time.

Frenchies' ears and tails are susceptible to sunburn. It is because French Bulldog tails are lightly covered with fur, which makes this sensitive area particularly susceptible.

Sunburns may be exceedingly painful and even dangerous to your dog's health since he is at risk of developing skin cancer.

It is also rather simple to detect sunburn in your dog. The following are common sunburn symptoms: red blotches or pinker coloring, a rash, sensitive skin, and peeled skin with blisters.

Contact your veterinarian if you see that your Frenchie has a serious sunburn or blisters.

If your dog has severe sunburn, heat exhaustion, or dehydration, he or she will be given fluids to help them recover. This will aid in the stabilization of your Frenchie. It is possible to apply cold compresses to your dog's skin in order to ease discomfort and cool the body.

In addition, your veterinarian may recommend that you apply cortisone ointment to the afflicted region and prescribe any good antibiotic.

Can Frenchies Wag Their Tails?

Some people say that Frenchies cannot wag their tails due to the shape of their backs/vertebrae and the length of their tails. That's not true. French Bulldogs are capable of wagging their tails and frequently do so! It's only that their tails are so short that they have difficulty doing it at times. As we discussed above, straight and short tail type French Bulldogs can easily wag their tails, while the screwed and stout tail Frenchies are unable to do that (instead, they move their whole back when excited).

Final Thoughts

A Frenchie's tail is a comparatively tiny part that makes your Frenchie who he or she is. However, their tail is one of the numerous characteristics that distinguish them as such charming and cute canines.

This is especially apparent when they welcome their owners and begin wagging their whole rear ends, even though they believe they are only wagging their tails.

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