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Just How Much Do English Bulldogs Shed? [FIND OUT HERE]

Just How Much Do English Bulldogs Shed? [FIND OUT HERE]

The majority of people believe that the only breeds of dogs that shed are those with long hair, such as huskies, GSDs, and Poms. But that's not always the case. Dog breeds with short hair can also shed, such as English Bulldogs. But how much did they shed? Let's have a look at that.

When compared to other canine companions, English Bulldogs shed a significantly lower amount of hair. The amount of hair that an English bulldog sheds are proportional to its age. The English Bulldog sheds the most as a puppy and gradually loses more and more of its coat as it ages.

The amount of hair an English Bulldog loses while shedding is considered "normal," and it is difficult to see since the dog's coat is so short and fine.

As a responsible owner of an English bulldog, you must be concerned about the reasons behind the breed's excessive shedding and the most effective treatments. Continue reading because we have the whole thing you need to know about the shedding process of English Bulldogs right here!

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What Exactly Is Shedding?

Shedding is a natural process/way that occurs throughout a dog's lifetime, just as we lose our own hair regularly. The natural cycle of shedding coincides with the changing of the seasons; irrespective of how much hair they usually lose, most dogs lose a much greater amount of hair during the spring season. The shedding of an English Bulldog is caused by changes in their environment, such as extremes in temperature and an increase in the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. This is a natural process, and it is not necessarily something that needs to be looked at as something that needs to be prevented.

Factors Affecting Excessive Shedding In Bulldogs

Many different things might cause an English Bulldog to shed their fur, such as their nutrition, being dehydrated, having health problems, seasonal or hormonal changes, becoming older, their surroundings, or being stressed out.

  1. Many different things might cause an English Bulldog to shed their fur, such as their nutrition, being dehydrated, having health problems, seasonal or hormonal changes, becoming older, their surroundings, or being stressed out.
  2. English Bulldogs may lose more hair if they aren't given enough food or aren't given food of a high enough quality. Because every dog is different, their veterinarian can assist decide the appropriate amount of food for them to consume as well as the kind that is healthiest for them.
  3. Your Bulldog's excessive shedding may be a symptom of a parasitic infestation, which may include worms, fleas, insects, lice, or mites. They are pretty uncomfortable for your dog; if they are not treated, they can cause the dog's hair to come out.
  4. Bulldogs may shed their hair for several reasons, including allergies. It's possible that your pet has an allergy to shampoos or other household goods. Additionally, certain canines are susceptible to developing dietary allergies.
  5. A fungal infection can also cause profuse shedding in your English Bulldog. The two most frequent types of infections are yeast infections and ringworm infections. Candida albicans is the pathogen that leads to yeast infections. You have to be aware that if your pet's immune system is compromised in any way, such as from an inadequate diet or a cold, it will be more susceptible to contracting this infection.
  6. Dehydration can result in a wide range of health concerns, including ones that are specific to fur coats. Alterations in the manner in which English Bulldogs lose their hair can be a warning indication if they are not receiving sufficient quantities of clean water on a routine basis.
  7. It is important to note that if an English Bulldog all of a sudden begins shedding excessively, it is likely that they are suffering from a health condition. In this case, the owner should visit their dog's veterinarian as soon as possible.
  8. It is possible for female English Bulldogs to have variations in their shedding due to the hormonal shifts that occur when they go into heat, as well as while they are pregnant or nursing. The age of an English Bulldog is another factor that determines how much or how little it will lose its coat.
  9. The English Bulldog's external environment, like the weather and the changing of the seasons, might impact the amount of hair they shed. The usual process of shedding can be disrupted if a pup spends most of their time indoors, where the lighting is artificial, or if they leave their air conditioner continuously.
  10. No breed of dog is immune to the adverse effects of stress on their physical health. An abnormally high quantity of stress can result in medical and behavioral changes in their bodies, one of which is an unusually high amount of shedding.

Tip: Finding the causes of the English Bulldog's excessive shedding and eliminating as many of those causes as possible will help bring about a sense of calm and contentment in their lives.

How To Stop Excessive Shedding In English Bulldogs?

The primary causes of shedding for your Bulldog are uncleanliness and nutritional deficiencies in their diet. Even if your English Bulldog is in pristine condition, it will still shed because of its natural coat.

  • Regular Grooming

Brushing your Bulldog consistently is necessary. Therefore, make it a habit to brush your pet every day or at least twice a week. To eliminate your pet's loose hair, brush them with a toothbrush with densely packed bristles. Brushing your Bulldog every day to maintain the health of its skin and coat is essential. Because of this, your dog will lose significantly less hair.

  • Good Decisions Regarding Food

The nutrition of an English Bulldog is an essential factor in determining the dog's general health. Reduce the number of sweets and fatty meals they consume. Your puppy's coat will stay healthy, and your English Bulldog won't shed if you feed it foods that contain at least 27-28 percent protein.

  • Use a Good Vacuum

You should try to make vacuuming your home a daily habit. These will reduce the number of allergies and mites that are present.

  • Give your English bulldog a bath

You must be aware that the skin of English bulldogs is more delicate than that of other breeds of dogs. Therefore, you should avoid using too harsh shampoos on your cat. Because it has the potential to aggravate the skin of your Bulldog, it is in their best interest if you refrain from using shampoo on them.

  • Make an Investment in a Quality Collar

An uncomfortable collar can cause discomfort and even allergic responses in some dogs. In addition, it might cause your pet to scratch the region around his neck continually. As a result, you ought to put some money into purchasing a quality collar.

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  • Omega-3 Supplements

Even though omega-3 pills won't de-shed your canine buddy completely, they will significantly reduce the amount of hair that your English Bulldog will shed. The health of the skin and hair can be improved immediately by omega-3 fatty acids.

If you want to save your Bulldog the expense of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements and instead provide them with foods that are rich in this nutrient, some good options include spinach, kale, salmon, and flaxseed.

  • Veterinarian Visit

Visits to the veterinarian may be pricey; therefore, most people who own dogs would instead try to help their Bulldog shed at home rather than spend the money on professional assistance. However, if all of these measures fail or their shedding worsens, the best course of action is to take them to the veterinarian.


It is essential to remember that every pooch has a personality all its own and that what one English Bulldog accomplishes may not apply to another. Because of this, the manner in which particular English Bulldogs shed their coats may vary from one another. So, proper hygiene and care are a must to keep your pup away from excessive shedding.