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The Different Types of French Bulldogs [COMPLETE LIST]

The Different Types of French Bulldogs [COMPLETE LIST]

French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are cute, loyal, intelligent, and good family dogs. They are small and adorable with big pointy ears, square heads, stout bodies, and wrinkly faces. French Bulldogs are quite common globally and come in different varieties. They are also compact, making them an excellent choice for folks who do not like large dogs.

The different types of French bulldogs include Fawn French Bulldog, Pied French Bulldog, Tiger Brindle French Bulldog, Pure Black French Bulldog, White French Bulldog, Merle French Bulldog, Isabella French Bulldog, Chocolate French Bulldog, Blue French Bulldog, Sable French Bulldog, and Blue Sable.

Frenchies are recognized for their amusing snorting noises in combination with being adorable. Although it might not be to everyone's taste, it is only one of the numerous characteristics that distinguish French people.

different type bulldogsTypes Of French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have distinct personalities from other breeds; therefore, learning more about them before purchasing one is important. They are stigmatized in the community as a low-maintenance little breed that can be carried wherever. This could not be further from the truth.

French Bulldogs often necessitate the same level of care as a newborn infant. A French bulldog is a good option if you do not have a typical suburban back garden to let your dogs run around in. This breed is well-known for its outstanding general appearance.

French Bulldogs are of different varieties, so some look more appealing to humans than others. Regardless of the French Bulldog you choose to breed, you must know more about that particular variety, as some are more prone to certain health issues than others.

In addition, not all French Bulldogs varieties are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The only acceptable colors are white, fawn, brindle, and brindle and white only. Other colors like liver, mouse, solid black, black and white, white with black and black and tan are not recognized by the AKC.

What Are The Different Types Of French Bulldogs?

There are different types of French Bulldogs all over the world. However, while some are quite popular and could be easily seen, some are scarce. Bulldogs are quite expensive, so if you are interested in getting one, ensure you contact a reputable and reliable breeder. Below, we will be reviewing some French Bulldogs.

White French Bulldog

The White French Bulldog is one of the acceptable colors of the standard French Bulldog color. This dog is very rare and could sometimes be confused with a piebald due to its color. The white coloration is due to the combination of specific genes and could also be linked to albinism.

White French Bulldogs have a dark pigment around their lips, eyes, and nose. However, the white color makes this dog adorable. They are prone to deafness, especially those with a pink color around their mouth and eyes. The cost of a puppy is from $5000 upwards.

Fawn French Bulldog

Fawn French Bulldogs are adorable with elegant solid coats in various colors like golden tan, reddish tan, cream, and light tan. This particular color is recognized as one of the AKC standards. Some come with a black color on their face, nose, and mouth, which could appear like a mask.

Fawn French Bulldogs are quite common and are good companion dogs. They have a good temperament and are very easy to train. Getting a puppy from a reputable breeder costs about $5000.

Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle French Bulldog comes with a dark coat and has a mixture of white stripes around its neck, chest, head, and some parts of its toes. Perhaps, this is the most popular color of the French Bulldogs. The Brindle French Bulldog could come in different patterns like seal brindle, tiger brindle, brindle pied, and black brindle which is more popular.

In addition, it is essential to state that they are prone to health conditions like allergies, hip dysplasia, heat stroke, and skin problems. So, when getting one, ensure to contact a reputable breeder; the cost of a puppy is around $4000. For all those seeking a tiny, active, and loving companion dog, the Brindle French Bulldog is a common choice.

Merle French Bulldog

The Merle French Bulldogs have a unique pattern and are not recognized as an acceptable standard by the AKC. They have a genetic condition responsible for the patches all over their skin. These dogs are quite rare and equally very expensive, perhaps due to their unique and adorable patches. The cost of getting a puppy begins from $7000 upwards.

Pied French Bulldog

Pied French Bulldogs have a white color, with large dark spots on specific body areas like the eyes or ears, which makes them have a unique appearance. Pied French bulldogs are quite adorable; however, they are prone to certain health conditions like dietary sensitivities, skin problems, brachycephalic syndrome, and a shorter lifespan.

This pattern causes spots around the ears and eyes, giving them a distinctive look. Although the American Kennel Club recognizes some color variations, breeders are free to explore. They are predisposed to skin problems, brachycephalic syndrome, and food sensitivities.

Rare-colored Frenchies have a limited lifespan and are more prone to alopecia due to color dilution. Purchasing from a reputable company with a documented track history can relieve some worries, but you should be aware of all risks. Due to their health conditions, they are often advised to be gotten from a reputable breeder. Pied French Bulldogs are somewhat rear; hence the price of getting a puppy could be up to $6000.

Isabella French Bulldog

This particular breed is considered to be the rarest among other French Bulldogs. They come in an adorable, lovely, and unique coat. The reason for their distinctive coat color is due to the presence of a recessive gene which is present in both parent breeds.

Due to this recessive gene, these dogs are prone to some health conditions and are quite unhealthy compared to other French Bulldogs. Despite being prone to some health conditions, they are pretty expensive, and a puppy could cost about $8000.

Pure Black French Bulldog

For lovers of black dogs, if you are considering getting a French Bulldog, then this breed is a great choice. The black color is due to a recessive gene in the dog. The Pure Black French Bulldogs have no other form of color on them aside from black. The cost of getting one begins from $4500 upwards.

Sable French Bulldog

Among the most popular types of French bulldog is the Sable French Bulldog. Their distinctive sable coat, which ranges in hue from pale brown to black, distinguishes them. Their huge ears, muscular body, and short legs are further characteristics.

They are also rather easy to teach and do not have a reputation for being pretty annoying or destructive. The Sable French Bulldog might be the ideal pet if you seek a playful and loyal companion.

french bulldog big smallBlue French Bulldog

The Blue French Bulldog is a little, calm dog with a blue coat that is particularly short. It has a flat face, wide eyes, and bat ears to distinguish it from a French Bulldog. This lovely blue dog is a color variation of the French bulldog, not a distinct breed; its gray-blue coat color is not a standard color.

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Final Thoughts

We can all admit that the Frenchie looks great in many colors. Even though dabbling with color genes may be hazardous to one's health, it is interesting to see how much you can change and mix genes. There is nothing keeping breeders from researching this breed's potential, given its popularity. If you possess a French bulldog, you must take good care of it to prevent it from having any health conditions.

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