Dog Food

Can You Feed Your French Bulldog Avocados?

A lot of people argue about whether or not avocados are safe for animals to consume. Avocadoes are nutty, fatty, and full of various nutrients and vitamins. But they are also one of the most controversial fruits when it comes to putting them in a dog’s diet. Most Frenchie owners […]

Is Tuna Fish Safe for French Bulldogs to Eat?

Most meats like fish, chicken, and tuna are acceptable to introduce into your french bulldog’s diet. These meats are often filled with lots of nutrients and vitamins that can improve your dog’s health. Dogs can consume tuna fish with a few exceptions. Not all forms of tuns are the same. […]

How Much Should A French Bulldog Eat?

French bulldogs are simply one of the best pets that you could ever have! They’re fun, cute and make wonderful companions. These adorable pups can be very easy to take care of and look after. When it comes to feeding a french bulldog, the first thing you need to do […]