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Can French Bulldogs Swim? Is It Cool Idea?

Dogs are innate swimmers. This is what I believed until I owned a French Bulldog. During summer, my Frenchie, Minnie seems to be having issues keeping up with the hot weather. I am always afraid that she will have a heatstroke. Luckily, she doesn’t get overheat easily so I never […]

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails: The Tail Legacy

The fluffy pig hound! The French bulldog is one of the world’s favorite domesticated hounds, that is known for expressing themselves in wonderful “gurgle, gurgles” and grunts with an indistinguishable personality. The American Kennel Club rankings rank the Frenchie at number four in their popularity polls, and for good reason. […]

Are French Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs?

French bulldogs are often listed as one of the most apartment-friendly breeds of dogs. You might live in an apartment and want to adopt a french bulldog; you also might already own a Frenchie and want to get an apartment. Either way, you need to know if this kind of […]