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Husky French Bulldog Mix

Husky French Bulldog Mix: Crossing Sled Racers with Lap Dogs

No one can make a convincing argument against Huskies being the marathon runners of the canine world. And the French Bulldog would surely make most people’s top five list for the cutest clown. If you thought someone originally blended them out of curiosity about the peculiar and bizarre, you probably […]

Corgi French Bulldog Mix

Corgi French Bulldog Mix: Adorable and High-Maintenance

When you think of cute, crossbred dogs, the Corgi French Bulldog mix has to be among the top choices. The question, however, is often “why?” Do you get a healthier and more athletic French Bulldog? Maybe you acquire a Corgi with a shorter back. It is difficult to imagine that […]