The Real CatDog – Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

black french bulldog laying on carpet next to sleeping cat

Miraculous Pet Relationships – Can two Species of Animals Coexist in one Pet Family? There are many magical pet owners who seem to have the ability and magnificent power to convince two different species, sometimes multiple different species of animals to coexist under one household. According to Wikipedia, the internet is flooded with cute uncanny … Read more

Adopting a French Bulldog: Everything You Need to Know and More

french bulldog with orange harness and leash ready to walk

Let us introduce you to the goofy, bat-eared super-pup: the French bulldog. With their smooshed faces, this pup guarantees to redefine your stereotypes on small breeds. Its vivid and winning personality is unlike any other too, and it’ll provide you with a lifetime of companionship and entertainment. Are you looking for a friendly and unique … Read more

The French Bulldog: Legacy to The Tail

sturdy french bulldog standing on grass

The fluffy pig hound! The French bulldog is one of the worlds favorite domesticated hounds, that is known for expressing themselves in wonderful “gurgle, gurgles” and grunts with an indistinguishable personality. The American Kennel Club rankings rank the Frenchie at number four in their popularity polls, and for good reason. They are growing in popularity … Read more