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Can You Feed Your French Bulldog Avocados?

Can You Feed Your French Bulldog Avocados?

A lot of people argue about whether or not avocados are safe for animals to consume. Avocadoes are nutty, fatty, and full of various nutrients and vitamins. But they are also one of the most controversial fruits when it comes to putting them in a dog's diet.

Most Frenchie owners only want the best for their french bulldogs. They want to give them a healthy diet, awesome toys, and a comfortable home.

Some people claim that avocadoes are poisonous and detrimental to the health of cats and dogs. But is that the truth? Are avocados toxic to dogs? Let's find out:

What Is Persin? Is It Dangerous for French Bulldogs?

When it comes to avocadoes, most people argue that they are poisonous because they contain a toxin called persin.

Persin is usually the root of all avocado related debates because most people believe that the entire avocado contains persin. Persin can only be found in the seed, leaves, and skin of the avocado.

It is a toxic ingredient, but it also has healthy fatty acids. If persin is consumed in large amounts, it can be poisonous to animals, but only animals like horses and cows. Animals like dogs and cats usually don't have any adverse reactions to the persin in avocados.

Avocados in whole are not poisonous to dogs or cats either, despite its persin content. According to PetInsurance, dogs and cats may be immune to persin, but larger animals may have a more severe problem.

It can even be fatal to animals like birds and cows. Even though your french bulldog is in the clear, there are still some risks that you need to know about before you begin feeding it avocado.

Certain forms of avocado are more acceptable than others. Some fruits and vegetables have to be prepared a certain way for animals to consume them safely. For example, chicken has to have its skin and bones removed, so it isn't a hazard for your dog to eat.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Avocados If They Are Fresh?

Your french bulldog can eat avocados the same way you can. There have never been any reports on dogs being poisoned from avocados or avocado-based food. Some pet foods have included avocado as an active ingredient.

According to AvodermNatural, some veterinarians recommend avocado-based foods to some dog owners whose dogs are facing skin and hair problems.

If your french bulldog is losing its hair, getting dry skin, or experiences changes in the color of its skin or coat, this could be a sign of a deficiency. Avocados are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. This makes it the perfect remedy for an imbalanced diet.

Dogs need a high amount of fat in their diet for them to stay healthy. Without it, it will cause adverse changes to their skin and hair. Look out for signs of dandruff or constant scratching from your dog.

Those are just two of the most common symptoms of a vitamin or fat deficiency. Dogster suggests that dry skin and dandruff are also common in dogs with deficiencies.

There are avocado-based pet pebbles for those that don't want to get fresh avocado for their dog. This could be a great alternative if you are living in an area where avocados are not in season or available at the market.

What About Avocado Pits and Avocado Seeds?

Avocado flesh is perfect for your french bulldog to consume. Avocado pits or seeds are not acceptable and should be avoided at all costs.

Avocado flesh is harmless, but the pit or seed can be dangerous because it might disrupt the throat and digestive area of your dog. They can be hard to swallow and hazardous if broken up into pieces by the dog's teeth.

Bowel obstruction is the leading risk in feeding a dog avocado pits or seeds. Obstructions can be fatal to many dogs, especially ones that are younger or smaller in size.

If obstruction takes place, your dog might have to have surgery or face the possibility of being put down.

All dogs and cats should avoid any seed or pit from a fruit or vegetable. Most of these seeds have cyanide in them. Apples and apricots are two examples of fruits with seeds that are poisonous to domestic animals.

Cyanide can be deadly for most animals and even most humans. According to DogSupplies, cyanide prevents the body from being able to properly let blood carry oxygen to various parts of the body.

According to Healtholino, avocado seeds contain cyanide, but only small amounts. The amount found in avocado seeds is not enough to be fatal to any animal or human. However, the difference lies in the amount that is consumed during a certain amount of time.

What About Avocado-Based Foods?

So, what about the foods that have traces of avocado in them, like guacamole? Avocado-based foods are not an issue because of their avocado content. The problem lies in what other ingredients are in the food.

The danger in buying a condiment or food with avocados is that you don't know whether or not these other foods will be poisonous to your french bulldog.

Your french bulldog can eat guacamole as long as it does not have onions in it. Dogs can also eat tomato sauce as long as it has no onions or garlic in it.

Onions and garlic have toxins in them that are deadly to animals if they are consumed in high amounts.

You can add spices like salt and pepper or lemon pepper to the food to substitute for onions or garlic. Make sure that you control the portion size as well. Be careful with feeding this type of meal to your french bulldog regularly.

Some veterinarians will permit dog owners to feed their dogs or cats onions and garlic. However, you should try to avoid it completely.

Make sure that you only include certain ingredients if you feel like you need to. If the absence of a particular food won't cause a deficiency, it can probably be avoided.

If you are still feeling skeptical, check out this YouTube video for more information on avocados being in a dog's diet.