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Can French Bulldogs be Bred? Is it a Good Idea?

Can French Bulldogs be Bred? Is it a Good Idea?

You've raised a French Bulldog pup, and something prevented you from getting the dog spayed or neutered. Perhaps down deep you knew you might want to breed your precious pooch one day?

While you're not a professional breeder, you DO have one thing in common with the individual who breeds for profit – you do what you do to better the breed.

There are many things to ponder when you think about breeding your French Bulldog, not in the least is the health – present and future – of your French Bulldog and the money that is required to ensure a healthy delivery.

What are some things I must Consider when Thinking about Breeding my French Bulldogs?

According to French Bulldog Club, I'm willing to bet that you think breeding dogs is as simple as putting a male and female together at a time when she is considered "in season" (some refer to this as being "in heat"). It's just not that simple.

What are some Mating Issues to Consider?

First, you should be aware that French Bulldogs have mating issues. What could possibly be meant by that? Well, the process of breeding two French Bulldogs isn't as simple as the scenario above implies.

First, you'll need to find a mate for your dog that is local. There are those who breed with other owners that live far away, some times so far that plane travel is required. However, the French Bulldog is not made for all that plane travel requires.

The French Bulldog simply cannot fly. Not only is the French Bulldog sensitive to heat, but he is also sensitive to the pressure changes that will take place once he is airborne. The short snout of the breed makes breathing in such situations difficult at best.

Next, the French Bulldog's actual body makeup makes breeding difficult.

Consider the physical characteristics of the French Bulldog that make him so cute. He has a large head, stocky shoulders, and a body that seems to taper itself to narrow hips and short legs.

Although it might seem a little humorous to imagine, the French Bulldog's everybody type could cause him to topple over should he attempt to naturally mount a female in season. On top of that, some males are simply too short to successfully do what nature requires.

If My French Bulldog Can't Breed Naturally, then What are my Options?

According to BreedingBusiness, To be honest, your only real option at this point is artificial insemination.

You can find some great information on breeding French Bulldogs in this video.

What does Artificial Insemination (AI) Involve?


First, you'll need to obtain semen from a healthy male dog. You can purchase this, or you can contract a veterinarian who will assist you in collecting the semen and preparing your female for insemination.

The vet will check the health of the semen. Some things to look for involve the proper number of sperm and whether they are active or not. The individual collecting the sperm will need to store the sperm unless your female is ready for insemination right away.

As for storing the semen, this can be either chilled or frozen. If it is chilled, it must still be used within a twenty-four hour period. If frozen, this is done via a process of liquid nitrogen. Frozen sperm can be stored for months at a time.

Once that part of the equation has been taken care of, then one must insure that the female is ready for breeding. First, she will have to be in "heat" or "in season." This takes place only twice a year, so you must make the most of each opportunity.

Many times, vets will perform blood tests that indicate if the proper amount of progesterone is present; this indicates that the dog is either in heat or about to be.

Once it is determined that a dog is physically ready for breeding, the vet will use a straw to insert the sperm into her body. Some vets use an endoscope to ensure that the sperm enters the uterus.

What are the Chances of Success when Using AI?

Overall (in all animals), artificial insemination is typically successful. In dogs, the success rate for artificial insemination isn't as high as in other animals. This might be because of unknown breeding issues with the female, especially if the sperm is found to be viable.

Some experts note that if the female is inseminated traditionally (without the endoscope), should she be allowed to urinate normally, she may wash the sperm out of her body. This could be a factor in any failure of the sperm to act successfully.

What is the Cost of Artificial Insemination?

There are many factors that determine the price of artificial insemination for your dog. A traditional stud fee is between $500 – $1000.

While some breeders will exchange a puppy for stud services, when one factor in the veterinary costs involved in breeding the French Bulldog, you'll understand that isn't an option.

You will also need to consider the stud dog's pedigree. A dog that is descended from a line of successful show dogs or is in some other way in high demand for breeding will have a distinctively higher price.

You should also keep in mind that you'll need to pay the vet to inseminate your female. Typically this is at least $200 – $300.

What are some Issues that Might Occur as a Result of Artificial Insemination?

Of course, the intended outcome of artificial insemination is a successful pregnancy. However, there is always the chance that that outcome might not occur. While it is rare, there are some issues that might take place during the artificial insemination process.

The vet must use absolutely the best practices where cleanliness and care of the breeding dog are concerned. The rate of infection is low, but it is possible should there be dirty or contaminated instruments in use.

Other concerns where artificial insemination is concerned are really not health concerns, but more in regards to the effectiveness of the practice.

To put it bluntly, semen utilized for artificial insemination is expensive. Whether you are simply paying a stud for one-to-one breeding or you have had frozen semen flown into your vet's office, you can expect to spend a good bit of money on just obtaining the sperm.

If your vet does not follow the procedure as he or she should, you could waste all the viable sperm. Frankly, this would just be a waste of your money over a careless error.

Therefore, do not attempt to inseminate your dog on your own, nor should you use a vet you have not "vetted" yourself.

Some vets do not perform the most thorough physical checks of a breeding pair as they should. This is true for the male and the female pup parent.

Knowledge such as that makes it difficult to trust sperm that is sent from hundreds or thousands of miles away; however, most stud services can be guaranteed by the presence of a contract.

You should have in writing how many times you'll expect to be able to get a replacement if the first attempt fails or a refund of your money.

Be prepared to "eat" any money you pay your personal vet should the insemination not work the first – or subsequent – times.

If the semen you purchased is frozen then shipped to your vet, you must ensure that your vet knows how to properly thaw the specimen. If this is not carried out properly, you will likely lose that vial of sperm.

Overall, artificial insemination has many concerns, but it is a safe practice. Where French Bulldogs and a few other breeds are concerned, it is actually much safer than traditional breeding.

So, are there Real Benefits to Artificial Insemination?

Yes, actually, there are many benefits to artificial insemination – not only for you but for your French Bulldog.

First, and perhaps one of the most important factors, is the idea that dogs that are bred via AI actually have less stress associated with breeding when compared to dogs that are bred naturally.

In the case of the French Bulldog, who cannot travel to meet a new mate, this decreased stress is very good for the overall health of the dog.

There are some young (and inexperienced dogs) that may experience a traumatic mating situation – perhaps the other dog is aggressive or otherwise unpleasant. Some dogs will suffer from a stress disorder as a result. They will never breed if so.

According to FrechieShop, Artificial insemination reduces that risk.

Next, if you'll remember, at the beginning of the article, we discussed breeding to "better the breed." What better way to do that than to use the sperm of proven sires (fathers)?

It is possible with AI! Remember, frozen sperm can be used years later, even after a father has passed away.

Yes, you can breed the French Bulldog, but do research and keep in mind all the concerns mentioned in this article.

You only want the best for the breed, so proceed with educated caution when preparing your female for puppies.

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