French Bulldog vs English Bulldog: How to Compare

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog

Are you in the market for a bulldog and pondering which type to get? If you are considering an English or a French Bulldog, the decision may seem challenging. Are there any significant differences, and if so, what are they? A French Bulldog vs English Bulldog is smaller with a rounder more dome-shaped head. Other … Read more

Husky French Bulldog Mix: Crossing Sled Racers with Lap Dogs

Husky French Bulldog Mix

No one can make a convincing argument against Huskies being the marathon runners of the canine world. And the French Bulldog would surely make most people’s top five list for the cutest clown. If you thought someone originally blended them out of curiosity about the peculiar and bizarre, you probably are partially correct. However, it … Read more