Author: Anything French Bulldog Team

The Adorable French Poodle

Introduction to the French Poodle It seems that many breeders are experimenting with mixing two great dogs together to get a new “hybrid” breed of dog, according to Dogs and Dog Advice. This is a growing trend, as breeders once strove only to better the breed (no matter what the […]

How Many Times Should My French Bulldog Poop?

Monitoring how often your French bulldog or Frenchie poops is not one of the more glamorous aspects of living with Frenchies. However, knowing how often your pup poops and what that poop looks like is a major way to quickly and effectively monitor your dog’s health. The Straight Poop, or […]

The Frorkie – A French Bulldog and Yorkie Mix

Hybrid breeds are becoming more and more common as breeders work to experiment with not only improving a purebred breed of dogs but to promote the best qualities of two great breeds. For instance, many breeders began to mix varying breeds of dogs with the Poodle (often, the Miniature or […]