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Are Tomatoes Dangerous for French Bulldogs?

Are Tomatoes Dangerous for French Bulldogs?

Fruits and vegetables can be an excellent addition to any dog's diet. French bulldogs are one of the happier breeds that can significantly benefit from a well-balanced diet. Most fruits and vegetables are ok for pets, but what about tomatoes?

Tomatoes are delicious, plump fruits that contain lots of vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to all species.

However, pet owners must take caution and remember that even healthy foods have a dark side. Read on to get an in-depth answer to whether or not your french bulldog should be eating tomatoes.

Can Your French Bulldog Eat Tomatoes?

Most dogs can tolerate tomatoes. French bulldogs can safely eat a certain amount of greens with no adverse effect. Dogs can eat tomatoes, but there are certain things that owners should keep in mind to avoid any trouble.

The Spruce Pets suggests that tomatoes are considered to be in the nightshade family. This means that tomatoes have contents inside that can be dangerous if they are consumed in high amounts. Most dogs rarely get poisoned from overeating tomatoes, but that doesn't mean it is impossible.

It can be even more dangerous if your dog is getting the tomatoes from a garden. Tomatoes that aren't ripe can be even more toxic to individual animals.

Tomatoes that are ripe and fresh are perfectly fine for french bulldogs. Make sure that these tomatoes have no leaves or stem on them.

Even though it can be safe, you should always talk with your veterinarian before you feed your french bulldog anything that comes from your diet.

Some dogs can be more or less tolerant of tomatoes than other dogs. Test it out in pieces before serving a full tomato or an entire portion of tomatoes and try to create different recipes so your dog can get used to various versions of tomato meals.

How Are Tomatoes Good for French Bulldogs?

According to CertaPet, tomatoes contain a good source of nutrients and vitamins that help make animals and humans healthy. If your french bulldog eats the appropriate amount of tomatoes regularly, you should start to see its body make positive changes.

Tomatoes are not high in calories or carbs. They are also high in fiber, which can be great for helping your french bulldog with digestion. Lycopene is another essential ingredient that is found in most tomatoes.

Lycopene consumption can help your french bulldog prevent getting heart disease and other cardiovascular issues.

It improves the strength of its bones and brain muscles. Vitamin A and C are also prominent in tomatoes, along with potassium and folate. This helps with keeping the skin healthy and thick. Vision, blood flow, and muscle health will also be improved.

How Are Tomatoes Bad for French Bulldogs?

According to Pet MD, the green parts of the tomato can be toxic to your french bulldog. The stem and leaves often have traces of solanine in them.

Solanine is a toxin that can only really be harmful to dogs if they eat a large amount of it. The leaves and stems of tomatoes only have traces of it.

This will only be a problem depending on what type of tomatoes you purchase from the store. Most store-bought tomatoes come with the leaves and stem cut off. Try to purchase this kind or consider buying smaller versions like grape tomatoes.

If you have a garden that grows tomatoes, this is the most toxic type of tomato that your dog could eat.

Unripened tomatoes with leaves and stems are often found in gardens and some fresh markets. Trupanion suggests that pet owners keep their french bulldog and any other pets away from this area.

Make sure that you are feeding your french bulldog fresh tomatoes instead of substitutes. Canned tomatoes or tomato-based condiments are not going to provide the same amount of nutrients and vitamins that your dog would get from the natural fruit.

The alternatives often contain way too much salt and sugar for both you and your dog. Avoid these at all costs. If you prefer to give your dog an alternative, make it from scratch with fresh and natural ingredients.

What Are the Best Ways to Feed Tomatoes to Your Dog?

Before you attempt to feed your dog any tomatoes, make sure that you get in touch with a veterinarian to get approval.

You never know if your french bulldog has a medical situation that could make tomatoes even more toxic than they may already be. One french bulldog could be immune to its toxicity, while another might not be.

If you are shopping at a store to get your tomatoes, try to get the bite-sized ones that can be easily consumed by your dog.

Grape tomatoes would be the most appropriate size for that. This is also helpful for when you are easing the tomatoes into the dog's diet.

Introduce the tomatoes to your french bulldog slowly. Start out by giving it one or two grape tomatoes as a treat during certain times of the day.

After a while, start mixing a couple in with the regular food. Going at a slow pace prevents your dog from being taken aback by the sudden shift in routine.

If you get fresh tomatoes, cut off all leaves and stems. Rinse and make sure you keep them refrigerated and fresh.

Don't add any salt or toppings when you give it to your dog. Along with that, make sure that the tomatoes are GMO-free and free of pesticides or herbicides.


When you begin introducing tomatoes into your dog's diet, keep a lookout for signs of an allergic reaction. Also, check for signs that your dog doesn't like the tomatoes. Don't force your dog to eat them if it doesn't want to.

Dogs that are experiencing tomato poisoning will often have gastrointestinal problems. They will also vomit and poop more than usual. Drowsiness and inconsistent heart rates are also symptoms of tomato poisoning.

According to the American Kennel Club, muscle weakness and loss of coordination can be symptoms as well.

Make sure that you are staying updated with research. Check out this YouTube video for more information on how you can include tomatoes in your french bulldog's diet.