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Are English Bulldog Aggressive? Will They Bite?

Are English Bulldog Aggressive? Will They Bite?

English Bulldogs, often known as British Bulldogs, have been the center of fear for a huge number of people for many centuries. They have a well-deserved reputation for being hostile and vicious canines. To what extent, though, is this actually true? Are English Bulldog Aggressive? Will They Bite?

English Bulldogs are not naturally aggressive, but they are capable of becoming so when provoked, just like any other breed of dog. When an English Bulldog is not properly socialized as a puppy, the likelihood that he may bite as an adult significantly increases.

Although Bulldogs are entirely peaceful and calm when they are with their guardians, they have a tendency to be wary of unfamiliar people and other canines.

couple bulldog lovelyHistory Of English Bulldog

Understanding the roots of the English Bulldog will enable us to comprehend the attitude of his forebears. In addition to that, it will assist us in determining whether the English Bulldogs of today are aggressive or not.

The early English Bulldog was initially bred as a hunting and guard dog when it was first developed. In addition, he assisted farmers by guarding livestock and driving cattle and hogs in their pastures.

Unfortunately, the English Bulldog was eventually used in a cruel sport called bull-baiting. It is believed to have originated in England in the 12th century and continued to spread across Europe up until the middle of the 1800s.

This cruel sport involves putting dogs in the position of having to harass and corner the bull while it is on the ground. The English Bulldogs demonstrated outstanding ability when it came to bull-baiting. They are ruthless attackers who would not hesitate to use their powerful jaws to clamp down on the animal's face to bring it to the ground.

These tenacious dogs quickly became a popular option for participating in this blood sport, and it did not take very long for this to happen. Sadly, during these dangerous games, a significant number of English Bulldogs were either killed outright or sustained irreparable injuries.

For more than six hundred and fifty years, this breed was associated with the sport of bull-baiting. It wasn't until the practice of bull-baiting was made illegal in 1835 that he was able to avoid a terrible end.

During that time period, were English Bulldogs known to be dangerous? 

Yes, they were due to the difficult lives they had endured while participating in bull-baiting. The owners of the dogs that were the forebears of current English Bulldogs indulged in a fierce form of blood sport, and the dogs suffered as a result.

Compassionate Canine Companions At The Core

To this day, have English bulldogs been known to be aggressive? No. Even though English Bulldogs have a checkered past as dogs used for bull-baiting, modern breed examples do not display the same level of hostility as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

Breeders of the modern English Bulldog took precautions to eliminate this potentially lethal feature in its offspring.

The modern English Bulldog is a well-mannered, laid-back dog that makes for a good companion. Some people could even call him a sofa potato or accuse him of being lazy. But the essential thing to note about this dog breed is that they hardly ever exhibit aggressive or territorial behaviors these days.

The English Bulldog is one of the most incredible dogs a person who adores canines could wish for if it is brought up in an environment where it is loved and understood. According to the American Kennel Club, he is an excellent companion for families because of his calm demeanor, steadfastness, and ability to get along with youngsters.

The affectionate nature of the English Bulldog has contributed to the breed's rise to the fifth spot on the list of popular dog breeds in the USA.

The connection between an English Bulldog and its owner is quite strong. They are not standoffish, and the one thing that tops the list of priorities for them is receiving affection and attention from the people with whom they live in companionship. They are comfort seekers and will seek it by being in close proximity to the people they care about.

When it comes to being around young children, the English Bulldog species is known for its unwavering tolerance. He is less inclined than other dogs to become agitated by their antics, in contrast to other canines. He is able to put up with the misbehavior and noise of youngsters for an extended period of time.

It is a widespread misunderstanding that these friendly dogs are hostile toward people and might jeopardize their lives.

If people can see past the complex background of the English Bulldog and its intimidating looks, they will see a dog who just wants to be loved, cared for, and understood at the end of the day. If you offer him all of these things, he will be able to shower you with an inexhaustible amount of devotion in return.

However, if you want to avoid the problem of English Bulldog aggressiveness, you will need to train the dog when he is still a young puppy.

How To Properly Tame The Aggressive English Bulldog?

Be Tough: It might be difficult at times to be strict with our animal companions that we love so much. If you don't, though, people might not believe that you are the dominating one in the group or the pack leader. As soon as you see that your pup is biting, nipping, or engaging in any other kind of behavior that is not appropriate, immediately respond with a resounding "No."

Provide Them With Adequate Exercise: Because it offers so many benefits, it will make it easier for him or her to have a joyful and fulfilling life. Exercising English Bulldogs will wear them out and keep their aggressive tendencies in check. On the other hand, there are occasions when physical activity won't solve all of your issues by itself. The aggressive behavior may persist, but the benefit is that it assists your furry baby in getting rid of any surplus energy they may have.

Reward Good Behavior: When interacting with your English Bullog, make sure that you offer them plenty of love and praise and do this frequently. Reward good conduct by biting the appropriate items when they do so!

Toys: Ensure that you have some fun toys ready to go. When you see that your furry friend is becoming overly aggressive, it is time to bring out his or her most beloved toy. Take into consideration that you can't keep playing with the same toy repeatedly. They will get uninterested in playing with toys that they have previously worn down and chewed on. You might also utilize these five unique activities to assist in maintaining your composure.

Establish Your Authority As The Pack Leader: You may achieve this by providing him with limits and regulations. They will come to believe that they are the leader of the pack if you don't offer them any rules, and this type of thinking will cause them to be aggressive toward other animals in order to defend you since they are trying to take your place. If you have not asserted yourself as the level-headed leader, it is in their nature to be hostile toward other creatures and protect their pack. If you have not done so, they will follow their natural instincts. If you teach your dog where he fits in the hierarchy of the pack, he will be less likely to be aggressive against other dogs.

bulldog flowers cuteDo English Bulldogs Have A Powerful Bite?

They certainly do. In point of fact, English Bulldogs are among the best dog breeds in terms of their ability to deliver a strong bite. Research indicates that their biting force is 200-215 pounds per square inch.


Unsocialized or untrained English Bulldog puppies are more likely to bite as compared to trained English Bulldogs. However, English Bulldogs are quiet and gentle with their owners, yet apprehensive of strangers and other dogs.

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