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What Is An American Bully XL? Breed And Care Guide

What Is An American Bully XL? Breed And Care Guide

The American Bully XL is a relatively young dog breed that has seen significant growth in popularity over the past several years. The American Bully XL is a breed unto himself and should not be confused with the common American Bulldog, which has a similar appearance and is around the same size. The American Bully XL is a relatively new addition to the canine species. He is commonly considered as a companion dog because of his tremendous physique, boxy face, and loving disposition. Let's discuss more about this beautiful canine companion.

The American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) and the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) were used as founders in the breeding of American Bully XL, which is famous for its pleasant demeanor and strong physical constitution. Despite their imposing appearance, American bullies are actually quite friendly dogs that make wonderful additions to families as pets.

The Standard Bully and its magnificent variant, the American Bully XL, share the same overall physical attributes, body type, and construction. The American Bully XL, however, has a larger build. The sole difference between it and the Standard Bully is that it has a somewhat more stocky build and is slightly taller than the Standard Bully.

The height of male American Bully XL is usually 22-23 inches, while the height of females ranges between 20 and 22 inches. Additionally, a typical lifespan of American Bully XL is ten to twelve years when provided with adequate care.

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A Brief Overview Of The American Bully XL's History

In the 1980s and 1990s, the American Bully XL was introduced for the first time. As is the case with many bully breeds, they originated as a result of breeders' desire to create a larger "Pitbull-type" dog.

The American Pit Bull Terrier and the AST were used in the breeding program (as discussed above), and the first few progeny were used to establish the bully breeds.

Breeders have continued to experiment with breeding these dogs with other bulldog breeds throughout the years, including the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog.

Because of this, the American Bully XL finally developed a remarkable personality in addition to its unique appearance.


The head of the American Bully XL is rather massive, and its skull is quite wide. They have cheek muscles that are quite defined, almost like carved stone. The ears are set high on the head, and most people either leave them natural or get them clipped.

The eyes have the appearance of almonds and can be a variety of colors, including amber, yellow, or brown. The length of the muzzle is either short or medium and it is located closer to the face than the snout.

The jaw is clearly defined, and there is just a slight amount of looseness in the lips.

The face is wrinkled, similar to that of a typical Bulldog, and the wrinkles get more pronounced as the dog gets older.

The Legs And The Body

Heavy and musculous, with a little arch, an American Bully XL's neck is a standout feature of this breed. Their front legs are strong and straight, but their feet have a rounded shape that faces forward.

They have arched ribs and a large, deep chest that gives the impression of being filled up. Beginning at the withers, the back has a gentle downward slope. Their physique is quite square and powerfully muscled.

Body Coat And Pattern

A variety of different patterns and colors may be seen on an American Bully XL. The coat is typically straight, somewhat short, shiny, and either stiff or soft, depending on the breed. The thickness is about right, neither particularly thick nor particularly thin. Sable, black, gray and fawn are some of the possible colors for the coat.


The temper of the American Bully is one of the characteristics of the dog that discourages many potential buyers. People have the misconception that these dogs are hostile since they appear like Pitbulls, which contributes to the widespread belief that they are Pitbulls. Despite the fact that it is not true that all Pitbulls are aggressive, the concept that all Pitbulls are hostile is still widely held throughout the United States, and many places forbid Pitbulls from being out in public. Because of this, when people think of them in conjunction with the American Bully, they also think of them as being aggressive. But that's not always the case.


If you have an American Bully XL puppy that is less than one year old, it is in your best interest to provide them with food that is rich in both protein and fat. The ideal protein content should be at least 30 percent to achieve the best results, and the ideal fat level should be at least 20 percent.

Make sure the food is of good quality and free of any allergies your puppy could be sensitive to.

Feeding your American Bully XL the right foods will guarantee that they are healthy and provide their bone and muscle growth the support it needs to flourish.

Physical Activity And Training

The Bully breed does not require a great deal of physical activity. On the other hand, you should aim to exercise them for around thirty to sixty minutes each day. This involves going on walks and engaging in games.

The American Bully enjoys being in the great outdoors, and they adore spending time with their humans. If you can get your Bully to participate in fun activities with the rest of the family while still maintaining their fitness routine, they will be much more likely to want to get moving! This helps them form a stronger connection with you and gives them cerebral stimulation, which prevents them from being bored.


Because of their short, sleek hair that does not shed nearly as much as other coat types, the American Bully does not require extensive maintenance regularly. You should only brush them once every seven days at the most. In addition to that, you should only bathe them once a month.

Brushing your American Bully's teeth is a crucial task, and it should be done daily or as frequently as you can accomplish. If it makes things simpler for you, you may offer your dental dog sticks to gnaw on. Clipping your American Bully's nails, which your groomer or your veterinarian may do, will make it much more bearable for him to be held and petted.

Health Issues

Because the American Bully is a fairly young breed, we are unable to say with absolute certainty which health issues are uniquely linked to them. However, we do know that they are predisposed to several different health issues. Having said that, below, you will find a rundown of the most widespread health conditions.

Cherry eye is a condition that occurs when the gland that sits behind the third eyelid protrudes, giving the appearance of a cherry in the outer corner of the eye. Your veterinarian may need to remove the gland.

Hip dysplasia is a condition that occurs when the leg bone does not fit properly into the hip joint. You might not detect any discomfort in a dog with hip dysplasia, even though some dogs with the condition have pain and lameness in one or both of their hind legs.

It's not uncommon for large breed dogs to suffer from an elbow dysplasia disorder. It can be brought on by differences in growth rates, which can lead to lameness. A surgical correction is an option for the problem.

By taking your dog to the veterinarian for checks regularly and keeping a close eye on him, you can detect any of these problems before they become untreatable.

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Is A Pitbull A Descendant Of The American Bully Xl?

No. Not at all. Breeders had added traits from other dog breeds to the American Bully XL throughout the years, even though the original American Bully XL did have pitbull genetics when it was created. The end product is a singular canine that is unmistakable of its own breed.


The best approach to take care of your American Bully XL puppy is to ensure that it has healthy food and provides many opportunities for physical activity. The more time and energy you invest in training it while it's young, the more benefits you'll derive from it when it's an adult. The American Bully XL is renowned for its faithfulness, and in order to forge this link with your canine companion while they are still a puppy, you must start early.